Openwork knitted retro dresses are back in trend in spring 2021

Looking at the latest collections of world fashion brands, it is impossible not to notice that in almost every line there are knitted items. Lace dresses are becoming especially popular this spring. Therefore, craftswomen can get long-abandoned knitting needles or a hook and create a fashionable outfit.

Where and what to wear

It is impossible to combine openwork dresses into one stylish style; each designer sees a lace dress in his own way. And it pleases! After all, any fashionista can choose her model according to her figure and relevance.

Openwork can be both casual and business attire, just the knitting pattern needs to be chosen correctly, and in the office style you can do without ruffles and frills. But an openwork sheath dress in combination with a strict jacket or cardigan is quite suitable.

For a romantic look, a crochet pattern is perfect. The model of the dress is not so important here, but the texture of the fabric. As accessories for such an outfit, a knitted hat, large glasses and a small handbag are suitable.

There are no restrictions on the length of the openwork dress either, both mini and maxi are relevant this season. But with long knitted things, you should be careful in care, because under their own weight they are able to deform, lose their shape.

A variety of shoes for such a dress will suit, from high-heeled shoes and open sandals to sneakers and crocs.

Actual colors and ornament

This season, designers prefer pastel natural shades. White, blue, sand, beige, peach, chocolate, turquoise and pink openwork looks very beautiful and original.

It is worth abandoning the ideas of red or black knitting: not only can these colors be hardly called spring, but in combination with crocheting, the outfit will give away the Soviet Union because of the similarity with a shopping bag.

An evening 3D outfit will be very effective. Indeed, with the help of a hook or knitting needles, it is easy to knit voluminous flowers or butterflies. In such an outfit, a fashionista will not go unnoticed at a social event.

Also an interesting solution is the combination of several “knittings” in one product. With this technique, you can visually open up beautiful areas and hide figure flaws.

A knitted dress this season will become a bright and original element of the wardrobe, which women of fashion from 16 to 65 years old and of any physique can afford. The main condition is to wear products on a combination or make a special skin-colored lining so that the underwear is not visible. Otherwise, the image will turn out to be vulgar.

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