Paris Fashion Week 2020: Top Trends

Here it died down Paris Fashion Week 2020, so we can confidently announce its key trends. Read carefully so you don’t miss anything important. and interesting!


Square shoulders

Designers are not ready to say goodbye to some of the attributes of the 80s style, because they represent great potential for fashionable images. For example, they decided to continue the story of the relevance of the square shoulder line in dresses and jackets.

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At first glance, such an element seems strict and restrained, but it is he who can be responsible for the zest and originality in images for any occasion.

puff sleeves

Another striking manifestation of the style of the 80s is voluminous puffy sleeves, which have been haunting neither designers nor fashionistas for several seasons. Now such an element appeared not only on blouses and dresses – he found a very interesting reading in both coats and jackets.

Flounces and frills

The desire for femininity and romance is a completely predictable phenomenon when it comes to spring-summer collections. This time, such a mood was reflected in the relevance of frills and frills. A similar decor was seen literally everywhere: on skirts, sundresses, dresses, trousers and shorts.

The absolute must-have of the season is a blouse with ruffles or flounces. Such a trendy thing is able to bring novelty to any familiar bottom, whether it be jeans, trousers, shorts or a skirt.


Paris Fashion Week once again confirmed the relevance of the leather texture – all of a sudden, some fashionistas still doubted it? The trendiest wardrobe investment for 2020 is a leather coat. This is a very self-sufficient outerwear, which in any case will be the main star of the image and will not require additional active accessories.

Colored leather does not give up its momentum either – here every fashionista has the right to choose any shade she likes, because the trend palette is truly limitless.

Loose fit

The oversized trend continues to dominate the fashion silhouettes of the season. A loose cut is held in high esteem by fashionistas for several reasons – it looks stylish and relaxed, if necessary, hides figure flaws and pleases with excellent comfort and versatility. To be in trend, you can safely combine several oversized items at once within one bow.


Shorts are a priori an indispensable thing in the spring-summer wardrobe of any fashionista, and it is not at all surprising that she united all Fashion Weeks. The Parisian shows featured ultra-short models that made women’s legs incredibly long and slender. For more conservative and restrained fashionistas, the designers offered Bermuda shorts made of denim or suit fabric. In a word, any girl will have plenty to choose from.


Laces and ropes are seriously planning to become the main accessory of the warm season 2020 – their number in fashion collections made this clear. Designers complemented romantic dresses with such details, transformed ropes into necklaces and used them as a belt on jeans, shorts or trousers. This is not the whole list of possible ways to use a fashion accessory. Fashionistas with imagination will surely be able to supplement it with a couple of points.

pink palette

On many impressions on Paris Fashion Week 2020 the pink palette has approved its positions. It included not only delicate marshmallow and pastel shades, but also quite bright fuchsia. The designers hinted that it would be better for a juicy representative of the pink range to be soloed in a fashionable way so that other colors and elements do not try to draw attention to themselves.

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[tds_warning]Another color leader among the shows is salmon color and its shades.[/tds_warning]

Messenger bags

French designers are famous for their amazing ability to mix pragmatism with beauty and chic. A vivid example of this is the dominance of postal bags on the catwalks, which delight with their convenience. Such a fashionable novelty can be safely used as a wardrobe base, because it will successfully adapt to any bow.

Designers have relied on a classic shape, excellent capacity and a wide palette of colors, including versatile wine, black and brown shades. Such models are ideal for the office environment and for everyday life. In a word, this is a practical design solution that many girls will surely appreciate.

shopping bags

Among the fashionable bags, there were also charming shopping bags, which are a direct reference to the needlework trend. Many designers strongly recommend to get such an unusual accessory for the summer season – in addition to its practical function, it will make any look more expressive, feminine and cute.

Moreover, now the string bag can be taken not only to the beach, but also successfully integrated into urban images. Models with a particularly luxurious decor (for example, pearls) deserve to be a key accent in the evening set.

How to shine and be in trend?

It’s very simple, because many designers presented magnificent novelties in gold design. The most memorable images of models implied puffy dresses in such colors. Metallic pleated textures also made a loud statement, which were considered by fashionistas as a more suitable solution for stylish everyday life or special occasions.

[tds_note]If you are inspired by this trend, but you just can’t decide to implement it, you can limit yourself to golden shoes or accessories. These stylish accents will add special luxury, glamor and chic to any outfit.[/tds_note]


Many viewers expect to see gloves in the collections of the cold season, but when designers combine this accessory with light dresses and summer suits, it becomes a real surprise.

Of course, in spring and summer, gloves are not designed to perform a direct functional purpose, but they can become the main highlight in the image.


Bra in everyday life? Why not! This is exactly what the designers decided and brought models to the catwalks in the most seductive element of the women’s wardrobe. According to fashion forecasts, such a thing will be the unconditional trend of the season. spring-summer 2020. If a fashionista has the right level of daring, she can take ideas from runway shows to wear bras as crop tops and pair them with a pencil skirt, loose trousers and Bermuda shorts.

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For those girls who are not ready for such drastic decisions, stylists offer to make a bra tandem with a trouser suit, jacket or shirt. In such ensembles, sconces only barely hint about themselves, creating an incredible touch of piquancy in the image.


Some stylists feared that needlework would be a fleeting trend in the fashion world, and it would quickly fade away. But it was not there!…

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