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Options for combining a white shirt in the summer of 2020

The white shirt has not gone out of fashion for several years. It hangs in every woman’s wardrobe. However, in order to follow fashion trends, it is important to be able to correctly combine it with other items of clothing.

White shirt

Combination options with skirts and shorts


The unchanging classic of business style is the combination of white top – black bottom. Such an image will allow not only to visit the office, but also to look stylish. However, it is better to complement the outfit with accessories, for example, a bright bag or shoes, large jewelry, a scarf or a tie. It is worth noting that this option is not for every day, it is more suitable for a business meeting or work.

White top black bottom

Bright contrast

This season, the style of the 70s has come into fashion. White goes well with all colors, so the palette for choosing a skirt or shorts is extensive. However, it is worth giving preference to yellow, cherry, coral and citrus flowers. It is not recommended to combine with brown and gray.

Bright contrast

Floral or checkered print

This combination option originates back in the 70s, so it will be popular this season. When choosing a shirt, it is important to consider that it should be plain without details. Optionally, you can add accessories to the outfit.

Floral print


Pastel and cream bottoms

In 2020, pastel colors have become popular among fashionistas. Beige has become the color of the season, so this bottom is suitable for a white shirt. When choosing an accessory, it is not necessary to combine it with an outfit. A bright spot in the image is the trend of the season.

pastel bottom

Jeans and trousers

Combining jeans with a white V-neck loose shirt is a trend in 2020. In this set, you can go on a date, work or meeting with a friend. Also, this set is suitable for everyday wear, and an additional accessory will make it more festive.

jeans and white shirt

A white shirt will also be complemented by high-waisted trousers. This is a popular trend in 2020. Semi-classic trousers in crepe fabric with creases are a winning option to wear this summer.

high waist trousers

pleated trousers

Wide pilot trousers are combined with a white shirt. Also, if the top has a V-neck, it will elongate the silhouette. For short girls, we recommend avoiding obvious contrast when choosing trousers, as this visually reduces growth.

pilot trousers

red pilots

Shirt and jacket

In the summer of 2020, loose jackets gained popularity. Such a piece of clothing will be a great fashion solution. A classic plain men’s jacket will complement the image, make it official, but at the same time not strict. It is better to combine a shirt and a jacket with jeans, complementing the image with a bag.

Shirt and jacket

Shirt and black jacket

Which white shirts should be preferred

The most successful shirt style is a wide translucent with a V-neck. Such a model will suit almost every lady, and with the right combination of top and bottom, it will help to lengthen growth.

white V-neck shirt

Shirts with puffed sleeves have also gained popularity again. This is a tribute to the 70s that are relevant in 2020.

puff sleeve shirt

Shirts with jabot. Despite the fact that such an element of clothing is a thing of the past, in 2020 it is again a success among fans of fashion trends. This model is not suitable for every girl, so you need to take the choice of style seriously.

Shirts with jabot

So, 2020 has revived a large number of long-gone fashion trends. This summer, women have an extensive selection of options for combining a white shirt. Since it can be combined with almost everything, it is difficult to make a mistake. It’s up to the imagination: improvisation with the selection of the bottom is likely to be advantageous, since the 70s are in fashion, and this is the time for experiments.

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