Pants 2021: fashion trends of the season

Fashion trousers in 2021 will continue to be one of the most important elements of the women’s wardrobe, because every lady looks incredibly stylish in them. Therefore, we invite you to talk today about the trends in this fashion segment that are waiting for us with the onset of the new season.

Current fashion trends among trousers for 2021

As you might guess, comfortable and practical trousers were originally exclusively the property of the men’s wardrobe. But after the First World War, this order changed. Gradually, overalls, breeches and trousers began to appear among the things of the representatives of the working class. And by the middle of the 20th century, these clothes were firmly entrenched in fashionable ladies’ looks. One of the first who actively began to promote trousers to the masses were such legendary figures as Coco Chanel, Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich. Largely thanks to them, many women abandoned the prejudices accepted in society and focused on convenience in their wardrobe.

Several decades have passed since then, but trousers are still very relevant for all representatives of the weaker half of humanity, and this will remain unchanged. The only thing that is subject to change is the colors, styles, textures, length. And about what you should look at in 2021, we will tell right now.

  • Trousers with arrows. This is an eternal classic, which it makes no sense to refuse next season. As always, straight-cut trousers with arrows will prove to be the perfect complement to office and business styles, but it will also be appropriate to complement less formal bows with them. For example everyday. Try teaming this model with a crop top and sneakers for an informal look. We are sure you will like it. However, remember one important detail: trousers must have a high waist, which, by the way, successfully hides the stomach, and be monochrome, without any decor.

  • In a cage. Laconic and stylish trousers with a checkered print are another top option for next year. For several seasons in a row, they have not lost their positions, continuing to occupy first places in the lists of the most popular models. They are very fond of including them in their collections and eminent designers. For example, interesting options can be found at Burberry, Christian Dior, Tom Ford, Emporio Armani. By the way, plaid trousers will also be an excellent solution for women over 50. By choosing this model, you will definitely find yourself at the peak of fashion in 2021, which is extremely rare for ladies of this age.

  • Velvet. If you are interested in the novelties of the season, then velvet trousers are what you need. This model looks very aristocratic, stylish, self-sufficient. Moreover, velvet is one of the materials that will look appropriate both during the day in the office and at evening parties. In particular, very interesting variants of velvet trousers in black for a solemn exit can be seen in the collections of Elie Saab and Max Mara. And for everyday wear, stylists recommend choosing lighter shades of fabric so that the image does not look burdened. For the same reasons, these trousers should only be combined with tops made of light fabrics.

You should also not forget that velvet is a very capricious material. Such trousers, of course, are good for autumn, but they should be worn only in dry weather. Otherwise, they will lose their appearance. And velvet trousers should definitely not be worn by full ladies, so as not to emphasize the flaws of their figure.

  • With tucks. Speaking of trends among fashionable women’s trousers for 2021, it is impossible to pass by models decorated with so-called pintucks. In this case, we are talking about pronounced folds located in front, which give the trousers a special zest. Such models were very popular in the 80s, and today we are again witnessing their triumphant return to the fashion pedestal. As in the case of the classics, a high waist would be appropriate here, which should definitely be emphasized with a belt. But the cut can be both straight and narrowed. It is recommended to wear these trousers with cropped tops, as well as shirts and blouses that are tucked in at the waist so that the folds are visible.

  • Bananas. A very popular model of trousers among ladies of different generations. And there was such a demand solely due to versatility. After all, bananas are ideal for slender romantic girls, and for serious women of 40 years old, and for plump women. They make the figure feminine, harmonious, and fit perfectly into any chosen image. In the classic version, banana pants should be worn with heels. But if you want something unusual, then follow the example of Alberta Ferretti and Isabel Marant and tuck the bottom of these pants into boots, as they did in their collections.

  • flare. In 2021, we will see the return of another legend – flared trousers. But until recently, they were considered an anti-trend. Today, ladies are again ready to replenish their collections with them. And all this thanks to Alexander McQueen, Versace, Bottega Veneta, Chloé and other reputable brands that have included them in their new collections. What is worth paying attention to here? To begin with, a variety of cuts. After all, flaring can begin both from the hip and from the knee. Here, take your pick. Also incredibly popular will be ultra-long, asymmetrical and cropped flared trousers.

  • With slits. Here is another hot trend of the next year – trousers with slits. This is a very interesting non-trivial model that will add charm to your image. For the summer season, you may well choose light trousers with maximum cuts that reach right up to the middle of the thighs. But in the cold autumn and winter it is better to look at the low cuts. But they can be located either in front or on the sides. By the way, one of the most ardent lovers of such trousers is Victoria Beckham. And if this style icon likes a thing, then you should definitely pay attention to it.

What pants should be considered anti-trends in 2021? Remember: models with a low waist, with stripes, with numerous pockets and other intrusive decor have completely left the fashion pedestal. Now at the peak only minimalism, restraint and conciseness.

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  • Tapered down. When choosing fashionable trousers for overweight women, it is important to remember that with an imperfect figure, there is nothing better than a tapered cut. And it is these models that we recommend paying attention to in the spring of 2021, when their popularity peaks. What is the benefit of these pants? Firstly, they emphasize the grace of the legs and ankles, which are often beautiful in full ladies. Secondly, they visually make the figure proportional. But, when choosing such models, avoid light fabrics and very bright colors. They will only spoil the effect. It is better to choose something more practical and discreet.

  • culottes. Cropped culottes are a great option for summer trousers. In hot weather, they are comfortable and not hot. Plus, they…

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