Paris Fashion Week 2019

The other day ended such an event as Fashion Week 2019 in Paris, which from year to year is eagerly awaited by leading couturiers and fashionistas around the world. It presented the main current trends developed by the most prestigious brands.


New items presented at Fashion Week

Eminent designers once again confirmed their impeccable reputation and presented models of the latest collections. Each item is characterized by its own special and unique style. According to fashion critics, the following were unambiguously classified as the best images.

Openwork mini dress, reminiscent of silver chain mail, from Louis Vuitton. It will allow you to create a unique bow for the spring of 2019, the thing will especially appeal to young fashionistas who want to stand out from the crowd.

Business set from Miu Miu, consisting of a gray jacket containing a discreet, barely noticeable check, a midi pencil skirt with leopard print and a bright red blouse made of luminous fabric. The bow is completed by huge half-face glasses, silver sandals decorated with rhinestones, and a small patent leather handbag.

When creating this outfit, the stylists were probably guided by the main fashion trends of 2019, which consist in combining wardrobe items that at first glance do not match at all. Although things are made in a similar official style, they are absolutely diverse in their colors.

The Miu Miu brand brought to the attention of fashionistas another novelty – a pale pink cocktail dress adorned with a huge flower located on the shoulder. The outfit was organically complemented by black stocking boots.

An alternative option for those who like more restrained tones

Chanel delighted fashionistas with bright colors. For example, this is a pink bouclé jacket, combined with a matching handbag and black cropped capri pants.

The yellow set is also interesting, completely made in a similar color scheme and consisting of a jacket, a midi-length short skirt with spectacular cuts going down the legs, and an elongated blouse with a decorative bow.

Alexander McQueen remained true to its traditions and showed a non-standard approach when creating a new collection. As in previous seasons, it has become a real trend this year. Layering is welcome, a combination of materials that are completely different in their structure.

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A striking example is a sophisticated light white dress with ruffles, over which a detail is worn that resembles an elongated asymmetrical peplum on a belt, which is made of thick leather.

Bright colorful prints are another principle that guided Alexander McQueen when creating fashionable novelties. A very original suit with a floral print, consisting of fitted trousers and an asymmetrical fitted jacket, on the one hand, its hem almost drops to the floor.

Lovers of femininity and romance appreciated the spring-summer 2019 collection from Giambattista Valli, presented at Paris Fashion Week. It almost entirely consists of dresses made of light airy materials, complemented by delicate ruffles.

The highlight of the collection is the use of delicate pastel colors, the use of light, unobtrusive prints.

If dark fabrics are taken, then a feminine effect is given with the help of delicate ruffles and a transparent structure of the fabric.

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Stella McCartney presented to the attention of the fair sex diverse wardrobe items, for example, this denim jumpsuit fits perfectly into the casual style.

The opposite trend can be called an airy elongated floor-length dress in a delicate mint color, containing the effect of drapery, turning into light pleating at the bottom.

A real explosion in the fashion world was made by the collection from Sacai. The brand presented outfits consisting of many details, located one above the other, contrasting with each other and at the same time creating layering. An example of such a combination is shown in the photo.

Givenchy presented exquisite and sophisticated wardrobe items. For example, this is a pale pink pleated dress with a straight cut, reaching the length of the ankle.

Featuring a plunging V-neck and a plunging V-neck, this sparkly mini dress is perfect for a night out or a cocktail party.

An outfit that will make you the center of everyone’s attention

From Valentino, non-standard design solutions were proposed. For example, this dress with an abundance of colors and prints, which will fit perfectly into the ethnic style.

Another example is an oversized black dress that is floor-length and extremely voluminous, but at the same time leaving the shoulders open.

One of the most creative fashion critics was rightly recognized by the Thom Browne collection presented at the 2019 Fashion Week in Paris. It contains an abundance of different wardrobe items, as if overlapping each other, but at the same time harmonizing with each other. Things are complemented by bright and original prints.

The collection from Balenciaga will appeal to women who prefer elegant classic bows. At the same time, they have a bright unique note. For example, this fitted midi coat is made of shiny raspberry fabric.

A bright red trouser suit with a classic straight cut also attracts attention. The highlight of the image is an accessory – a bright blue handbag decorated with ruffles.

Trademark Off-White presented things in which there is an increased emphasis on femininity. For example, this openwork snow-white dress with a yellow petticoat.

Sophistication is present even in casual style. An example is a denim mini skirt, which appears in combination with a velvet pale blue blouse.

The Hermes brand offered gorgeous models for spring, made of leather. This is a maxi skirt with thin shoulder straps.

A set consisting of a black leather elongated jacket and cropped shorts, made in a similar color, looks organically.

An abundance of brightness and brilliance – these are products from Elie Saab. In the presented set, it will not be a shame to appear at any party.

A real find for the summer will be the models from Altuzarra, presented at Fashion Week 2019 in Paris. For example, this is a yellow suit, consisting of a jacket and a midi skirt, decorated with an original print. A swimsuit will fit under the jacket, the brand has shown extravagance, creating a symbiosis of classics and a beach bow.

The Balmain brand brought to the attention of the public models of dresses with huge sleeves resembling wings.

An interesting variation was the dress made of a fabric resembling a gossamer in its structure.

Fashion house Saint Laurent has remained true to its traditions. Most of his models are classics, diluted with interesting original details.

The Gucci brand has once again shocked the fashion world. Outfits…

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