Peach oil: application for face and hair

The successful use of natural peach kernel oil for cosmetic purposes has long been known. Due to its light texture and the richest composition of biologically active substances, it is excellent for facial skin and hair care. The unique components of the oil make the skin velvety, like a peach, and the curls are strong and shiny.

Beneficial features

Peach oil contains a huge amount of valuable chemicals needed to maintain healthy hair and skin. First of all, these are essential fatty acids:

  • Linoleic acid is a natural sunscreen essential in the summer.
  • Stearic acid improves the protective functions of the skin during the period of adverse environmental influences: dry air, wind, cold.
  • Oleic acid effectively moisturizes, thanks to its ability to retain water.

Vitamin deficiency immediately affects the appearance of the skin and hair. Peach oil contains enough vital organic substances to keep them in excellent condition:

  • Retinol has restorative properties, preventing the aging of the skin.
  • Tocopherol, being a powerful antioxidant, significantly reduces wrinkles, makes hair strong and strong.
  • Biotin is the basis for the formation of skin and hair, its deficiency can lead to hair loss and dermatitis.
  • Ascorbic acid is essential for the formation of elastin and collagen, which support the structure of the skin and hair follicles.

Minerals for hair and skin are just as important as vitamins. They are found in large quantities in peach oil:

  • Calcium is needed as a building material to replenish damaged hair structure.
  • Phosphorus restores skin and hair elasticity.
  • Iron, expanding blood vessels, causes an intensive flow of blood to the hair follicles;
  • Potassium prevents cell dehydration, its deficiency can cause dry skin.


Terms of Use

A complex of valuable biologically active substances will achieve high results with the right choice, application and storage:

  • Oil is best purchased at a pharmacy. This will protect you from buying a fake or expired product, which will not only be useless, but also capable of causing harm.
  • Peach oil works more effectively at high temperatures. Before use, it must be heated in a water bath to 35–40 °C.
  • In the sun and outdoors, the oil oxidizes easily, so it should be kept in an airtight container in a dark place. The shelf life of an open product, as a rule, is not more than a year.
  • It can be added to hair shampoos and face creams. Required proportion: 3 drops per 1 part of the cosmetic product.
  • Peach oil activates the sebaceous glands, so it is not recommended to use it for oily hair and skin.

Application of peach oil for the face

Due to the high content of fatty acids, peach seed oil perfectly nourishes the skin, makes it elastic, smoothes fine wrinkles. Due to its light texture, it is instantly absorbed without leaving a greasy feeling.

To cleanse the face, a soft scrub that can be made at home is suitable. To do this, 1 tablespoon of warmed peach oil must be mixed with 10 g of almond bran. Apply the resulting mixture on a wet face with massaging movements, without affecting the eyelids and skin under the eyes. After 10 minutes, rinse off with warm water. Such a scrub will gently cleanse your skin, and peach oil will help soften it, saturating it with nutrients.

To eliminate fine wrinkles, it is recommended to use a smoothing mask. For its preparation you will need:

  • 1 yolk;
  • 1 tablespoon of peach oil;
  • 1 teaspoon pomegranate juice.

Mix all ingredients thoroughly and apply on cleansed face. After 20 minutes, wash with cool water.


In winter, it is necessary to protect the skin of the face from hypothermia. At low temperatures, the work of the sebaceous glands slows down, resulting in skin irritation. To restore her feeling of comfort, a protective cream will help, for which the following ingredients are used:

  • 20 g peach kernel oil;
  • 10 g of lanolin;
  • 10 g natural beeswax.

Mix all the components of the cream and heat them over low heat until the wax is completely melted. After that, the mixture must be cooled and put in the refrigerator. The resulting cream is recommended for use in the morning and evening.

Sensitive delicate skin needs special care. It is characterized by various kinds of irritation, redness, peeling. As a rule, they appear as a result of the use of improperly selected cosmetics. Peach oil is absolutely hypoallergenic and suitable for the most delicate skin. To fill it with useful trace elements, prepare a nourishing mask for which you will need:

  • 2 tablespoons of peach oil;
  • 50 g of fresh peach pulp;
  • 2 tablespoons cream 10% fat.

Fruit pulp should be rubbed with butter, then add warm cream to them. Apply the freshly prepared mixture on the face, after half an hour wash with warm water.

Application for hair

Peach oil is used not only as an independent hair product, but also combined with other useful ingredients to enhance the healing effect. Its regular use will strengthen the hair roots, fill dry, brittle strands with vitality, and give them a natural shine.

For dry hair, it is recommended to use a moisturizing mask, which consists of the following ingredients:

  • 2 tablespoons of peach oil;
  • 1 raw egg yolk;
  • 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise.

To prepare the mask, grind the yolk with butter at room temperature, add mayonnaise to the resulting mixture, mix thoroughly. Apply to hair, evenly distributing the product along the entire length. After half an hour, wash the strands with warm water. This tool will perfectly moisturize the hair and restore their vitality.

To get rid of split ends and prevent their recurrence, use oil compresses. To prepare them, it is necessary to mix peach and burdock oils in equal proportions, add a few drops of rosemary ether. Rub the resulting mixture along the entire length of the hair, paying special attention to the tips. After half an hour, wash off the compress with warm water and shampoo. Damaged ends of the hair are best cut off as they cannot be repaired. Oil compresses will help to effectively protect your curls and protect against…

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