Outerwear 2019 – fashion trends

Fashion for outerwear in 2019 offers to combine comfort and beauty this winter. If you want to feel warm and cozy, and at the same time are not going to sacrifice beauty and femininity, you should definitely pay attention to the novelties of this season. Memorize the main trends, look at the current colors and styles and go on an exciting shopping trip!

Fashionable women’s outerwear

Fashionable color palette

Outerwear for winter 2019 – which one will you choose?

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Going in search of trendy clothes, fashionistas usually ask: what colors are the most fashionable this season? Ask – we answer!

Fashionable outerwear colors for winter 2019

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The color scheme for winter 2019 is represented mainly by soft natural shades. This trend is dictated by the course towards naturalness, which is typical for almost all fashionable novelties. So, the title of the most relevant shades is received by:

  • light mustard;
  • yellow;
  • red pear;
  • violet;
  • sand;
  • dark chocolate;
  • grey;
  • blue;
  • blue.

Actual colors

In a word, look for inspiration in nature – it will tell you pure and natural shades. You can also borrow ideas for color combinations from her, because in nature everything is harmonious.

Outerwear for the winter – a fashionable palette

Attention to trends

  • Stylish cage has settled this season not only in skirts and sweaters, but also in outerwear. Coats with such a print are especially relevant. The cage can be contrasting or monochrome, small or large – but in any case, it will be fashionable and beautiful. Designers especially liked prints interspersed with red, beige, blue and brown.

Stylish cage

[stextbox id=’info’]Interesting! The trend also turned out to be Scottish. But this insidious print can add volume and take away some growth..[/stextbox]


  • If you want chic and luxury when choosing women’s outerwear for winter 2019, we have great news for you – velvet and corduroy are still in fashion.

Velvet is a fashion trend for the winter of 2019

  • The relevance of the cell is not inferior to the animal print in clothes. Shoes, bags and clothes with bold animal colors are certainly cool, but the most chic is a fur coat or coat with an animal motif in colors.

Animal print is a fashion trend

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  • The original patchwork in the design of outerwear can save any fashionista from the blues, which often likes to attack in the cold season. These are original clothes with a very interesting character.

Fashionable patchwork outerwear

  • The oversized trend is also reflected in the novelties of outerwear for the 2018-2019 season. Fashion shows often feature voluminous coats, down jackets, jackets and fur coats. The texture of the material here is not of great importance. The main thing is that the size should be bigger.

Oversized winter clothes

  • Volume + layering = a recipe for a stylish bow with more clothes for the winter of 2019.

Winter layering

  • If you come across models of outerwear with elements of 80s or military style, feel free to step to the checkout. These fashion trends are as relevant as ever in the new season.

Military clothing

  • Also, inspiration when compiling stylish bows can be drawn from the aesthetics of the Wild West. The emphasis on Western and cowboy character looks interesting and stylish. Outerwear based on this trend includes leather inserts, fringes, colorful colors, wide belts and poncho styles.

In the style of the Wild West


What other outerwear so harmoniously combines elegance and comfort? Girls adore the coat for its comfort and for the ability to make the silhouette feminine and sophisticated. In such outerwear, any fashionista looks solid and status. What style to choose this season?

Fashionable women’s coat

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  • Designers were inspired by the culture of India and the East, admired the beauty of flowers and created incredibly beautiful coats with prints. Jacquard, velvet and velor were chosen as ideal fabrics for a tandem with floral patterns. As a rule, patterned motifs are performed on a dark background, which makes them showy and mysterious.

Floral print on the coat

  • The coat-dressing gown and the oversized model do not give up their fashionable positions. Both styles are beautiful in their own way. They will be the winning base for the most stylish bows for this winter. Feel free to grab two!

Coat robe and oversized style

  • Actual fabrics for coats in the winter of 2019 will be leather, tweed, wool and plush. You can also find combined models.

Fashion tweed

  • A stylish coat for this season may include fur trim on the collar or pockets.

Coat with fur pockets

Fur coats from eco-fur

An alternative to a coat to create a feminine look is a stylish eco-fur coat. Just a few years ago, faux fur was a timid attempt by designers to announce a new trend. But today he confidently storms all fashion shows.

Fashionable fur coats

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Fashionistas are pleased with the affordable price of the product, its stylish look and ease of care. Decide this season on cool bright shades of a fur coat. The top ones are:

  • aquamarine;
  • red;
  • emerald;
  • fuchsia;
  • canary.

Oversized eco-fur coats

Do not be shy not only in bright fur, but also in its various textures. The modern assortment offers girls coats with smooth or twisted fur of various lengths. Incredibly cute plushies have been in fashion for several seasons in a row.

Fashionable coats

Puffy jackets and down jackets

This is another super-trend of the coming season. Down jackets and jackets can be of any color, but they must stand out with a characteristic puffiness. If we add to this the brilliant coloring of the metal, then we get a trendy thing in general, as in the photo.

Padded metallic jacket

Quilted options are recognized as the top models. They can be long or short, fitted or loose. The choice is so diverse that every fashionista will choose the option to her liking for her stylish wintering.

Fashion quilted jackets

It is also hard not to notice the main criterion for a stylish down jacket. Today, designers simply love asymmetry and experimenting with cuts. And fashionistas, in turn, are happy to try on these new items.

Down jackets with asymmetry

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Sheepskin coats

Fashionable outerwear for the winter 2019 season is also represented by stylish sheepskin coats. For harsh weather conditions, this is a great option, because it perfectly protects from wind and cold.

Fashionable sheepskin coat

The versatility of sheepskin coats lies in their easy compatibility with things in a different style. They are the perfect complement to dresses and look just as stylish with trousers and jeans. For shoes, choose boots, boots or over the knee boots.

Stylish sheepskin coats

Note! The trendy sheepskin coat is distinguished by an oversized style…

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