Paris Fashion Week: Photos and Trends

Fashion Week in Paris, which died down in September 2019, is a true inspiration! In this article, we will tell you about the key trends that should not be missed!


Current palette


It is hard not to notice the extravaganza of aristocratic beige tones, because they appeared in almost every fashion show. Of course, beige is especially beautiful in monochrome ensembles, but the designers have shown that it can be a full member of the image with bright colors. For example, an alliance with azure blue turned out to be stylish and refreshing.

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Pure white became the basis for particularly feminine outfits. It is impossible to tear your eyes away from its wonderful combination with plant motifs.


Delightful and mysterious black color mostly appeared in monochrome ensembles. Bravo!

Shades of lava

In the upcoming season, fashionistas can and should play with fire. According to the designers, the expressive palette with a mixture of yellow, orange and red shades is perfect for the warm season. This trend originated from a fashionable cropped fur coat in the indicated colors and fur bags in this design. Several designers at once presented novelties that delight with gradient tints of red and orange tones. If you don’t like the ombre effect, you can take inspiration from lava-based prints.


Delicate pink shades are also not to be missed.

Bright colors

This shot from the show can be used as a cheat sheet for the most relevant shades from the bright palette of the dead fashion week.

If you want to be inspired by the examples of designers and combine several rich colors in one image at once, keep in mind that these tones should be of the same saturation and brightness.


Many shows also featured an abundance of fuchsia and neon tones. Moreover, a fashion trend was also presented for modest fashionistas – bright colors in the decoration of things or small details.

metallic effect

Metal overflows decorated a variety of fabrics at shows. Moreover, the palette was not limited only to gold and silver – this effect was successfully combined with other colors.

Actual prints

At Paris Fashion Week, various prints have loudly declared themselves. Fans of geometric motifs will surely be delighted with horizontal lines, wide vertical stripes and graphic variations of the cage. The checkered pattern, which was successfully combined with other prints, showed itself especially well.

[stextbox id=’info’]Interesting! The most fashionable version of the cage is the houndstooth pattern.[/stextbox]

Fascinating floral motifs flaunted on loose trousers and midi-length skirts.

Overalls and dresses decorated with tie-dye print were also admired for their beauty.

Floral prints, which were embodied with the help of living plants, also became a highlight. Beautiful flowers were applied to the fabric and fixed by heat treatment.

You can watch a video about how these prints were created in the Christian Dior collection. It is the best way to convey inspiration from nature and its beauty.

Key trends

Translucent textures

For a special occasion, fashion trends suggest betting on flying translucent fabrics. On many products, this texture was skillfully combined with decorative embroidery. This combo gave us really feminine and sophisticated novelties.

Low waistline

A very unexpected novelty was the low rise of overalls, trousers and shorts. Well, everything new is a well-forgotten old.


The triumphal procession of leather items at the shows continues! Designers offer to please yourself with several novelties of exquisite texture at once. It can be dresses, skirts, trousers, overalls, raincoats or sundresses. Among such a variety of trends, every fashionista will be able to choose a novelty to her liking.

When choosing leather items, you should adhere to the current rule: a loose fit that does not fit the figure is now in fashion. This trend not only looks stylish, but also relieves the leather texture from a hint of vulgarity.

The most daring fashionistas can put on a leather total look – this is the coolest and most stylish embodiment of the trend.

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Black sequins

We have already mentioned the relevance of black. If up to this point you thought the dark palette was gloomy and boring, take a look at these photos from Paris Fashion Week. Black colors in combination with sparkling sequins acquired enchantment and solemnity. Such a stylish version of a tuxedo can be a great idea for an evening out!

natural materials

The excellent trend towards naturalness is also reflected in the use of natural materials. Moreover, at the top shows were presented not only the usual straw hats, but also dresses, shorts and skirts. Such things look very original and referred to the Provencal style.

Focus on sleeves

Accent sleeves have become an important component of almost all collections. Such a weighty detail was seen in the design of dresses, shirts and jackets. Its most stylish embodiment is a hypertrophied volume. Lantern sleeves in outerwear or in combination with a square cut are also a fashionable idea.

Ode to womanhood

At the top shows, several trends appeared at once that glorified femininity. First of all, this direction was reflected in the actual textures – exquisite silk, romantic lace, flirty mesh and sophisticated tulle.

Weightless fabrics were successfully combined with translucent inserts, pleating, delicate appliqués and floral embroidery.

It is interesting that in feminine images it was by no means a marshmallow-pink palette that prevailed. Designers reimagined this mood and released models on the catwalks dressed in feminine outfits in earthy and muted earth tones.

All guests were captivated by exquisite dresses in a classic new look silhouette. Now it is important to combine this style with romantic floral motifs.

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Emphasis on the silhouette

Many designers have tried in practice the formula of a spectacular outfit, namely the combination of a monochromatic laconic color (usually black or white) with an unusual cut. Some things gave the impression to be turned inside out or put on back to front. Complex silhouettes also appeared in unusual cutouts, original hemlines and asymmetries.

Details worthy of attention

It is worth mentioning separately about microtrends and iconic things that appeared at many shows:

  • deep V-neckline;
  • feminine and practical jacket dresses;
  • jackets with sharp shoulders;
  • evening dresses with unusual curly cutouts;
  • translucent capes;
  • denim bike shorts;
  • suits with shorts;
  • geometric cutouts…

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