Peeling roll for the face at home

How to quickly and effectively cleanse the skin of the face? What cosmetic procedure can be performed at home? How to achieve a good result without high financial costs? One answer to all questions is to make a peeling roll with your own hands.

What is peeling?

Our face needs regular cleaning. Skin cells are constantly renewed, the keratinized top layer is not washed off with water even with the use of special washing gels. He needs help, this can be done with the help of peeling.

If you do not carry out a regular cleaning procedure, then dead cells clog pores. For this reason, nutrients do not penetrate in the required amount, and the skin ages and fades prematurely. In addition, clogged pores lead to blackheads, pimples and other blemishes.

Peeling is not only cleaning, but also renewal, rejuvenation, smoothing the surface of the face. This happens due to the process of skin regeneration, its ability to recover from the slightest damage. The skin after the procedure becomes smooth, uniform and velvety. Blood circulation improves, metabolism accelerates.

There are many types of peeling, but most of them must be carried out exclusively in specialized salons under the supervision of a cosmetologist. For home procedures, the following cleaning methods are suitable:

  • Mechanical. It works on the principle of sandpaper – it removes the top layer of the skin with crushed solid particles.
  • Chemical. Cleaning occurs due to a chemical reaction that is safe for health.
  • Physical. The effect is achieved by pre-steaming the skin.

According to the degree of cleaning, superficial, medium and deep peels are distinguished. At home, only the first option is carried out.

The principle of operation of the peeling roll

Peeling roll is an ideal method of superficial facial cleansing at home. Its essence is a chemical reaction. Calcium chloride, which is applied to the face, reacts with the soap solution. As a result, a calcium salt is formed. It is she who rolls into balls, picking up the stratum corneum behind her. Hence the name of the procedure.

This type of peeling can be attributed to mild cleaning methods. It does not injure the skin, like scrubs with crushed apricot or grape seeds. But at the same time, such a procedure cleanses and smoothes the skin well, tightens pores, and starts rejuvenating processes.

It is not difficult to carry out the peeling-skating procedure at home. The availability of ingredients allows you to arrange a beauty salon at home for both a student and a pensioner. Yes, and it will not take much time, 10-15 minutes for the sake of such a thing there is for everyone.

Such cleaning is not advised to be carried out more than twice a month. There is no point in more frequent use, since the effect of peeling roll lasts just two weeks. And abuse is fraught with the opposite effect. It is good to use this procedure for mature skin. After cleansing, the active ingredients of creams penetrate the skin better for a long time.

Modern manufacturers of cosmetics keep up with the times and demand. For those who prefer not to experiment, there are ready-made solutions. In addition to well-known brands, there are many Asian-made products on the market. The principle of operation and the result are the same.

Instructions for use

Like any other cosmetic procedure, peeling roll requires special ingredients. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare:

  • Calcium chloride solution 5-10% (potassium chloride). One ampoule is enough for the procedure. You can buy it at any pharmacy without a prescription.
  • Baby soap. It is advisable to use a piece that does not contain dyes and aromatic additives.
  • Cosmetic cotton pads or balls.
  • Warm water for washing.
  • A little time, a desire to look good and a little diligence.

It is very important that the skin is clean and dry before the procedure. With a cotton pad, the solution is applied to the surface of the face, with the exception of the area around the eyes and lips. He needs to dry, it will take about three minutes. Then the solution is applied again and dries again. This procedure must be repeated several times.

Then a rich and thick soapy foam is applied with a damp cotton pad. A chemical reaction begins – soap flakes appear, which, with massage movements, change into spools. Slight tingling at this stage of the procedure is considered normal. Foam is applied several times. As soon as new soap balls stop appearing, and the skin begins to creak slightly, you should wash with warm water.

There is also a reverse procedure. To do this, a thick soapy foam is applied as the first layer. Then the hands are moistened with a solution of calcium chloride and applied to the face. Moisturize hands several times as needed. The main thing is not to overdo it. Rinse the formed spools from the face with warm water.

It is quite difficult to get a thick soap foam with your hands, but you can easily prepare it. To do this, the night before, you need to grate half a bar of soap on a fine grater, pour water and set aside. In the morning, this mixture should be beaten with a mixer until a thick homogeneous slurry.

After peeling-skating, the skin becomes dehydrated, tightened. You can’t leave her in this state. A soothing, moisturizing or nourishing mask will help. You can also cook it yourself. There are many simple and affordable recipes. Suitable masks based on chamomile, calendula, sage, mint. You can add a drop of tea tree for an anti-inflammatory effect. As a final step, you can apply your favorite face cream.


There are a number of contraindications that you need to pay attention to before starting the procedure. It is quite possible that it does not suit someone at all. Guided by these simple rules, it will be possible to avoid sad consequences.

  • There should be no damage on the skin: scratches, abrasions, acne, wounds, purulent formations.
  • Ampoules should be opened very carefully so as not to injure yourself or drop a piece of glass into the ampoule.
  • The first step is to do an allergy test. To do this, it is enough to repeat the procedure on a small closed area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe body.
  • Cleansing is suitable for people with combination and oily skin types. Particular attention is paid to the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin). Those who have delicate, prone to rashes and redness or dry skin, this procedure is strongly not recommended.
  • You need to listen to your feelings. A tingling sensation may occur, but if a burning sensation occurs, it is urgent to wash off the product with warm water and baby soap and apply a cream for…

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