Oversize clothing style: how and what to wear

When freedom comes into fashion, all the canons fade into the background, and all the cards are given into the hands of creative self-expression. For too long I had to keep myself within the limits. It would seem that narrow corsets have long since sunk into oblivion, and the freedom of style is only now being publicly discussed.

Loose fit is the main distinguishing feature of the oversize style. This is the case when large volumes look not only advantageous, but even seductive. Literal translation from English: “very large size”, “larger than usual size”. And the point is not to choose things a few sizes larger than your usual: clothes are initially sewn so that they look more voluminous and as if from someone else’s shoulder.

There have been many variations of this style in history: the pajama revolution of the early twentieth century, and the hippie movement (with their flared trousers), but the clothes of hip-hop musicians can be considered the most striking manifestation. Another point of view: that he came out of the grunge style (and elongated oversized sweaters are the best confirmation of this).

Oversized wardrobe features

  • Convenience and comfort. The special charm of things in the style of oversize is their convenience. In addition to practicality in terms of hiding particular figure defects, in general, the creation of a relaxed and informal image is also obtained. The lack of dimensions brings an element of ease and freedom to the image.
  • The absence of a clear silhouette of the figure. What is familiar and is the generally accepted standard – the selection of the silhouette of clothes according to the figure – is irrelevant and even unacceptable for the oversized style. Achieves this visual effect of blurring the silhouette due to size mismatch.

This is what makes it functionally indispensable in terms of correcting figure flaws. Thanks to things of a free cut, you can hide those areas of the body that cause displeasure, and, conversely, it is beneficial to emphasize dignity. The only thing is that women with a too dense physique need to be very careful: if you place accents incorrectly, then there may be a danger of getting an excessive visual increase in the volume of your figure.

Note! You should not confuse oversized clothes with regular clothes that are several sizes larger than your usual. Fashion designers specially increase in volume only certain details – the back, the collar, the sleeves – in order to create the desired dimensionless effect. Therefore, if you intentionally buy things that are not your size, the result will not be the same.


How to match oversized clothes?

Increasingly, fashion houses are releasing entire collections of this style, which are in great demand. And during this time, their own special trends in the compatibility of such clothes with other things have already appeared.

The most important rule to follow is that the oversize thing should be dominant, the only bright accent in your bow. Everything else should unobtrusively harmonize and be just a background. Therefore, you should not allow the baggy of all elements: either the top or the bottom. Otherwise, oversaturation will result not in concealment of shortcomings, but simply a shapeless heap.

Choice of top and bottom.

The main rule when drawing up a successful outfit is harmony between the top and bottom. When the choice fell on a voluminous tunic, jacket or blouse, the bottom should be in contrast – tight.

  • Wide sweater. A comfortable and cozy thing, which in recent years has won a leading position among fashionistas. Now it is actually considered the basic thing in the wardrobe. A successful bow can turn out if you wear a matching shirt under such a sweater. In this case, it will be ideal to combine with skinny trousers, leggings or a tapered skirt. Particularly attractive will be a sweater descending from one shoulder – this will give the image playfulness and unpredictability. From shoes, a spectacular combination will turn out with high-heeled shoes or massive brutal lace-up boots – depending on the goal pursued.
  • Dress of a free cut. If the choice fell on an oversized dress, the right accessories will be a good addition to the image. In this case, large jewelry, both jewelry and natural stones, would be appropriate. Shirt dresses look especially stylish. Shoes with a steady heel or even flat soles are well suited.
  • Oversized cardigan. An oversized cardigan paired with skinny pants and a fitted top or blouse is the perfect everyday look. It is better to choose cardigans with a lowered shoulder. A bow will turn out bright if you combine such a cardigan with a tight midi dress and sports shoes.
  • Oversized coat. Now fitted silhouettes are fading into the background, giving way to spacious things that do not hinder movement. A cocoon coat or swing coat will look perfect with high-heeled shoes, especially to emphasize the slenderness of the legs. Another good choice would be a poncho coat in combination with over the knee boots.
  • Trousers oversize. To create a youth look, boyfriend jeans are best suited, especially if the top is represented by a leather jacket or a wrestling T-shirt. A bright element of the official style will be banana trousers that will refresh working days. And for romantic natures, palazzo trousers are the best fit.
  • Wide t-shirts. Coming from the hip-hop and R’n’B parties, they have gained unprecedented popularity among today’s youth. What’s more, they fit absolutely everything. And girls turn elongated t-shirts from tunics into dresses. Summer wardrobe is now simply not imagined without them.


little secrets

  • If you are afraid to look too massive and heavy in oversize clothes, give preference to neutral pastel shades: due to the light tone, the image will be lighter and fresher.
  • Do not forget to experiment with texture: this is just the case when multi-layered and multi-stage would be appropriate.
  • Due to the fact that things are hanging, as if on a hanger, an optical illusion is created – the impression of unusual harmony, as if things of a smaller size simply do not exist.
  • It is very good when long legs are attached to oversized things. If suddenly you are unlucky by nature, then you need to consider options only with high heels.
  • Sometimes attractive oversized items can be found in the men’s department (especially when it comes to sweaters and shirts).
  • Not everyone knows that in addition to clothing, accessories and jewelry also belong to the oversized style. A voluminous wide-brimmed hat, glasses with non-standard lenses, disproportionately large earrings, large bags, massive scarves – there can be an infinite number of variations! Do not be afraid to experiment with appearance.

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