Pedicure at sea 2020

Today, the trendy pedicure at sea 2020 turned out to be the focus of our attention. Choose which stylish design will decorate your legs this summer!


If you want to create a neutral and at the same time stylish manicure that will harmoniously fit into any summer outfit, you can rely on the relevance of the pastel palette. So, lemon, lilac, powdery, pistachio and sky blue tones were deservedly among the leading trends of the 2020 season. Such a gamma will look especially relevant and elegant in combination with a matte top.

Perhaps you will like the aesthetics and magnificence of pastel shades so much that you will want to embody a manicure in this design. In this case, it is not at all necessary to stick to one color – the design of the nails on the hands and feet may well be presented in various solutions. And the belonging of the selected tones to one pastel palette will make the image unified and harmonious.

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More brightness

When, if not in summer, to use the most juicy and bright accents in your image?! If you really like this mood, you can embody the relevance of fuchsia, as well as yellow, orange, green, azure or any neon varnish in your pedicure. All of these shades definitely deserve attention, according to fashion 2020.

[stextbox id=’info’]If you want your summer looks to look spectacular even from laconic things, feel free to design a manicure and pedicure at sea 2020 in the same style with the active participation of bright varnish. The design itself is best kept to a minimum – women of fashion can even limit themselves to a plain coating or rely on concise drawings.[/stextbox]

color blocking

It may be difficult for you to decide on a single favorite among bright varnishes. In this case, this summer you can take on several juicy colors at once, which can be stylishly beaten in a color blocking design. The essence of this technique lies in dividing the nail into several sectors with clear boundaries and filling them with contrasting colors. In this design, sparkling glitter accents will also look very stylish.

black lacquer

A rather unexpected participant in the stylish palette of pedicure 2020 was a black coating. This is a non-trivial move for the execution of a marine nail design, so it will not leave indifferent fashionistas who like to stand out from the crowd.

According to current trends, black lacquer in the summer of 2020 can be beaten up with geometric inserts, a play of textures, delightful shiny accents and animal prints. So that the dark coating does not weigh down the image as a whole, you can advantageously dilute it with transparent inserts that embody the current “negative space” technique.

blue gamut

The blue nail polish palette is not only the leading trend of the 2020 season, it also harmoniously fits into the style of images at sea. Even a monochrome design in this design will look relevant and self-sufficient – the main thing is to choose a shade of varnish that will blend beautifully with the skin tone.

White lacquer with gold decoration

The absolute must-have for summer 2020 is white. Of course, he showed himself stylishly not only in fashion design, but also in trendy pedicure. This color scheme is a winning option, because the light coating is wonderfully combined with a summer tan. Another advantage is a successful combination with trendy gold decor. Nail artists are now most fond of using foil, glitter and thin stripes.


Tropical motifs do not leave the fashion arena, which fit perfectly into the marine style. To make such drawings look as relevant as possible, they can be arranged in a matte top on a transparent background. Moreover, it is better to place accents only on the thumbs, and in the design of the rest of the nails, limit yourself to a single-color coating.


Fashionable pedicure at sea in the 2020 season can also be decorated with juicy appetizing fruits or berries. It is now customary to place such drawings on large nails and combine with a neutral transparent base. Such a design will also look relevant, in which fruits are depicted not with emphasized realism, but appear only as an addition to an abstract composition.

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The most advanced fashionistas should definitely be aware that the marine style in the world of nail art has undergone significant changes in the 2020 season. Typical drawings and stickers made of shells or anchors against the backdrop of a striped print have gone into the shadows – for too long they have been in demand among girls. Now a stylish novelty is the design in an abstract style, in which the mesmerizing sea waves are depicted through watercolor techniques.

As a rule, the classic blue color is taken as the basis for this motif, which strikes the imagination with the variety of its shades. To make the final result the most expressive and relevant, it can be transformed by interspersed with glitter – both gold and silver accents look advantageous with a typical marine palette.


Fashionable floral motifs deserve to become a stylish highlight of the summer season. Now it is no longer relevant to depict complex compositions with many shades on the nails – concise drawings with a thin outline come to the fore. To save yourself from artistic suffering, you can use the actual plant-themed stickers – the modern choice pleases with a rich assortment and looks very realistic.

To make your pedicure with floral accents look the most stylish and relevant, perform it in a muted natural palette and complement it with stylish transparent inserts. The use of a matte top in such a design will also be highly justified!


Pedicure at sea 2020 can also be presented with thematic stickers as in the photo. This is a universal technique that allows you to realize a beautiful and stylish design even at home. It is noteworthy that this action will take only a few minutes – you just need to make a monochromatic coating in your favorite color, wait for it to dry, place the stickers in a marine or summer style and fix the result with a transparent varnish. Voila!


In order for a stylish pedicure to impress with its splendor and showiness, fashionistas justifiably use sparkling accents in its design. In the 2020 season, classic gold or silver is the most relevant – they can be presented in the form of decor from foil, rhinestones, kamifubuki or glitter. For the final result to be successful, make sure that the shiny decorations embody only light accents and do not overload the entire design as a whole.

The stretch effect looks especially elegant and stylish, which is quite easy to implement with almost any sparkling decor. To do this, you need to focus its amount in …

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