Onion mask – a panacea against hair loss

Why are onion masks so popular?

Hair is a reflection of the internal state of the human body. Long, thick, strong – a sign of health and beauty. Since ancient times, women and men have paid special attention to hair care. A variety of folk methods and means pushes the owners of hair to a difficult choice, which depends not only on personal preferences, but also on the structure and condition of the hair. One of the most versatile remedies are onion masks.

Easy to prepare, not very exotic ingredients – onion masks have been popular since ancient times. Among the people who have tried this miracle cure on themselves, there are few who have not felt a positive impact.

Features of onion masks

Onion is one of the most affordable products on the beauty market. In addition, this is an old secret of thick and long hair tested by our grandmothers. Also, onion masks can be great helpers not only for girls who want to improve the density and length of their hair, but for men who want to get rid of dandruff or overcome baldness. The result will not be long in coming – improvements can be seen within two months after using such masks. However, some features of onion masks should be taken into account.

The first thing that confuses almost all people who are seriously thinking about using this tool is the smell of onions. However, this problem is solvable, which will be discussed more than once below.

There are also problems with the direct preparation of the mask. Often women have an increased sensitivity of the mucous membrane of the eye, resulting in great discomfort during the preparation of the mask. This issue can be resolved by constantly wetting a knife or other tool in lemon juice or cold water.

It is worth considering that all onion masks are applied for at least an hour. The longer the mask acts on the scalp, the better the result will be achieved. All this time the head should be warm. It is optimal to wrap your hair with a plastic bag and wrap it tightly with a towel on top so as not to stain clothes and furniture.

Benefits of onion masks

The simplest onion head is an extremely valuable specimen, demonstrating a huge variety of vitamins and minerals. They play a very important role in stimulating hair growth, preventing dandruff, giving strength, shine and fluffiness to hair. Our great-grandmothers also knew about the benefits of onion masks, so the list of folk remedies is replete with recipes for onion masks. To better understand their benefits, it is worth delving into a more detailed study of the properties of onions.

The content of essential oils, potassium, manganese, magnesium, calcium, iron, B vitamins, as well as C, carotene, folic acid and creatine cannot but have a beneficial effect on the scalp and, as a result, on the hair. Therefore, they are the best help in solving many problems of all types of hair. For the effect to be visible, you need to be patient. The application of such masks requires regularity: once every two days. A full result can be obtained after at least 30-40 procedures.

However, many people are afraid to try the miraculous effect of onion masks because of the specific smell of this very healthy vegetable, which is their main ingredient. It is worth considering that owners of hair with a healthy structure should not be afraid of such consequences, but with regard to brittle, porous, dry, chemically damaged hair, you will have to be patient. As they say, beauty requires sacrifice! But even in this difficult matter, you can find tricks, and reduce or completely eliminate the smell after using the onion mask.

Firstly, you need to use the juice, and not the chopped, crushed or twisted vegetable. Another good idea is to add essential oils, such as rosemary, cinnamon or cloves, to the masks. Apple cider vinegar or lemon juice neutralizes the smell just as well.

Recipes for the most popular onion masks

The most famous for its healing properties is the onion mask against hair loss. When preparing such a mask, you should stock up on ingredients such as natural honey, mayonnaise (preferably homemade), olive oil and onion juice. This mask will not only prevent hair loss, but also increase their growth by an order of magnitude. You just need to mix all the ingredients and carefully apply on the head, by rubbing into the skin. You need to keep the mask from one to two hours, and rinse after with water at room temperature.

Of great benefit to fashionistas who want to grow delightfully long and healthy hair will be an onion mask for hair growth. The composition of this mask traditionally includes onion juice, then kefir, natural honey, burdock oil, cognac and sea salt. You should be prepared for the fact that the smell will not be the most pleasant. However, the result is worth it. And so, onion juice you need to take two tablespoons, everything else – one at a time. Thoroughly mix the ingredients until a homogeneous mass is obtained. One hour will have to enjoy the unforgettable aroma that accompanies the mask, then rinse with warm water.

And again, the miraculous multifunctional onion mask, which not only helps to strengthen the hair, but also relieves the person using it of dandruff. The first thing you need in the manufacture of such a mask is a decoction of onion husks. To make it, you need to remove the husk from several onions and boil for a quarter of an hour. After separating the decoction from the husk, it is necessary to allow time for the water to cool. And so, the miracle mask is ready! She can rinse her head after each shampooing. After your decoction has cooled, rinse your hair with this decoction after each shampooing.

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