Peeling with garra rufa fish

Every woman, and many men, try to take care of the health of their skin. Therefore, every effort is made to slow down the appearance of signs of aging, improve the condition of the skin – the main indicator of approaching wrinkles.

In order for your skin to always delight you with its beauty and youth, to be smooth and silky, you need to do peeling, that is, remove dead skin particles. Peeling gives impetus to the restoration of the level of collagen necessary for skin elasticity.

There are different types of peels, the most famous of which are mechanical and chemical. These are the methods of skin rejuvenation that have long been familiar to us with the help of pumice and special formulations. Each procedure lasts about an hour. These are pretty standard procedures.

But sometimes everyone wants something new and exotic. Spa masters have found something to surprise us with: recently, tropical freshwater fish have been increasingly used in various spas and resorts. These fish are called garra rufa. They are used for fish peeling.

The home habitat of these fish is Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria.

Garra rufa are very original and amazing representatives of freshwater fish. They can eat hardened and dead pieces of human skin without affecting the living and healthy cells of the body. Therefore, in the thermal health resorts of Turkey, they are used to treat such a serious skin disease as psoriasis. The fish eat the diseased areas of the skin, as a result of which improvement occurs, and the disease does not relapse for at least six months. In Turkey, garra rufa fish are so valued that they are not allowed to be taken out of the country.

There is a legend about their discovery. It is said that at the dawn of the twentieth century in Turkey, two brothers were walking and came across a hot thermal spring. They decided to take a dip. Suddenly, their bodies were covered with small, up to 10 cm long, fish. The brothers liked the touch of the miracle fish so much that they began to constantly go to this source. One of them had skin problems. Soon the sick brother noticed that the traces of the disease had disappeared. In both young people, the skin became even, smooth and youthful. So a person got acquainted with the amazing garra rufa fish.

Spa specialists have learned about these wonderful properties of garra rufa fish. This is how fish-peeling (peeling with fish) appeared. Fish peeling is not only unusual, but also has healing properties. After all, from the Turkish garra rufa – a roar – a doctor. Unlike chemical and mechanical peels, during which living cells are also affected, the skin turns red and can be damaged, peeling with garra rufa fish is absolutely safe and painless. After all, the fish feed only on keratinized particles of the skin, without injuring it.

How does this pleasant procedure go? You dip your arms or legs in warm water. Under the action of water, your skin becomes soft, and then the fish begin their miraculous massage. Fish use their mouth and strong muscular lips to work. They literally stick around your arms or legs, but this is not to be feared. The fish can’t bite you. During the procedure, you can only feel light touches of the fish, it can be a little ticklish. Therefore, peeling with garra rufu fish is not only peeling, but also fish and laughter therapy in one person. By the way, the water for the procedure goes through several degrees of purification, is constantly updated and is absolutely safe. Before the procedure, your hands or feet are also thoroughly cleaned.

These little masseurs have another very useful property. Together with saliva, they secrete special enzymes on your skin that promote skin regeneration and rejuvenation. After the procedure, which usually lasts 20 minutes, you feel like a rejuvenated person. About two hundred fish delight you with their work all this time.

Enzymes secreted by garra rufa are also used to make various anti-aging cosmetic creams. After their application, the skin becomes smooth and urpuga.

If we summarize all the useful properties of garra rufa fish, we will get not so little. They “clean up” on your skin, eating everything unnecessary and dead. They make your skin look younger. When garra rufu fish massage your skin, not only local blood circulation improves, but also the central nervous system relaxes, stress goes somewhere. Fish remove the syndrome of tired legs. After peeling with garra rufa fish, you will become not only younger and more beautiful, but also calmer and healthier.

There are almost no contraindications to such peeling, since the fish are absolutely hypoallergenic, they are of natural origin. In addition, they leave a rejuvenating enzyme on your skin.

You can’t indulge in such a fish massage only if you have skin cancer, thrombophlebitis or lupus erythematosus.

You will see the effect of peeling after the first procedure, your skin will be renewed, it will become smooth and elastic.

Delicate cleansing of the skin with garra rufa fish will cost from 500 rubles per procedure, because fish are southern creatures and they need appropriate care.

And although peeling with garra rufa fish is an unconventional peel, it is gaining more and more fans around the world. Despite the fact that in our country there are not many spas that offer fish peeling, in many Western countries they are already being used at home.

With garra rufa fish, your legs and arms will regain their youth, the skin will become smooth and healthy.

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