Patakara simulator for training the muscles of the face and neck

The Patacara trainer is a modern set of specially designed accessories that train the muscles of the face and neck. It is intended not only to build the correct oval of the face and tighten its muscles, but also to restore the functions of the maxillofacial apparatus.

The Patakara trainer was developed in Japan. It was created by Dr. Yoshiaki Akihito, who is a teacher at the Dental College in Tokyo. It was originally created to work out the lips, which is why it got its original name “lip trainer”. Its main function was to fight apoplexy, a condition where a person is unable to pronounce certain letters due to weakness or underdevelopment of the circular muscle of the mouth.

After the research, the doctor found that the result is manifested not only around the lips, but throughout the face. It is significantly tightened, the appearance improves, some malformations and the results of injuries disappear. Due to the tightening of muscles and skin, all facial features are significantly improved. After just a month, they become clearer and more expressive.

At the moment, more than 5,000 clinics in Japan use the simulator for the treatment of maxillofacial defects, speech disorders, as well as for the speedy recovery after surgery.


The human face is supported by thirty muscles. Over time, they weaken, causing the oval of the face to become sagging and flabby. By training the facial muscles with the help of the Patacara simulator, you can achieve a significant rejuvenating, aesthetic effect. In addition, the rush of blood and its accelerated circulation significantly improve the condition of the skin and complexion.

The Patacara Facial and Neck Muscle Trainer Set includes:

  • a disk with instructions for use and tips on how to make training effective;
  • the simulator itself;
  • elastic band fit-pull;
  • hourglass.

You need to do it systematically, 4 times a day. The duration of the exercises is 3 minutes. In total, you will spend only 12 minutes on a set of exercises for the whole day.

The result of using such a simple device will be visible very soon, subject to regular training.

Healing effect

Despite its original purpose, the simulator has a positive effect on the state of the whole organism. As a result of its application, the following indicators are improved:

  • eliminates chronic nasal congestion;
  • the manifestation of signs of periodontal disease, bleeding gums is reduced;
  • improves the condition of the respiratory system;
  • sore throat and bad breath disappear;
  • snoring is eliminated, up to the cure of sleep apnea;
  • speech is getting better;
  • sleep improves;
  • recurring headaches are eliminated;
  • the consequences of a stroke, facial neuritis are cured;
  • the work of the temporomandibular joint is improving;
  • eliminates dry mouth.

Classes with a simulator will help alleviate the course of painful conditions by normalizing blood circulation, enriching the body with oxygen and working out the muscles of the face and neck. So, Patakara relieves the condition with the following diseases:

  • diabetes;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • persistent constipation;
  • rhinitis, dermatitis, skin diseases;
  • Alzheimer’s disease;
  • autism;
  • Down’s disease.

Aesthetic effect

In youth, the skin looks fresh, toned, has a beautiful color. Over time, the metabolism decreases, hormonal disruptions occur, the imprints of diseases, stress and depression are superimposed. The face begins to age, and the skin begins to sag. The Patacara simulator is able to prolong youth and correct problems with appearance that have already appeared. It is better to start exercising earlier, because prevention is always faster and easier than correcting existing shortcomings. Regular exercise will help:

  • eliminate puffiness;
  • remove puffiness;
  • get rid of a double chin;
  • lift the corners of the lips;
  • emphasize cheekbones;
  • make your face thinner, remove puffy cheeks;
  • raise the corners of the eyes;
  • improve the articulatory apparatus;
  • get rid of mimic wrinkles;
  • make nasolabial folds less noticeable;
  • improve the overall balance of the facial muscles, making the face symmetrical.

Women are advised to use the simulator during menopause. This is due to the possibility of mitigating the course of symptoms or their complete absence. Also, the use of Patacara improves memory and concentration.

Training technique and basic rules

To start the exercises, you need to take the lip trainer in your right hand. On the left palm, put on a fit-pull elastic band. The simulator must be placed between the teeth and lips.

There is a basic exercise that is designed to train the circular muscle of the mouth, which is fundamental for further exercises. If it is weakened, work on it first and then move on to subsequent exercises. You can find them on the CD that comes with the kit. The exercises are not difficult, but they work well on the eyes, cheekbones, cheeks, nasolabial folds, forehead, lips, nasolacrimal sulcus and “flews”. Start each session with a core exercise.

Basic exercise

First place the Patacara machine between your lips and teeth. If you feel that you are ready for a stronger load, pull the loop forward. Alternatively, you can make a circular motion with it, first in one direction, then in the other. Hold the simulator with your lips for three minutes, without using your teeth or squeezing them. Breathing should be through the nose, the tongue is pressed to the palate. Everybody!

When you master the fundamental task, move on to the rest, designed to work out the muscles of the face and neck. Do each of these exercises for no more than three minutes. Increasing the duration of the lesson is not effective. The most positive results are observed in people who exercise with the simulator 4-5 times a day. The break between sets should be at least an hour.


Like any physical exercise, face and neck exercises require proper technique. The main provisions that must be observed when exercising with the simulator:

  1. Breathing is carried out only through the nose.
  2. During training, the tongue should be firmly pressed against the palate. This position will not allow you to breathe through your mouth and increase the load on the chin.
  3. The loop of the simulator should be pulled to a tolerable feeling in the muscles. Don’t pull it too hard.
  4. If the patient’s neck hurts during exercise, it is allowed to lean forward. You can also perform exercises in a lying position.
  5. It is possible that during the first lessons the simulator will not hold in the mouth. In this case, you need to perform the main exercise for 1-2 weeks, thus strengthening the circular muscle of the mouth. It will be possible to start the rest of the classes after it has been strengthened, i.e. a couple of weeks.

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