Pastel manicure 2022-2023

Pastel manicure is always in fashion. And there is nothing surprising in this, because soft and delicate shades suit absolutely everyone, harmoniously complement any image from business to solemn or romantic. With nail art, which is made in pastel colors, any girl looks feminine and sophisticated. And it doesn’t matter what length and shape of her nails she has. What is a trendy pastel manicure in the winter season 2022-2023? We will try to answer this question in today’s review. We will also list current ideas for winter design.



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Fashionable shades for winter manicure-2022-2023 in pastel colors

The pastel palette is quite versatile. Here it is easy to find popular shades to create an interesting and unobtrusive manicure that will be appropriate in any setting. At the same time, pastel colors are successfully combined with the most trendy nail techniques to date. What shades do masters prefer to use in the winter season 2022-2023? We list the most fashionable and beautiful.



  • pale olive. Quite complex, but very beautiful color. Perfect for the winter season. In fact, it is a combination of green and milk. And she is very popular this season. Wear it both in monochrome and with a discreet design that complements and enriches this unusual shade.


  • Lavender. Very soft and pretty shade. More recently, girls preferred to wear it only in the spring. But 2022 has changed everything. Today, lavender is an all-season color that goes well with winter designs. For example, with imitation knitting or white and silver snowflakes.


  • Coffee with milk. Warm and easy to perceive shade. Perfect for the snowy months that have come into their own. Looking at him, you involuntarily feel a sense of comfort. Nail art, made in this color, will be a harmonious addition to unpretentious winter casual and business looks.


  • Pearl. Pastel manicure for the winter season 2022-2023 in pearl color is almost a classic. The design is not only beautiful, but also elegant. Cold mother-of-pearl overflows will harmonize so well with the surrounding winter landscape that you can do without decor.


  • Honey. An excellent alternative to peach and mustard, which have recently been found everywhere. Choose a honey nail polish to complement your winter everyday outfits, you won’t regret it. The shade is beautiful, deep, calm. Just what you need in this cold season.


  • cold blue. One of the most versatile shades in the pastel palette. Looks great even on short nails. In winter, a cold blue hue fits well into everyday bows and cocktail ones. So you can safely choose it for a party in honor of the New Year 2023.


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What other shades from the pastel palette will be relevant in the winter of 2022-2023: pale yellow, green tea, cream, pink-lavender, snow blue, light gray, and, of course, classic white.


Design ideas for pastel manicure for the season 2022-2023

Pastel manicure looks so feminine and elegant that many fashionistas prefer to wear it in monochrome. And it’s worth recognizing that it really doesn’t look boring. However, the design should not be ignored either, because it often emphasizes the beauty and sophistication of the pastel palette. We list the design ideas for nails coated in pastel colors.


  • With drawings. Neat drawings on the nails are an eternal classic, which sometimes even the most serious fashionistas cannot resist. Indeed, a winter pastel manicure with snowflakes, silvery Christmas trees, snow-covered landscapes and charming little animals looks very cute on the nails. And what to draw, it’s up to you. Drawings in the modern segment of nail art do not depend on the season.


  • with sequins. Another win-win design idea. Glitter will add a touch of glamor to pastel manicure, which it sometimes lacks. However, in everything it is important to observe the measure. An excessive amount of glitter can aggravate the impression of nail art in particular and of the image in general. Limit yourself to translucent sequins, or those that sparkle like gold and silver. As a result, you will get a beautiful manicure for the celebration.

  • ombre. A horizontal or vertical stretch of color within the pastel palette can be done using absolutely any light shades. And all because pastel colors go well with each other. Make the transition from white to purple or from blue to pink – there are a lot of interesting and stylish variations, and most importantly, they are not limited by anything. And to add showiness to the design, use a matte finish. It will make a beautiful manicure luxurious.


  • With rhinestones. If you are looking for ideas for a pastel New Year’s manicure design, then try rhinestones. They are always appropriate, especially at special occasions. The sparkle of crystals delicately emphasizes the delicate shades of the coating and at the same time adds a bit of luxury to the image. Place the composition of rhinestones on one or two nails so that it does not draw too much attention to itself.


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Pastel manicure looks equally expensive and elegant on both short and long nails.

Pastel manicure for the 2022-2023 season mainly reflects the trends of past years. And yet, looking at the photo, you can catch the novelties in the design technique and methods of presenting shades that have become familiar.

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