Onion face masks: for youth and purity

Onions have long been used in the cuisines of most peoples of the world. And just as long ago, onions have been used in folk medicine. The active substances contained in onions are now used in classical medicine, they are part of various medical preparations. It is not surprising that onions have found a place among cosmetics, in particular, face masks. In most masks, onion gruel or juice only enhances the effect of other masks, which makes the use of onions extremely wide. It should be remembered that only onions are used in face masks.

Onion benefits.

Contrary to popular belief, onions contain almost no vitamins and minerals in a significant amount for humans. The exception is the cobalt necessary for hematopoiesis, as well as a small amount of potassium and ascorbic acid. On the other hand, onions are rich in flavonoids, including quercetin, pectins, phytoncides, and saponins.

  • Flavonoids contained in onions strengthen capillaries, increase the elasticity of lymphocytes, thin the blood, supposedly protect tissues from cancer and ultraviolet radiation.
  • Pectins are interesting in that they can bind radionuclides and heavy metal ions; there are special preparations with pectin for people living in an environment contaminated with radionuclides.
  • Onion phytoncides are capable of destroying many types of bacteria and microorganisms in a matter of minutes, they are the reason for the antiseptic effect of onions.
  • Separately, it is worth highlighting the saponins. The effects and uses of saponins are very diverse, but in this context, the most interesting is their effect of increasing the permeability of cell membranes, which allows other components of the mask to penetrate into the cells. It is thanks to saponins that onions are able to enhance the effect of masks.

Also, saponins, like other components of the onion, can cause irritation of the skin and mucous membranes.

Before using on the scalp, the bow should be tested on the wrist or in the crook of the elbow. Remember that skin irritation may not appear immediately, but within two days.

Rejuvenating onion masks.

A mask of onion gruel and cream will help to tighten the skin and make wrinkles less noticeable. You can add a little olive oil to this mask. It is undesirable to add essential oils to onion masks, this can lead to burns.

Another option for such a mask would be mixing onion juice with egg yolk. Washes off after half an hour.

For oily skin, it is better to prefer a mask with onion juice and a small amount of table vinegar. This mask effectively fights acne.

The use of onion juice or gruel in the preparation of the mask does not affect the result, but it can make it difficult to apply and complicate cleaning after the “procedure”.

Brightening onion masks.

If freckles or age spots bother you, you want to lighten your skin, then you can wipe your face twice a day with an onion cut in two or a swab soaked in onion juice. To enhance the whitening effect, onion juice can be mixed in equal proportions with cucumber or lemon juice (be careful, it will sting a lot). Washes off with water after 10 minutes.

There are more effective masks, consisting of onion juice or gruel, depending on the desired thickness of the mask, and honey or sour cream. Wash off with water after half an hour. Such masks can lighten scars and red dots left behind by your acne.

Clay masks with onions.

Clay masks should be approached separately, since with the same application, different clays give completely different effects. Their application is simple – mix in half with onion gruel, apply on the face, wait until the mask starts to dry (usually about half an hour) and rinse with water. It is advisable to apply a moisturizer afterwards.

What can be achieved with such masks? Kaolin and blue clay masks can be used to lighten the skin. Green clay will dry out oily skin, while gray clay is more suitable for moisturizing dry skin. Black clay tightens pores, red and yellow clay improves blood circulation, evens out the complexion, makes it fresh and rested, and onion gruel enhances their effect.

It can be useful to add an ampoule of caffeine to such masks (sold in a pharmacy). All clay masks effectively fight acne.

When applying the mask, there may be an unpleasant feeling of tightened skin, which usually disappears after a couple of hours after washing off the mask, but sometimes this feeling lasts up to several days.

Onion lip masks.

Rubbing onion juice on the lips, or simply rubbing them with half an onion, can cause slight irritation of the lips, which will lead to increased blood circulation, and as a result, a slight swelling of the lips and their more intense color. With daily use for several months, it can give a permanent effect of slightly enlarged bright red lips. In certain situations, it acts like an eaten onion, and therefore is not recommended for use before a date or an important meeting.

Consequences of using onion masks.

The use of onion masks has almost no negative consequences, with the exception of mild irritation or allergies. It should be remembered that onions have a very strong and persistent smell. An onion mask can leave your skin smelling for days and hair for weeks. Although the mask is applied to the face, some of it, as a rule, ends up on the eyebrows and hair roots.

Also, do not apply such masks close to the eyes, as this can cause severe irritation of the eyes and skin around them. The ability to stimulate blood circulation also has a negative side, it can contribute to the appearance of a vascular network on the eyelids, which is extremely difficult, and often impossible to remove.

People who are prone to the appearance of rosacea or venous mesh on the face should consult a doctor before using any mask.

Also, it should be remembered that onions can stimulate hair growth, including on the face, and therefore cause hypertrichosis.

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