Pedicure 2020: fashion trends

Among the fashion trends in the field of nail art for 2020, special attention should be paid to pedicure. After all, the coating on the legs should be given no less attention than on the hands. Today you will learn about current trends and novelties of the season, get acquainted with original ideas that will complete your stylish look.


Trends for the spring-summer 2020 season

Pedicure fashion trends often repeat manicure trends. Experts advise to adhere to a single style, however, a complete match of the design of the nails on the hands and feet is not necessary.

Pedicure for the warm season is distinguished by brightness and richness of shades. Let’s highlight the most popular colors of the season:

  • Yellow. A real hit of the warm season. After all, this color is associated with the sun, warmth and happiness. Take a closer look at such a pedicure when going on vacation, because it will surely fit perfectly into your beach bow. Yellow and its brighter and more restrained shades can be used as a stylish addition when creating a jacket, various patterns on nails.

  • Coral. This is a trendy and stylish shade that allows you to create an attractive pedicure. Also, coral will be an excellent base for design with rhinestones, glitter, drawings. This color goes perfectly with tanned skin, so it is suitable for holidays.

  • Turquoise. A delicate and light shade reminiscent of summer, the sea and clear blue skies. Therefore, it is also perfect for an elegant summer pedicure. This color is universal, does not overload the image, looks concise and restrained.

  • Green. For the warm season, you can choose both delicate pistachio and bright, neon salad. Any shade of green will look interesting and fresh. This design is ideal for bold young ladies who are not afraid to stand out in their crowd and attract attention. Green color will be an excellent basis for floral and geometric designs.

  • Powder pink. Feminine and delicate shade will be a great addition to any spring look. It succinctly fits into stylish everyday and evening bows, suitable for both mature women and young girls. Pink pedicure takes pride of place among the fashion trends for spring 2020, so you should definitely take this shade into service.

  • Orange. Lovers of fresh and rich colors will certainly be delighted with an orange-colored pedicure. The image will be memorable and extremely interesting.

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Trends for the autumn-winter 2020 season

For the cold season, experts suggest using darker and more saturated shades. Among the most fashionable colors for creating an autumn-winter pedicure in 2020 are:

  • Grey. Despite the fact that the color itself almost does not attract attention, it will be an excellent basis for the manifestation of creativity. On a gray background, you can depict various patterns using more catchy materials: rhinestones, glitter, foil.

  • Black. A classic and versatile shade, the popularity of which greatly increases in the cold season. It looks concise and restrained. For a special occasion, you can decorate the pedicure with a few sparkles on the thumb.

  • Beige. This is the most versatile color. Pedicure in pastel colors looks as neat and well-groomed as possible.

  • Burgundy and red. These colors are perfect for formal events and special occasions. This pedicure also looks great in combination with various decor.

  • White. The popularity of the snow-white palette is growing rapidly in the winter season. After all, it is associated with snow.

Design Ideas

For some, a monophonic pedicure may seem boring and not interesting. Decor will help to diversify the design and give individuality to the nails. To decorate toenails, experts suggest using techniques similar to those used in manicure. We offer you to get acquainted with the list of the most trendy ideas that are relevant in 2020.


A smooth transition from one color to another has long been popular among fashionistas. Depending on the number of shades used, a different and interesting effect is obtained. In this case, the gradient transition can be vertical and horizontal, or even change color from finger to finger.


A pedicure looks interesting and unusual, in which two or more contrasting shades are mixed with free-form stains. This design is suitable for girls who love everything new and unusual.

color block

This clothing trend has gradually spread to manicures, and now pedicures. To create a design, several saturated shades are used at once, which paint over a certain area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe nail. You can complement the pedicure with glitter, which will add notes of playfulness and femininity.

Floral motifs

Flowers have always been popular among fashionistas, especially in the warm season. Delicate and neat buds on the thumb look incredibly feminine. Such nail art can be bright enough or neat and gentle. It all depends on the situation and individual preferences of the fashionista.

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sweet bloom

This is one of the most recent novelties of recent seasons. A pedicure made using the Sweet bloom technique is distinguished by the presence of a large number of small bright details, which allows it to look voluminous and stylish.


This design is perfect for summer holidays. Palm trees, coconuts, pineapples, bananas and other fruits and attributes of the wild jungle depicted on nails will certainly appeal to fans of unusual nail art.

Marine motives

Waves, anchors, shells, starfish will fit perfectly into the beach landscape. A sailor’s blue and white stripe, reminiscent of a vest, also perfectly complements a nautical-style pedicure.

with foil

Nails decorated with foil will shimmer beautifully in the rays of the sun during the day, and in the evening reflect the light of the lights. With the help of such a decorative element, you can quickly and easily turn a plain pedicure into a stylish nail art.

[stextbox id=’info’]In the summer of 2020, pedicure with iridescent multi-colored foil will be in fashion. Experts recommend covering all nails or just one thumb with it.[/stextbox]

cat eye

This nail design will also be popular in the new seasons. And all thanks to its attractiveness and ease of creation. All you need to get the desired effect is to paint your nails and bring a magnet to the still wet varnish. The smallest metal particles that make up the coating will come together in an original pattern.

Thematic drawing

Nail art dedicated to any event does not lose its relevance. For example, a pedicure for March 8 can be supplemented with flowers, for the New Year – with a snowflake, for Valentine’s Day, draw a heart. Complete the drawing with glitter or rhinestones, and you will get …

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