Ovulation stimulation: what is it and who needs it

A married couple in which a woman cannot become pregnant experiences great difficulties. Infertility is a problem inherent in every tenth woman. Female sex cells are not produced, they mature incompletely, so further fertilization is impossible. Stimulation of ovulation in medicine of the modern world helps to solve these problems.

Ovulation is the period of release of an egg ripe for fertilization from the follicle. It travels through the tube into the uterine cavity. Once there, the egg is attached to the wall. In the event that fertilization does not occur within a day, then the egg dies. Ovulation occurs on the 14th day after the end of menstruation with a 28-day cycle. Symptoms of ovulation are pain of a temporary nature in the lower abdomen, sexual desire increases and mucus is abundantly secreted from the cervix.

Why is there no ovulation process

Ovulation is absent for the following reasons:

  1. After the end of the course of taking contraceptives, there comes a period for the recovery of the body;
  2. stressful or conflict situations;
  3. Strengthened physical activity;
  4. Fatigue;
  5. The absence of ovulation in most cases is observed in thin women. The condition for the normal production of hormones is adipose tissue 18 percent of the total body weight;
  6. Gynecological diseases.

Hormonal-based preparations are the basis for stimulation. In the event that the eggs do not develop on their own, the means and their dosage are selected individually.

Having established the reason why there is no ovulation, recovery methods are determined. There are two methods to understand why there is no ovulation: ultrasound and tests. Follicular development is monitored for four consecutive months. Having made one ultrasound, it is impossible to make a diagnosis and prescribe therapy.

  • Hormone analysis. It is done many times to eliminate errors in the readings received. It is forbidden to carry out procedures if thyroid hormones are not normal. After their rate returns to normal, ovulation will begin and no special treatment will be needed.
  • Observations with ultrasound. A highly qualified doctor makes repeated ultrasound diagnostics to reveal an accurate diagnosis. Do it on the tenth day after the end of menstruation. Repeat the observation until it is established for sure that ovulation has taken place.

Who is stimulated

It is not recommended to carry out this procedure in a family in which the husband is infertile. In such a situation, both spouses are examined. With strong inflammatory processes, obstruction of the tubes, treatment is prohibited. After thirty-five years, the number of eggs decreases sharply, so stimulation is not carried out.

A married couple should engage in regular sexual activity throughout the year. If conception does not occur, then young couples resort to this method. A woman can become pregnant ectopically if the tubes are blocked. It follows that it is necessary to initially do a laparoscopy, and only then proceed to stimulation.


There are many ways to stimulate ovulation. Consider the most popular.

With the help of drugs

Medical stimulation. The first stage is the passage of a medical examination by both spouses. Based on it, the doctor draws up a procedure protocol with individual parameters, for example, age category, health characteristics.

After passing all the necessary tests, based on the results, the doctor makes a diagnosis and plans further actions for the development of the egg. He chooses the method of stimulation, taking into account how the egg will be used in the future (IVF or in a natural way), prescribes a course of medication.

The drug Clostilbegit is very popular. In the initial stage of treatment, a minimum dose of this agent is required. From the state of the ovaries, determine when to start stimulation and how long it will last. Three days after the start of the medication, the first ultrasound is done. Observations continue for two days until the follicle reaches 25mm. They give an injection of hCG to prevent the appearance of cysts and to provoke ovulation.

After confirming ovulation according to the results of ultrasound, the patient is prescribed intramuscular injections. Utrozhestan supports the corpus luteum of the ovary. Thanks to this method, conception occurs quickly. The male factor in this method plays a significant role. It all depends on the frequency of intercourse and insemination.

In the event that ovulation does not occur after the third course, the prescribed treatment is reviewed by the doctor. It is not recommended to abuse Clostilbegit. Otherwise, depletion of the ovaries will occur, which will provoke the onset of menopause and the possibility of conception will be in jeopardy.

Folk ways

Popular treatment among women who want to conceive a child is very popular. When taking herbs, you need to choose the right method of use so as not to harm your health. To do this, you need to consult a doctor who, taking into account your individual characteristics, will allow treatment by traditional medicine.

Means for treatment:

In folk medicine, the following varieties of plants are used:

  1. Sage. This herb contains substances that are similar to female sex hormones. The infusion is prepared from one spoonful of herbs and a glass of boiling water. The container is tightly closed and infused for two days. It is recommended to take during the cycle from the fifth to the tenth day;
  2. Plantain plant. Use only seeds that promote follicle growth. A spoonful of seeds is poured into a glass of cold water and boiled for five minutes. Infuse for about an hour, and then take thirty minutes before meals;
  3. Boron uterus, containing a large amount of progesterone, which contributes to better fixation of the egg. Grass (about 60 grams) is poured with hot water (half a liter) and insisted for a day. Consume three times a day after meals, 100 ml;
  4. “Romantic” method. A decoction of rose petals is made and taken for conception. Only white or pink petals are suitable. The broth is drunk before a night’s sleep;
  5. Mummy. The use of this remedy with freshly squeezed juice from carrots or quince gives a greater effect. Taken orally on an empty stomach twice a day.

Alternative methods are effective in treatment, before starting therapy, you must obtain permission from your doctor.

Promotes ovulation taking vitamins. Folic acid and potassium iodide must be included in the complex of taking vitamin preparations.

A well-chosen diet can contribute to stimulation. It should include vegetables, fruits, dairy products, eggs (better …

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