Outerwear that went out of style in 2021

Today we will talk with you about outerwear, which will lead the anti-trend charts in 2021. We don’t mean throwing clothes out of the closet. Just put unfashionable outfits away for a while. Their time will come!

Outerwear: the main anti-trends of 2021

down jackets

Of course, it is impossible to predict anything. Especially when it comes to shopping. The range of down jackets remains considerable, but the leitmotif will change with the advent of the new season. Here is a small list of outerwear that is already out of fashion.

metallic. Shiny shoes are very relevant, but clothes have lost their positions. For a while, metallic down jackets flooded the catwalks. Picked up the trend and adherents of street fashion. Now give up mirrored jackets. Pay attention to neutral colors – chocolate, burgundy, green, asphalt and black.

Short-sleeve. No wonder the trend didn’t catch on. After all, it is quite impractical, especially in the cold. It is better to get a down jacket with wide sleeves like a raglan.

Big buttons on puffy down jackets and inappropriate embroidery – also goodbye. Decorative details migrated to scarves, trousers and bags.

Fitted with elasticated waistbands. And the fashion for them came out a very, very long time ago. But still, “comfortable” variations of these down jackets are often found on the streets. Stylists do not cross out the trend for belts. So put a leather belt on an oversized down jacket, as Prada models did.

Down jacket dress. Another misplaced artifact. Fashion conspiracy theorists insist that stylish women have not canceled this trend. But the opinion of designers is completely different. Straight and wide down jackets. Here is what the it-girls of the world’s “stylish” capitals wear.

Just above the knee length. Of course, it is a pity to part with such a comfortable down jacket. But it is very difficult to combine it with other clothes. Leave such a model for going out into the countryside or into the mountains.

Acid. Vyrviglazny down jackets have sunk into oblivion. That’s where they go. Authoritative sources said that it is no longer fashionable to wear light green, bright yellow and orange colors. Do you want brightness? Here are the colors of heaven, crimson, blue, green and purple.

“Caterpillar”. No no and one more time no. In such a down jacket you will look comical. In addition, in such a garment you will “gain” additional kilograms due to the transverse screed. A wide screed is what you need.

With fur trim. For many years we have seen fur inserts on the sleeves, pockets and hood. Everything is over. The emphasis in 2021 is on minimalism. Patchwork style is very relevant now. If you want fur, replace the down jacket with a fur hood with a combined one, which is sewn with puff and fur fabrics.

Down jacket-blanket. “Okay,” you might say. Here it means that it was a very large down jacket that lost its relevance. Keep a balance.

parks. Leave them for sports “forays” out of town.


After a detailed analysis of unfashionable down jackets, let’s go through the jackets. This practical and stylish piece of clothing has undergone several crushing changes.

  • Fitted jacket-jacket. A real storehouse of anti-trends is the series “Emily in Paris”. The main character demonstrates an image with such a jacket. Now at the peak of fame are “men’s”, a little brutal jackets. And you need to combine them with light silk dresses and non-massive shoes.

  • Slim jacket. In fact, it is not clear in what weather to wear such a model. They are cold and uncomfortable. You can save such a bow with a voluminous scarf or raincoat worn directly over the jacket.
  • Faded indistinct color. Swamp colors will emphasize the imperfections of the face and make the face gray. Focus on neutral beige, white, chocolate, blue.
  • Hyperdecor. Recall jeans with abundant embroidery, stripes and beads. And immediately forget. This jacket is a real anti-trend in 2021. Too oversized is also out of fashion.


The most sought-after outerwear that gives any look a certain gloss is the coat. Let’s take a closer look at unfashionable models.

  • An important touch is the collar. For now, put the fur-collared, high-waisted coat away in the closet. By the way, the absence of a gate will also give out “old age”. The trend is sharp collars in a classic style.
  • Coats with zippers, unfortunately, also fell out of fashion in 2021.
  • Butterflies in a “cocoon” should not become either. Take a closer look at coats with a linen or capes. A forgotten trend has been revived. Also a good choice would be a strict leather coat.

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Fur coat

Fur coats “to the floor” are definitely outdated. They will make you look older and give you bad taste. Flared fur coats, fur vests and “autoladies” also go there.

You say that eco-fur is at the peak of its glory? Yes! Voluminous fur coats – “cheburashki” still look fresh. But the fur “llama” left the race.

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Sheepskin coats

In 2021, it is considered no longer fashionable to wear natural sheepskin coats with a glamorous design. Tight-fitting models with buttons on ropes have also lost popularity. Replace with “biker” jackets made of faux sheepskin. Combine them with pleated skirts and rough boots.

Sheepskin coats with voluminous fur and a flared bottom are also behind the hit parade. The option with elements of masculinity will emphasize the style more favorably. Metal fittings, all kinds of buckles, belts, raw edges of pockets – not rhinestones and prints.

You have just looked at a photo selection of anti-trends for outerwear in 2021. Take advice. However, we recommend not chasing ultra-novelties, but investing in classic things.

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