Pedicure 2023: new designs

The best fashion pedicure ideas of 2023 are gathered in one collection of photos from Moddam! Get inspired by trendy new products and choose which design will decorate your nails next time!

Nude style

Fashionable pedicure 2022-2023 is presented in a discreet and practical nude design, which, with its inherent simplicity, cannot be called boring. The trend reading of the style will be the use of natural textures, foil, transparent inserts and minimalistic patterns.

Brilliant accents

Fresh pedicure trends 2022-2023 offer a variety of design ideas with sparkling accents. A fashionable solution is the decor of rhinestones placed on the base of the nails.

A favorite in pedicure design 2023 will be decor in the form of foil. Potal is also considered a stylish accent, beautifully combined with a nude or watercolor base.

A fashionable pedicure idea for the summer of 2023 is a monochromatic nail polish with a light shimmer. The delicate glow of the decor blends beautifully with the tan and looks unobtrusive – just what you need for a versatile design!

Beautiful pedicure 2023 welcomes the contrast of matte texture with sparkling decor. To be on trend, try embellishing a velvet top with exquisite rhinestones or beads.

Animal print

A fashionable idea for a pedicure in the 2023 season will be an accent in the form of an animalistic pattern. Most often, masters embody a print in the form of a zebra or leopard color on the thumb, combining the motif with a laconic monophonic coating.


If you are bored with a plain pedicure, it’s time to try to embody a design with an exquisite rub. A special powder creates a delicate shine on the plates, which looks unobtrusive and at the same time elegant.

The new trend of pedicure 2023 is a design with a pearl powder with a light shine effect. The decor looks beautiful in a plain coating or in the form of a hole on the nails.

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Fashionable pedicure 2023 looks romantic and feminine with plant patterns. An elegant touch to the design is given by floral drawings in watercolor technique, ready-made sliders, cute plants in a muted natural palette. It is not necessary to place accents on each nail – a combination of a pattern with a plain coating will look more relevant.


Fashionable pedicure 2022-2023 looks relevant in a classic French style. An important nuance: in the new season, masters are increasingly abandoning a conservative white smile and opting for bright stripes: red, pink, black or metallic.

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The popularity of geometric pedicure design in the 2023 season will rapidly gain momentum. Such drawings look stylish in combination with the “color blocking” technique, which allows you to combine contrasting colors in the design.


Photos of fashionable pedicure 2023 confirm the relevance of stamping design. Ready-made stamps allow you to reproduce neat and trendy patterns on your nails in a matter of seconds – you just need to print the image and fix it with a base.

There are many options for trendy stamping pedicure: geometric, animalistic, abstract and floral motifs are in the top.

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A win-win option for a pedicure is a well-groomed condition of the nails with a plain coating in the current shade. Both matte and glossy shades are in trend.

The color of the pedicure for 2023 is highlighted in nude, blue, red, green, brown, black, pink and blue tones. If a simple coating seems boring, you can connect a combination of different textures – for example, combine a shimmery lacquer and a classic gloss in the design.

The top pedicure of 2023 is represented by interesting design innovations and classic solutions. A well-groomed girl is distinguished by beauty to the tips of her nails, and in order to match the status, be sure to take note of the photo of pedicure ideas 2023 from our selection!

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