Onion peel for shine and healthy hair

Women’s slogan: a beautiful woman is a well-groomed woman. And beauty starts from the head. When a woman has beautiful, well-groomed hair and shines with brilliance, it’s just a feast for the eyes. But today, many women suffer from hair problems that can occur at an early age. Almost every woman is faced with split ends, hair loss, brittle hair and a dull look. These problems arise mainly from malnutrition, bad habits, lack of vitamins in the body, improper lifestyle and exposure to external factors.

At one time, our great-grandmothers solved hair problems with the help of onion peel. After all, in those days there was not yet such an abundance of cosmetics, and they used “improvised materials.” Onions help hair to give a healthy look.

It turns out that onions are not used as a food product, but the husk is also considered useful. After all, the husk contains more vitamins than the bulb itself. It contains mineral salts, biotin, sulfur, potassium, carotene, zinc, iron, copper, vitamins B, D, E, A. Therefore, it is used in folk medicine.

Onion peel is also used as a medicine for skin diseases of the head:

  • eczema;
  • Psoriasis;
  • Dermatitis.

As everyone knows, there is an unpleasant smell in onions and every girl or woman is afraid to use onions at home because of the fear of “smelling bad”. But it is not. Ready-made decoctions, masks and infusions do not have a smell that would cause discomfort to you and those around you.

For medicinal purposes, infusions, concoctions, rinses, shampoos, maxi for hair are prepared from the husk. Many of the recipes are very easy to make at home. And in preparation simple and effective with regular or occasional use.

Before preparing the recipe, be sure to read the composition, exclude ingredients that cause irritation or allergies.

For procedures, any kind of husk is suitable – ordinary white onion or red onion husk. After each procedure, the head is rinsed with warm water.

Decoctions for the treatment of falling hair

  • No. 1. For this infusion, we need cognac, a decoction of husks and burdock root, in proportions of 1:4:6. Mix all the ingredients and apply on the scalp. Exposure 30 minutes.
  • No. 2. Mix a tablespoon of decoction of the husk with cologne. Rub into the skin with massage movements and leave for 15 minutes.
  • No. 3. Pour two tablespoons of onion peel and oak bark with boiling water (300 ml.). Boil 20 minutes. Then cool the broth and strain. Rub into the head and cover with a towel on top for 30 minutes.
  • No. 4. Lotion of husks, cloves and alcohol against baldness. Mix five cloves with 2 tbsp. l. husks. Pour 200 grams of vodka and leave for two weeks in a dark dish or in a dark place. Rub your head. Exposure 15 minutes. The frequency of the procedure is within a month 1 time in 3-4 days.
  • No. 5. Mix the husks and birch leaves in proportions 1:1. Add 250 ml of boiling water to the dry mixture, cook for 10 minutes over low heat. In a cooled form, rub into the roots of the hair.

Onion peel rinse for hair shine

A homemade rinse will help to add shine, elasticity and strengthen the hair roots.

In 40 g of chopped husk add 500 ml. water and bring to a boil. Continue to cook for 5 minutes over low heat with the lid on. Then leave the pot with the broth aside to infuse for 15 minutes. Strain the warm broth. Pour the broth on the head, rub with massage movements. The frequency of the procedure is every other day.

Masks to stimulate hair growth

  • No. 1. Boil the onion peel over low heat for a quarter of an hour. Then wrap the container and leave overnight. In the morning, add cognac (as much as the husk) and finely chopped hot red pepper to the strained broth. After 3 hours of infusion, strain the broth again. Rub into the hair roots for a whole month every day.
  • No. 2. A mask with olive oil will help with poor hair growth. Mix the ingredients: 26 g of husk, 17 g of olive oil and 25 g of kefir, a couple of drops of lavender oil. Mix everything and heat in a water bath to 40-50 degrees. Apply the warm mixture to the head. The exposure is half an hour. Rinse hair as usual. The regularity of the procedure – several times a week for 2-3 months.

Onion peel for dandruff and hair shine

Mix in proportions 1: 1 husk and oak bark. Pour the mixture with a liter of boiling water and cook over low heat. After an hour, cool the broth and strain. Moisten the scalp with a decoction and wrap it in polyethylene or cellophane for several hours. The frequency of the procedure is several times a week. This mask allows you not only to get rid of dandruff, but also to add shine to your hair.

To strengthen hair

To strengthen the hair structure, use a mask based on castor oil and onion peel. We need: an egg, castor oil, a decoction of the husk and cognac.

Beat the egg with a blender or whisk. Add 4 tsp. onion broth, castor oil and cognac in proportions 1:2. Apply on the head massaging the roots. Exposure – hour.

Hair strengthening lotion

The lotion is applied two hours before shampooing. It is prepared on the basis of husks, nettles and cloves. Mix 30 g of husk, 100 g of fresh chopped nettle and 7 pcs. carnations. Then the mixture of herbs pour 1/2 cup of water and a glass of alcohol. Close the container tightly on top and put in a dark place for two weeks.

Coloring properties of onion peel

Even in the old days, our ancestors made paint from onion peels. After all, at that time there was no such abundance of hair dyes. Onion peel is a natural product that does not contain chemicals, like all hair dyes. In addition, the decoction is useful for hair and paints over gray hair very well.

It does not make sense to dye dark hair, in this case it is better to use the husk as a treatment. Coloring blond hair with husk, they acquire a golden hue. To get a golden hue, you need to prepare such a decoction. Take 50 g of husk for a glass of water. Boil the broth for a quarter of an hour. Applying a decoction to the hair every day, you can achieve a lasting shade of hair.

To obtain a brownish-golden hue, glycerin is added to the broth. Take 1/2 cup of husks and pour 250 ml. water, boil for a quarter of an hour. Leave the decoction aside to cool. Then strain it and add 2 tsp. glycerin. Use this decoction for three weeks. If this decoction is boiled a little longer – half an hour, you get a reddish-orange shade of hair. This decoction is ideal for painting over gray hair.

To obtain a chestnut hair color, prepare such a decoction. A saucepan (or other container) is taken for three liters, cover the third part with husks and pour one and a half liters of boiling water on top. On…

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