Pajama suit in everyday life in spring 2021: what to wear to look stylish

Clothing in linen style at the height of fashion is not the first year. At one time, Coco Chanel brought pajama pants into fashion as walking beachwear. Not so long ago it was corsets, bustiers and bodices, tops, shirt dresses, robe dresses and even robe coats. Once again, it’s time for a pajama-style suit. And with it you can create both everyday and evening looks.

Pajama suit features

First of all, such a suit is sewn from satin, silk, satin – soft, flowing, pleasant to the body fabrics, but at the same time quite dense. The colors are varied: traditional pastel shades and bright colors, plain or printed (peas, stripes, checks, floral patterns, paisley), with contrasting trims (for example, a black suit with white piping).

The styles also differ. Pants can be straight or flared, full length, cropped, short (from capris to shorts), with or without cuffs. The jacket can be with short or long sleeves, with buttons or without a fastener with a belt, with or without pockets (one chest or two at the bottom), with lace decor. What they have in common is a loose fit: clothes should fit well, not be too loose or tight.

Everyday looks

Pajama-style clothes seem cozy, light. To make the image in such clothes look expensive and elegant, you need:

  • Styling (unraveled hair).
  • Make-up (it is better to do a light, discreet make-up, at least minimal, with an emphasis on the lips).
  • Correct shoes.
  • Accessories (jewelry, bags, hats, etc.).

What shoes are suitable for creating images in pajama style for every day? These can be slip-ons, moccasins, sandals or sandals without a heel or on a small platform, pumps, and high-heeled sandals. Ankle boots with a stable heel are suitable for spring (in this case, a pajama suit can be supplemented with a loose-fitting midi coat). The color of the shoes should match the colors of the clothes.

Of the handbags, a clutch, an envelope, a small handbag on a thin strap or chain, a baguette bag will look the most harmonious. The bag should also match the color scheme of the suit.

Jewelry should be chosen graceful and elegant, ideally in retro style: a string of pearls, a thin chain with a small pendant, a small watch on a thin strap, a chain bracelet, medium-sized earrings and rings. But, of course, not all at once! It is better if it is jewelry: do not wear plastic beads and baubles woven from beads.

The headpiece will look great with suits with a floral or floral print. It can be a Panama, a hat and even a beret.

You can create a more sporty look by wearing sneakers with cropped trousers and tying a belt from a jacket around your trousers. Or, as in the photo above, tuck long trousers into timberland boots.

A pajama-style suit is a difficult thing to create harmonious looks. You can simplify the task by wearing only one thing from the kit – a jacket or trousers. At the same time, the jacket can be worn with various trousers, jeans, skirts as the top layer. With trousers – a soft cashmere sweater or a denim jacket (with a basic T-shirt).

A pajama-style suit does not comply with the business dress code. But there is a way out – a suit with loose straight trousers and an oversized jacket and a top, blouse, shirt worn under it.

Evening looks

For an evening look, monochromatic dark-colored models are most suitable. With a lace top and stiletto pumps, this look will be stylish and feminine, you can complement it with large earrings or decorate your neck with a few thin chains. A small handbag completes the look.

Pajama-style clothing makes you feel comfortable. A competent combination of softness of fabrics and accessories will surely attract the attention of others, such an image will not go unnoticed.

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