Ombre Manicure Design Ideas for 2023

Gradient and ombre techniques continue to be incredibly popular in the manicure segment. And this is quite justified. After all, stretching colors with a smooth transition between them is a great opportunity to get an unusual design. Moreover, fashionistas often use the brightest shades for this. In the 2023 season, both a gentle ombre manicure and a more dynamic, catchy gradient remain in the trend. And the difference between them is only in the selection of colors. For ombre, you need to choose only those shades that are within the same palette, and opposites are also suitable for a gradient.



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Fashionable color combinations

To create a beautiful design, 2-3 shades are enough. You can choose them competently by referring to the Itten color wheel, or relying solely on your taste preferences. To make the manicure more spectacular, nail masters often use up to 5 shades. They are “stretched” horizontally from finger to finger all over the hand, or, capturing only two or three nails, or fit on one nail plate. Here’s who and what you like more.

Much depends on the length of the nails. On short ones, it is best to apply two shades, for example, pink and blue or purple and lilac, creating a harmonious transition between them.


What other color combinations will be relevant in 2023:

  • brown – mustard;
  • turquoise-pink;
  • black-blue-light green;
  • black—violet—fuchsia;
  • blue – blue – milky;
  • pink – peach;
  • blue – pale yellow;
  • orange – fuchsia;
  • white-lavender-violet.



An ombre nude manicure will turn out incredibly gentle. In 2023, you should pay attention to natural beige, cream, powdery, milky, light gray shades. They can be successfully combined with each other or combined with pastel colors: pale yellow, pale blue, muted mint, delicate lavender. Both ombre and gradient are good because they create a lot of opportunities for creativity.


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To make nail art look harmonious, combine together only those colors that belong to the same group: warm with warm, and cold with cold.

Design Ideas for Ombre Manicure and Gradient for 2023

Stretching color has long been considered a universal technique. It looks great as an independent design, as a basis for drawings, patterns of rhinestones, cobwebs and sparkles. Ombre, as well as a gradient, is often worn by fashionistas on long nails – this is the easiest way to demonstrate its beauty and aesthetic appeal. Color transitions look great on traditional square nails and on almond-shaped nails. Extravagance in the image will add the shape of the peak and the ballerina.

What manicure design-2023 can be created using the gradient and ombre technique? We list the most stylish ideas.

  • With acrylic powder. If you want to add texture to color transitions, use bright or vice versa transparent acrylic powder. It easily takes any shape, quickly hardens, and “coexists” well with other decorative elements. Thanks to this solution, the manicure will look more interesting, expensive, original. But show restraint. Do not powder all nails everywhere. It’s no longer fashionable.

  • Matte. A beautiful matte manicure continues to be a popular trend. Fashionistas have long appreciated it and turn to it from season to season. Both a bright gradient and a delicate ombre look great under a top coat devoid of any shine. The design is self-sufficient and elegant. If you want to make it acceptable for everyday office life, refer to the nude or pastel palette.


  • With rubbing. We emphasize right away: you should not use a mirror rub, since it has long been an anti-trend. Turn to chrome (with a metallic effect), mother-of-pearl (under the pearl), holographic (shimmering in the light) rubbing. They are the most popular in the manicure-2023 segment today. Fashion trends allow them to be used in the ombre technique. The result is pretty cute. Rubbing can be applied to all nails at once.


  • With neon effect. Fashion 2023 gravitates towards deliberate brightness and catchiness. Therefore, feel free to combine two trending techniques in one design – gradient and neon effect. Thanks to the special composition of gel polishes, the nails seem to glow. This will be especially noticeable in the dark or under the rays of the bright sun. This nail art is appropriate in beach and summer bows. And, of course, it will add expressiveness to the image.


  • Rainbow. A trendy rainbow manicure is very bold, but positive. It is relevant for those fashionistas who do not need to adhere to a strict office dress code. Rainbow nail art involves the use of colorful, catchy shades. You can “stretch” colors both on one nail from top to bottom, and from finger to finger. It is best to make such a design on almond-shaped nails or spades.


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In addition, ombre and gradient look good with a variety of sequins, rhinestones, pixie crystals, holographic foil.

This concludes our review of the ombre manicure for the 2023 season. We tried to include as many photos of new designs as possible in it, so that it would be easier for you to choose nail art for your look.

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