Ombre manicure: the most trendy new items!

Ombre is a very unusual manicure design that has become especially popular among girls in 2019, as various photos on social networks prove. Indeed, in addition to the fact that it looks impressive in itself, this design of the nails is also perfectly combined with other nail art techniques, thereby allowing each fashionista to stand out and show her individuality. Therefore, further in the article we have presented the most trendy new items, as well as some original ideas for creating such a fashionable gradient manicure today.

Beautiful, stylish and trendy ombre

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Types of ombre

The main feature of the gradient design is the smooth transitions between colors, due to which the finished result is unusual and charming. In addition, such a manicure as an ombre looks perfect on nails of any length, including short ones, which also made it a very versatile design.

Beautiful manicure design

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An ombre is created by layering several contrasting colors on the surface of the nail, followed by shading the transitions. Therefore, due to the use of different shading techniques and the desired result, gradient manicure is conditionally divided into the following types:

  • Transition from light to dark. This is one of the most sought-after gradient manicure designs that uses a stretch of tones of only one color. This technique allows you to play on contrasts, thereby creating smooth transitions.

The transition from light to dark – classic ombre

  • French. The combination of the classic technique of French manicure and ombre resulted in an unsurpassed effect, examples of which are shown in the photo in our selection. In this case, the French “smile” is made in the form of gradient transitions, thus transforming a well-established manicure for years and making it more unusual.

French ombre

  • Contrasting color gradient. This is the most relevant type of ombre today, which has taken the top of modern fashion trends in nail design. It is based on the combination of two contrasting colors at the same time. The result is a very colorful and spectacular design that will harmoniously fit any image.

Contrasting tones gradient

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Important! New this season is the creation of a gradient manicure completely on the entire hand. To do this, varnishes of the same color are selected, only different in tone. The darkest shade is applied to the thumb, and the subsequent ones are softer and lighter tones.



Original ideas for combining designs

Ombre on nails can be worn both in mono design and in various combinations with other nail art techniques. The most winning combinations include the following:

  • Combination of invoices. The use of a glossy and matte finish in one design was a novelty in 2019, which the manicure masters also decided to apply in a duet with the ombre technique. The result is a rich and spectacular design, photo examples of which now adorn the windows of expensive beauty salons.

Beautiful glossy ombre

  • With rhinestones. The gradient design in combination with a scattering of rhinestones results in a bright and catchy manicure, which is suitable not only for the evening, but also succinctly fits into the basic everyday look. Here you can safely experiment and combine several different color transitions at once in one design.

Ombre with rhinestones

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Important! Nail art masters do not recommend using a large number of rhinestones in combination with an ombre, as the finished result can turn out to be vulgar. In this case, the stones play only the role of a small complementary accent.


  • In pastel colors. This is an ideal option for those girls who prefer discreet and concise designs. It is better to pay special attention to peach, beige, emerald, blue, white and pink colors, as they can be used to create beautiful gradient transitions.

pastel color gradient

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  • With drawing. The combination of ombre technique and artistic painting in manicure design has become the main trend among the fashion trends of the autumn season of 2019, which is confirmed by various photos with examples of the work of top nail masters. Gradient manicure here can act both as a colored substrate and as a full-fledged design of all nails, in which one or two fingers are highlighted with a pattern. As for the themes of art, the most harmonious in this case will look geometric patterns and abstraction, made both as a separate design element, and using the ombre technique with transitions in the drawing itself.

Stylish ombre with a pattern

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Important! The hit of this season is a manicure, in which a wide vertical stripe is drawn in the middle of the nail plate and subsequently decorated with gradient transitions.


  • With sand. The latest novelty of this year in nail design was “velvet” sand, with which nails can be given a special fluffiness and texture. You can use it in a gradient manicure. It can be either simple transitions between colors on the nail plate, or rather complex ones, laid out in a voluminous “velvet” ornament.

Ombre with sand

  • With micro shine. Finely ground acrylic powder is ideal for creating gradient transitions of varying complexity. In addition, due to the shimmering characteristic only of this decor, the result is the effect of a light and unobtrusive radiance on the nails.

Ombre with acrylic powder

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Important! When creating a manicure using the ombre technique, special attention should be paid to the colors that are fashionable this season, such as purple, green, blue, burgundy and white. Gradient transitions are clearly visible on them, and the finished result is catchy and expressive.



  • Matte. Luxurious velvet manicure combined with ombre creates a truly fashionable and relevant design in 2019. In this case, stylists recommend making contrasting gradient transitions, which the matte top will only emphasize. As a small accent, it would be appropriate to lay out a few rhinestones to match the dark color.

matte ombre

Ombre manicure is a trendy design in 2019 that allows you to dilute even the most discreet look with bright colors. We hope that the ideas and photo examples we have proposed will appeal to you, and on their basis you will create a stylish and spectacular gradient manicure that will not go unnoticed.

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