Original and fashionable umbrellas 2021

How to choose fashionable women’s umbrellas in 2021? Today, an umbrella is not only a necessary rain protection device, but also a stylish accessory. The trend of this season will delight romantic and creative natures, as pastel, delicate shades and a feminine, original print are in fashion. Spring-Summer 2021 meets us with a large assortment of spectacular patterns and styles.

If you previously thought that the design of an umbrella does not matter, after reading this article you will understand that this is just as important a women’s accessory as glasses and a bag.

What women’s umbrellas are in fashion in 2021

Among the huge number of umbrellas, it is difficult to make a choice and stop at a particular model. Looking at photos of fashionable women’s umbrellas 2021, you can simply get confused. We have structured all fashion trends and offer to consider in more detail everything about this year’s stylish accessory.

The form

If even last season umbrellas of an extraordinary shape (triangular, square and with various curly elements) were considered fashionable, today luxurious classics have returned, slightly modernized by designers. The hit of this season is the dome in the form of a hemisphere. Some models have a slightly pointed tip, which gives the umbrella a special charm.

For romantic ladies, options for heart-shaped umbrellas are especially suitable. For girls who are creative and uncommon in style, designers offer to purchase umbrellas with cat ears or decor on the upper part of the zone (bows, headbands, lacing, etc.).


Fashion trends 2021 made it possible to create a comfortable women’s umbrella that will be comfortable to use. So, today there are three types of umbrella mechanism:

  • Automatic. Allow you to open and close the umbrella with the touch of a button;
  • Semi-automatic. Revealed by means of a button, but folded manually;
  • Manual. Fully open and close manually.

The type of umbrella is also important. This year they released spectacular cane umbrellas in trendy colors. For lovers of compactness, there are options for folding mini umbrellas that can be easily placed in a handbag.


To date, all umbrellas are made of water-repellent material. Basically, nylon or polyester is used as the material. Domes for luxury umbrellas are made of satin and silk. You can also pay attention to such a seemingly inappropriate material as leather. Leather umbrellas look spectacular, bold and presentable. To create a fashionable image, you just need to decide on the texture and color of the umbrella.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the umbrellas from the sun. Charming accessories with lace and weaving are also relevant this season. Such umbrellas perfectly complement the image, creating a feminine and stylish bow.

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Umbrellas for women 2021: trendy colors and prints

The color scheme of umbrellas this season is diverse, so every girl can choose an accessory to her liking. Given the general trend towards naturalness, designers have created a line of umbrellas in pastel, soothing shades. These umbrellas are in perfect harmony with any clothing, so they are considered versatile and popular among women.

But this season was not without bright, bold colors: scarlet, orange, purple, deep blue – these colors are at the peak of fashion. Such shades will cheer you up even on the most cloudy and rainy day. In 2021, it is not possible to name a fashionable umbrella color due to the emergence of new, sophisticated shades. And this is great, because every girl will be able to choose the perfect color for herself and be in trend.

Fashion 2021 is especially pleasing with diverse prints. As always, animalistic and floral prints remain popular. Designers have just slightly improved the print for modern women.

vintage flowers. It is the flowers that we once observed on the wallpaper in our apartments that have become the squeak of this year. Large and small flowers harmoniously contrast both on the bright shades of the dome and on the pastel surface of the umbrella. They give the image of femininity and originality.

Newspaper. T-shirts and pants with newspaper prints were once very popular. Today, fashion has reached umbrellas. Fans of the “newspaper bow” will love the umbrella, decorated in this style.

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vintage cage. This year will not do without the classics. The check has always been, is and will be a popular print, both in clothes and in accessories like an umbrella. Saturated and pastel shades, multi-colored, harmoniously combined geometric lines make the umbrella dome stylish, flawless and strict.

Watercolor. Perfect for creative, romantic natures. A wonderful combination of colors, a barely noticeable transition from one color to another, makes the watercolor print a hit of this season.

Kittens. Yes, quarantine, self-isolation did not go unnoticed for umbrella designers. They created stunning pet prints as a sign of close bonding with their beloved animals. Now, going to work in bad weather, the owner of the umbrella will be surrounded by her beloved kittens.

Not to mention prints in the form of urban landscapes. Bright, naturalistic images look non-trivial and are noticeable even from a long distance. Fashion trends in 2021 made it possible to create unique women’s umbrellas for every taste and color.

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