One-piece swimwear: fashion trends 2023

Not far from the May holidays and weekends in warm countries, summer is just around the corner in Russia, which means it’s time to prepare for the hot season. Regardless of where the vacation takes place: by the sea, in the country by the river or the pool, a bathing suit remains the main item of clothing. Today’s review will introduce sun-loving fashionistas to one-piece swimsuits 2023. We will share photos of trends, tell you in detail about the latest and most popular models for girls and women over 40-50 years old.


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Top types of piece swimwear

One-piece swimsuits are no less popular than two-piece swimsuits. And there are many reasons for this. They well mask figure flaws and skin problems, model the silhouette, help overweight ladies feel more confident on the beach or by the pool. The trendy novelties of 2023 are divided into two types – concise models without bright decor in a sporty style and spectacular swimwear with creative prints.


As for the model range, it is very diverse.

  • Monokini. There are relief details and many slits between the bra and the bottom. Such models are suitable for young women with an excellent figure. A monokini will emphasize a beautiful chest, but it will not disguise extra folds at the waist, if any. Therefore, choose this model with caution. It makes sense to opt for bright colors. There is no place for strict monochrome here.


  • Bikini. The top and bottom can be tied with straps and thin stripes or in a classic way. At the same time, the lower part is always very frank, completely opening the hips on the sides. At the back of this swimsuit is a narrow strip of fabric, “hiding” between the buttocks. But in front of the model often looks quite innocent. A one-piece bikini is ideal for slim, athletic ladies.


  • Bandini. The top of this trendy 2023 one-piece swimsuit is reminiscent of a bandeau top. Suitable for girls and women with small breasts, not too pronounced waist. Some models include thin straps. Straps will allow you to hold on and not fall off the bra. It is advisable to pay attention to plain models, match them with a summer skirt and wear the set as a dress. Also, the bando ensemble will make a chic fashionable pareo.


  • Halters. The must-have of the upcoming beach season is piecework halters in striped or metallic colors. A feature of the model is the straps fastened at the neck in the form of a collar or collar. They provide good support for the bust and correct the chest, with the right choice they visually hide figure flaws. At the top of the fashion Olympus are swimsuits with sporty notes, fringe, lacing, bright colors, retro.


  • Plungi. The bodice is a closed cup, forming a deep neckline. They are connected to the bottoms with a low jumper. The back is also quite deep cut. The length of the anterior and posterior incisions may differ. This seductive model is not recommended for outdoor activities. It is more suitable for relaxing on a sun lounger and photo shoots.


  • Mayo. The classic style is still trendy. This is a universal cut for all types of figures and ages. Required details are a rounded or V-shaped neckline, thin straps, tight bra cups. Fashion 2023 relies on beautiful new items with symmetrical ornaments and belts at the waist.

  • Tank. Model of one-piece swimsuit, invented on the basis of Mayo. She is perfect for curvaceous beauties. It is characterized by one-piece tailored wide straps. It goes well with two types of ornaments – vertical contrasting and oblique stripes. This style lengthens the silhouette, securely supporting the bust, and adjusts the waist.

Fashion trends 2023 welcome diversity and versatility, including in the segment of one-piece swimsuits. In addition to those considered, the trend is closed models with push-up, underwired, with flounces, ruffles, skirts, and drawstrings on the stomach and waist.

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The choice of a swimsuit in 2023 depends solely on personal preferences and the individual characteristics of the figure of a fashionista.

Fashion styles and colors of piece swimwear in the season 2023

The main features of the styles of the season are originality. In the wide range of clothing dedicated to beach fashion, the following trends will stand out.

  • Retro. The style has undergone some changes, but has not lost ground. Retro swimsuits are gradually losing their modesty, while remaining graceful. They contain details that enhance sexuality – deep cuts, corsets, bandeau bodices, translucent ribbons and inserts. The trend is floral prints, polka dots, shiny plain fabric or material with vertical stripes.


  • Linen style. Reminiscent of beautiful lingerie – pajamas, nightgowns, peignoirs. Don’t forget nude bathing suits. Models of skin tones perfectly harmonize with tanned skin, making an impression on others.


  • With rings. One of the most fashionable options is when plastic or metal rings are used as decorative elements. Fashionable details – asymmetrical, contrasting trim, one-shoulder strap.

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One-piece swimwear 2023 is shown in the photo. Models are very feminine, with their help you can create a fresh, individual look. Among the trendy colors and patterns: red, blue, black, combinations of mint and greenery, pink and orange, white, leopard print, large inscriptions, floristry.

Author: Mizyukalina Olga

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