Pedicure socks: application and effectiveness

Such a modern cosmetic product as pedicure socks appeared quite recently, but many women and even men have already adopted it. There are a significant number of manufacturers on the market, so the choice should be based on your own feelings and preferences. Socks are produced in Korea, Japan and China. Prices just the same depend on the country of manufacture, the most expensive are Japanese socks, and the cheapest are Chinese.

General information and composition of pedicure socks

The tool looks like plastic socks, larger than the size of the foot. They are two-layer, the outer layer is impenetrable, its main function is to prevent the active composition from seeping through it and create a sauna effect. The inner layer is designed to evenly distribute the scrub inside the socks and ensure its contact with the entire surface of the foot. Separately, a sealed bag with a liquid scrub is attached, which must be poured directly into the socks.

The composition of the scrub is as follows:

  • lactic acid – designed to exfoliate dead cells from the surface of the feet, as well as nourish young skin and increase its firmness and elasticity;
  • lemon extract nourishes the skin with vitamins, softens it and makes it more pleasant to the touch;
  • ivy extract has an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect, which allows you to get rid of foot fungus during the peeling process;
  • burdock extract has long been famous for its positive effect in the fight against foot skin problems – calluses, cracks;
  • sage extract produces a deodorizing effect, allows you to get rid of excessive sweating of the feet;
  • lecithin helps to get rid of dry feet and retains moisture;
  • other components – manufacturers have the right to add them, according to their technology.

As you can see, the composition is natural and contains substances whose beneficial properties have long been known, therefore, if there is no allergy to the components and there are no contraindications, they can be safely used in accordance with the recommendations.


Scheme of use

No special preparatory procedures are required before using the socks. The list of actions is as follows:

  • thoroughly wash and exfoliate the feet with a pumice stone and scrub;
  • open a pack of socks;
  • pour the contents of packages with active scrub into socks;
  • immediately put on socks on your feet for the time indicated on the package;
  • after a while, thoroughly wash the scrub from the feet;
  • wait until the skin is completely renewed.

Before use, be sure to read the recommendations for the use of socks, because. The composition of active substances may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. If the composition contains sufficiently active components, then the duration of the procedure should be no more than an hour. This time is enough for the skin to be saturated and the desired effect to be provided.

If the components are more gentle and less intense, then the contact of the feet with the scrub should be at least two hours. It also depends on such components how quickly the effect will appear: in the first version it is a week, and in the second it is already two.

Socks are disposable, so after use they should be thrown away immediately. Repeated use is not only unhygienic, but can also provoke inflammation.

Sock action

While using pedicure socks, it is not necessary to sit and wait for the end of the procedure, you can go about your business. During the contact of the cosmetic composition with the foot, the active substances contained in it interact with all irregularities, corns, calluses, exfoliate them and promote skin regeneration.

After the active composition is washed off, its action stops, but after that, the process of skin regeneration by the body starts. Dead skin is torn off and in its place appears a new, smooth, without defects.


The most important thing is to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations indicated in the instructions for socks, namely:

  • strictly observe the time of exposure of the active substance of the socks to the skin of the feet;
  • in the process of restoring the skin, be sure to scrub the feet with special compounds and products, such as pumice;
  • the process of exfoliating dead skin cells should be natural, do not tear off dead skin with your hands.

Advantages and disadvantages of pedicure socks

These indicators are determined on the basis of people who have already tried the innovation and on the basis of laboratory research.

The benefits include:

  • simplicity and ease of use (there is no complicated preparation of the feet before the procedure, the method of application is very clear);
  • safety of the procedure (there is no possibility of infection, which often happens in salons, when using untreated instruments, and the skin is also not exposed to mechanical peeling devices);
  • the procedure takes a small amount of time (1-2 hours in the process of household chores and there is no need to make an appointment with the master, adjust to the time);
  • low price per package (two pairs of socks are included in the kit, i.e. for a small price you can carry out two peelings, which is much cheaper than one salon procedure);
  • the ability to get rid of even fungal diseases after the procedures.

The disadvantages include:

  • allergenicity of some components of the composition acting on the legs (individual feature of the organism);
  • the presence of contraindications for use;
  • discomfort during the procedure (there may be a feeling that the legs are in the water, you can slightly mitigate this effect by wearing ordinary cotton socks);
  • ugly appearance of the feet in the process of updating the skin (dead skin comes off in layers, so it does not look aesthetically pleasing);
  • the duration of the skin renewal process, so you should not carry out such a procedure if you need to wear open shoes in the near future.


List of contraindications for use

Due to the fact that the composition contains substances with increased activity, you should not use this type of peeling without reading the list of contraindications.

These include:

  • the state of pregnancy (in anticipation of a child, a woman’s body is very susceptible and unpredictable, so you should not experiment with innovations during this period of life);
  • age less than eighteen years (the body has not yet fully formed, so it is worth postponing the procedure until future times);
  • the likelihood of an allergy to active ingredients (the composition often contains fragrances that can cause an allergic reaction in the body);
  • dermatological skin defects (eczema, bleeding wounds, weeping calluses and other manifestations).

Despite the duration of the procedure, the presence of a list of shortcomings, …

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