Orange manicure 2020

Fashion trends 2020 season made it clear: orange manicure this year will be extremely stylish, bright and creative! All the best ideas waiting for you in this article!



Trendy orange manicure design may suggest a combination of this cheerful color with other trendy tones. For example, unconditional trend of the season, a combination with beige and nude shades is definitely considered. In a fashionable manicure, you can use a plain coating and decorate it with a trendy design.

Orange with black the duo is also definitely a stylish idea for the 2020 season. With the help of additional decor, a similar design can be beaten even for an evening out.

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For a fashionable manicure, you can safely use the brightest and richest combinations of shades. For example, it will look very creative yellow-orange design, as well as tandems of this color with green or red tones.

A warm and pleasant duet for the eyes of those around you will turn out if you spice up such a base with peach accents. Such a beautiful tandem will optimally fit into a manicure on every day.

Spectacular and very fashionable combinations can also be made with various representatives of the pastel palette, which are among the leading trends of the 2020 season. Such tandems will look especially aesthetically pleasing with a matte top.

Masters of the nail industry offer several win-win formulas for choosing the perfect shade for a manicure. So, the carrot tone is the best fit for the current square shape. Summer fashion 2020 insists on using juicy orange polish in manicure, and for other seasons it is better to look for a more natural and muted tone. So, a stylish idea is a combination with warm shades of brown.

The trendy design of orange manicure this season can be complemented by sparkling accents. You can see for yourself that such a base is successfully combined with both gold and silver inclusions.

[tds_warning]Before deciding on such a trendy nail art, it is worth considering that orange varnish can give yellow to the nails. That is why professionals recommend pre-protecting the plates with a base coat.[/tds_warning]


To beat the most positive color in manicure, you can also use a creative novelty in design nails 2020 – floral motifs. In the new season, this style has undergone significant changes – images with flowers now strive for minimalism and sketchiness. Also, fashion trends suggest limiting yourself to a couple of concise accents in nail art, and not using flower patterns on all nails.

The cutest and most adorable trendy orange manicure 2020 with floral design represented by beautiful drawings of wildflowers. For example, stylish nail art can be decorated with cute daisies on several plates.

The simplest and most effective way to decorate a manicure in 2020 is with laconic leaves and twigs, presented in thin silhouettes. To embody such a trendy design, it is not necessary to have artistic talent. Enterprising fashionistas can come to the aid of the stepping technique, which allows you to decorate your nail design with beautiful patterns in the form of stamps. You can even master this novelty at home.


Orange varnish can also appear in the embodiment of a cheerful manicure with fruits. This design is considered a classic solution for summer manicure. The final result will look especially impressive if you decorate it with transparent elements that imitate water droplets. Such additions look beautiful on appetizing slices of orange or grapefruit.

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Ethnic style

An excellent technique for increasing the degree of showiness of manicure are minimalistic drawings in ethnic style. As a rule, such images are made using thin lines in black.


According to the fashion trends of the 2020 season, now the minimalist style can be decorated with juicy and cheerful accents. Such a design will look beautiful with laconic geometric inserts, for example, thin lines or simple shapes. This manicure will also benefit from the addition of transparent inserts that embody the fashionable “negative space” technique. In a minimalist manicure, a combination with a beige or translucent coating will look especially advantageous.

colorful design

Stylish Ideas nail art of the 2020 season often uses multi-colored monochromatic coatings. It is fashionable to combine the trendy orange color scheme with the most juicy and cheerful tones. Such a design will look self-sufficient and without additional decor through the use of bright colors. When creating this manicure, you will be provided with the creation of a playful and positive mood in your image!


Orange manicure in 2020 season can be presented with design fashion foil. This decoration looks beautiful both as minimalist stripes and as creative touches. Paired with this base, both silver and golden accents will look stylish.


You can challenge the drab days with cheerful color combinations in the gradient technique. According to the fashion trends of the 2020 season, it is important to combine orange with such tones that recreate the effect of sunset or dawn on the plates. You can embody this trend with the help of bewitching combinations with pink, red or yellow tint.

A tandem with cream or nude tones will also look stylish. A fashionable design will turn out if the neutral tone turns into a juicy accent at the tips.


Unlimited possibilities for fashionable manicure is a style of geometry. In this direction, the combination of orange with other colors looks especially organic. The fashion trends of 2020 also suggest that the geometric style will only benefit from the addition of transparent inserts and glitter accents. You can also add thin black lines for more expressiveness of nail art.


french with additional accents of fashionable orange is the undisputed favorite of the season. Many fashionistas are especially attracted summer a variant of such a trend, which involves a combination of a light nude base with bright neon smiles.

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Matte top

In the 2020 season, the combination definitely deserves attention. bright orange tones with matte top. Such a final touch of manicure makes it more restrained, elegant and noble. To make this design more spectacular, you can decorate it with miniature rhinestones as sparkling accents.

Outline drawings

Manicure in orange tones maybe stylish…

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