Paraffin therapy at home

To date, paraffin therapy is one of the most affordable skin rejuvenation procedures. Quite often in beauty salons they use paraffin therapy for hands, feet and face.

During this procedure, paraffin is involved, which with its properties relaxes the skin, removes toxins from it, and also moisturizes, tones and rejuvenates.

Paraffin therapy can be carried out at home, it will not differ from the salon procedure. The only difference is the minimum cost.

Paraffin therapy for hands and feet at home

Paraffin hand therapy fights well with cracks and peeling of the skin, nourishes, slowing down the aging process. It is necessary to carry out paraffin therapy once a month. For carrying out only one paraffin therapy, you will need about 300 g of paraffin, which can be purchased at any pharmacy, even with vitamins.

Paraffin should be placed in a glass or ceramic dish, put in a water bath for heating until the paraffin becomes liquid. In the meantime, the skin of the hands should be prepared, apply a scrub and remove dead skin particles. Place your hands with fingers wide apart in the finished paraffin, wait a couple of minutes, take it out for a few seconds, then lower it again.

Do this six times. Then take out your hands and put on plastic bags, over them special gloves that do not release heat. After waiting twenty minutes, remove gloves and bags. Remove the remaining paraffin with a terry towel dipped in water at room temperature. Apply hand cream and make a light relaxing massage.

Exactly the same procedure is carried out for the legs, only before that it is better to do a pedicure.

Paraffin therapy for the face at home

Paraffin face masks are the best smoothing agent. They nourish, moisturize and make the skin toned and supple. Due to its warming effect, paraffin therapy increases the effectiveness of any applied cream, as the heat increases blood circulation and opens the pores.

Paraffin masks are good for women with dry and aging skin, as well as skin with signs of peeling. In addition to the fact that these masks nourish and moisturize the skin, they also tighten and smooth it.

Paraffin therapy for the face is somewhat different than for the hands and feet. It all starts with preparing the face. First you need to wash your face and wipe with a tonic (without alcohol content). Then apply the nourishing cream that you usually use. Remember, to avoid possible burns, before using paraffin, you should not wipe or apply alcohol-containing products to your face.

Once the paraffin is liquid and not too hot, use a brush to apply it to the face in one layer, while avoiding the areas of the nostrils, around the mouth and eyes. Then, after applying the paraffin, apply a gauze napkin with holes for the mouth, nose and eyes. On this gauze napkin it is necessary to apply an additional two or three layers. After that, you need to sit on the sofa and relax for twenty minutes. Then, with gentle movements from the neck and up, remove the mask. Remove the remaining paraffin with a terry towel dipped in warm water. Apply a moisturizing face cream.

To achieve the maximum effect of paraffin therapy, 10-15 procedures should be carried out, preferably every other day. It is not recommended to immediately go outside after the end of the procedure, you should rest a little, as the temperature difference can adversely affect the skin.

Remember also that before each procedure you should use a new paraffin, you can not use the remaining paraffin from the last procedure.

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