On the air – oil!

Women knew how to anoint their body with oils in ancient times. In the absence of scientific research, they could see the benefits of using essential oils with the naked eye. Today, scientific discoveries confirm the correctness of their observations: essential oils can do a lot!

What and why

Essential or essential oils are a mixture of volatile substances obtained by distillation from plants: water vapor absorbs aromas, and during condensation, an oily liquid is separated – essence. Since the resulting essences are extremely volatile and very expensive, they are combined with carrier oils – in this form they are subsequently used for cosmetic purposes.

On an industrial scale, oils are usually used in minute amounts as one of the many ingredients in a cream.

At home or in the salon, you can use a certain type of oil – in its pure form or mixed with other oils.

Combining the pleasure of fragrant oil with massage is useful and pleasant. Warmed up in the hands of a massage therapist, the oil becomes more active, is well absorbed by the skin and has an optimal effect on the body as a whole. Depending on the type of oil, various effects can be achieved: draining, melting fat, firming the skin, improving blood and lymph microcirculation, and, as a result, skin metabolism in general.

indulge in pleasure

Before the start of the session, the masseur assesses the general condition of the client and determines what tasks can be solved with the help of massage and essential oils.

For example, fennel, sage or tea tree oils have a pronounced draining effect. Eucalyptus, dill, mint, Mediterranean pine, grapefruit oils are able to “drown” fat cells. Pharmacy chamomile, garden savory, thyme, lavender, hazelnut give oils with a pronounced cleansing effect. Well nourishes the skin, saturates it with oxygen with a mixture of oils of basil, carrot seeds, eucalyptus, lavender, neroli, avocado. For moisturizing, juniper, sandalwood, basil, hazelnut or shea nut oils are used – preferably in a mixture, when each of the oils gives the best that it has.

Before starting the massage, the master cleanses the client’s body with a tonic to normalize the acid level of the skin. Cleansed skin absorbs oil at the same rate over the entire surface. Then oil drops are applied – a very small amount is enough, an experienced master knows exactly how much oil the skin is able to “swallow”. Sometimes different oils are applied in different areas: fat-burning oils – where it is desirable to “flood” cellulite, and microcirculation-enhancing oils – where it is necessary to optimize the lymph flow. At the same time, an aromatherapy session takes place, because it is impossible not to inhale the volatile vapors of oils. Drops of oil are distributed over the body with light movements – now it is ready for the second phase.

Rest and meditation

Wrapping the body in a towel so that its warmth contributes to the active work of the oils, the master leaves the client for 20 minutes. This is a time to relax (perhaps with subdued colored lights and quiet, pleasant music) and absorb the beneficial ingredients of the oils.

Upon returning, the master goes over the whole body with a sponge – refreshing the skin, removing excess product. Finally, it’s time to start the massage itself: a cream is applied to the skin, which also includes essential oils, and a general massage session begins. Having completed it, after a few minutes of rest, the master offers the client a cup of tea. It can be a special tea made from medicinal herbs, but ordinary, green, has a very good effect.

The effect of a massage using essential oils is significantly higher than just a massage, it is good to carry out it 2-3 times a year in courses of 8-10 massages.

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