Pants that hide wide hips

There are quite a lot of trousers that will hide wide hips, so every girl will be able to bring her figure closer to the ideal one. In this article, we hand over all appearances and passwords about those very styles.

Classic will never let you down

A classic of the genre – straight trousers with arrows look great on women of any physique, including those with wide hips. If you want to make the most of this style, look for high-waisted trousers and wear them with heels.

[stextbox id=’info’]Interesting! Collars will make these trousers more stylish and allow them to fit not only into a business bow.[/stextbox]


Stylists suggest that loose trousers with a slight extension of the cut from the hip or knees will also cope with masking properties at “5+”. With such a style, the main disadvantage easily risks turning into dignity, because the figure acquires the most seductive silhouette.

These pants look amazing with shoes with a stable heel or platform. Ladies with tall stature may prefer elegant mules.

Check out an inspiring selection of trendy flared trousers that will hide wide hips. As you can see, this style can become the basis of images in various styles – from casual or romantic to hippie or business.

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Straight fit and high waist

The high waist is perfect for wide hips. If it is complemented by a straight cut of trousers, then the proportions of the figure are corrected, and the image as a whole looks stylish and modern.

high waisted

These trousers can be safely entered into the category of basic things, because they are perfectly combined with various styles. The most fashionable ideas are plaid colors and juicy bright colors. Also in trend are these trousers with a wide belt with a rectangular buckle at the waist, which creates an emphasis on this area.

With belt


Fashion trends are still not indifferent to trousers with stripes, and you can actively use this in your bows! The vertical element remarkably slims and stretches the silhouette. As a result, extra pounds are visually eliminated and growth is added.

Fashion offers not only sports trousers with stripes. Now in trend are office models with such a technique that look incredibly stylish.

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Pants are, of course, good, but a stylish wardrobe is also unthinkable without corrective jeans. Today, this clothing is considered suitable even for women over 50, because it noticeably rejuvenates and refreshes the image.

The ideal style for such a figure is straight-cut jeans. It makes sense to give preference to a dense texture, which also has slimming properties. As for the color, the best choice would be a dark uniform shade.

[stextbox id=’info’]Note! Jeans with decor in this area are contraindicated for girls with full hips. Patch pockets, rhinestones or embroidery once again focuses on the features of the figure.[/stextbox]

For girls who like to create stylish images, we recommend that you look at jeans with a slight flare from the knee. The main thing is that they have a high fit and dark colors.

Topical mom’s jeans that aren’t tight to the body are also great choices. Decorative arrows and contrasting vertical stitching on jeans are also welcome.

Down with complexes!

There is another option that for some reason is overlooked by many fashionistas. You can not mask luxurious forms, but emphasize them.

If you want to go down this path, feel free to take a cue from Kim Kardashian and be inspired by her confidence. The star has no idea that an outstanding figure can be a reason for disguise. On the contrary, such a feminine type of physique should be emphasized and proud of it!

Girls who love themselves and their luxurious forms can even afford tight-fitting trousers made of dense texture. To make an image with such a bottom look like a harmonious top, we advise you to complement it with a loose top, for example, a stylish sweater or jacket.

Color matters

In the struggle for the illusion of a slim figure, not only the right style is used, but also the right color.

  • Dark matte tones are perhaps the most win-win option for overweight women. However, you should be careful with black colors. Stylists suggest that dark shades of other colors often look more advantageous. Now the trend is dark blue, plum, emerald and chocolate tones.

  • Light top + dark bottom = the perfect look formula for ladies with large parameters in the lower body.

  • Bright or light colored pants are only acceptable if the fit is perfect.

  • A print on pants with a slimming effect also has a place to be. It is recommended to opt for oblique or vertical lines. If you like another print, follow its vertical direction.

  • A small pattern on the trousers can visually narrow the silhouette. Fashionistas, we advise you to take note of the houndstooth print, which has become increasingly featured on top shows and promises to grow into the hot trend of the season. You can also opt for flirty peas.

Houndstooth print

A few more secrets

The task, codenamed “hide wide hips” is not at all as difficult as it might seem at first glance. In addition to perfectly fitting trousers, there are a few other tricks you can use.

  • The shortened length of the pants can visually shorten the height, and this is often useless for the image of a girl. An unmistakable choice would be the length to the middle of the heel, which lengthens the silhouette.

  • An important selection criterion will be the fabric. An elegant bow will turn out with tweed, jersey, wool and high-quality suiting fabric. For the warm season, it is recommended to choose light fabrics with draperies that perfectly mask the problem area.
  • Emphasizing the upper body is a really effective move. You can create it with the help of light clothes in contrast with the dark bottom, as well as with large expressive jewelry or an unusual collar and decor.

  • A monochrome look is not only an effective trick, but also a clear trend of recent seasons. A bow made in one color is amazingly slimming. You can enhance this effect with high heels.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of stretch underwear. This is a lifesaver that transforms the figure and hides wrinkles. Only a seductive silhouette remains.

  • A stylish and effective addition to properly selected trousers will be an elongated jacket or jacket. For work, you can mix it with straight trousers, and for a walk, choose a combination with jeans.

  • Girls with a large bottom should give up miniature pendants and thin chains. It is better to give preference to more overall jewelry. Such a simple trick will make the image more proportional and harmonious.
  • Bright shoes can become a stylish accent in the image and draw all the attention to yourself. Elegant hat,…

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