Peeling with lactic acid at home

A woman should always be beautiful, at any time of the year, and many men devote their lives to this – they come up with new ways to emphasize female beauty, improve and heal her body. And women figure out how to use the already existing gifts of nature for their own beauty. For example, lactic acid – few people heard about its use in cosmetology a couple of decades ago, but today an increasing number of salons offer peeling with this acid. And how to safely and effectively cleanse the skin at home?

Most often, lactic acid is purchased in online stores, but not all sellers are ready to tell you about all the precautions for handling this product (you should never forget that it is still an acid). This is what the online store should promise, this corresponds to the actual cosmetic properties of lactic acid:

  • The acid has both antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects.
  • It has a moisturizing, brightening and cleansing effect. Acid is able to reduce fine wrinkles, refresh the skin, giving it elasticity.
  • Helps fight acne by preventing clogged pores and regulating skin pH.
  • Moreover, lactic acid is often used in the production of products responsible for reducing oily skin.
  • If you add lactic acid to shampoo or balm, you can give a platinum tint to blond hair.
  • Even the smell of sweat can reduce the regular use of lactic acid.

Precautionary measures

And here are the precautions that must be strictly observed so as not to get a sharply negative effect from the use of lactic acids:

  1. Of course, before using it yourself, you need to familiarize yourself with all the precautions, study the material, perhaps look at the actions of a specialist, ask him a few questions.
  2. Even if there is a desire for an immediate result, you should pull yourself together and act, observing all dosages and norms. You should not experiment using several products at once – cream, peeling and lotion. It is worth dwelling on only one remedy, and the result that will be achieved will certainly please.
  3. If the skin is prone to pigment spots, then you need to take care of additional protection from the sun. And so the best time of the year is the end of autumn or winter. For the use of products with a minimum concentration, any time of the year is suitable.
  4. If there are at least small wounds on the skin, you should wait with the treatment until they are completely healed. After all, the acid will corrode the surface of the wound, because of which it will heal longer. The same applies to skin that has recently undergone epilation, tanning or solarium procedures.
  5. Use of lactic acid during pregnancy or lactation is prohibited.
  6. It is also worth abandoning lactic acid-based products if there is a history of diabetes mellitus and oncological diseases. Do not use when you have a cold.
  7. If spider veins or dilated capillaries are clearly visible on the skin, then you should use only products with a low acid concentration.

How to use lactic acid?

Most often, of course, lactic acid is purchased for peeling at home. However, with a few drops, you can enhance and improve the effect of a cream or lotion.

The cream, in which the addition of lactic acid is planned, can be either prepared independently or purchased in a store. Moreover, some girls believe that adding a few drops to a cream base prepared on their own is the most effective. The concentration of lactic acid should be no more than three percent.

It is possible to prepare a tonic lotion – adding a drop of acid to a glass of non-carbonated mineral water. It is necessary to wipe the skin with this tonic at night and in the morning the first light results will be noticeable.

Peeling with lactic acid in detail

This simple (at first glance) procedure actually has several important steps that you must follow, because you should not forget that after all, what you are going to act on the skin with is an acid and therefore you should be especially attentive to prevention of aggressive effects on the skin of its components.

Stage 1. Preparation.

Special pre-peeling preparation is not required, but there are several important conditions that must be observed:

  • A couple of weeks before the procedure, it is worth abandoning the solarium, tanning and sunscreen.
  • If herpes often breaks out on the skin, then it is also necessary to take antiviral drugs for two weeks.
  • Experienced cosmetologists advise gradually accustoming your skin to the effects of acid, using a tonic or cream with a small percentage of lactic acid, or a cream with fruit acids in a weak concentration.

Stage 2. Purification.

Before the procedure, it will be necessary to cleanse the skin of the remnants of cosmetics and impurities, using special make-up removers. It will also be necessary to degrease, tone the skin. To do this, it is best to use a tonic – with lactic or fruit acids.

Stage 3. Skin check.

To check the sensitivity of the skin, it is necessary to test with a weak solution of the drug in a small area. This also affects the more uniform distribution and penetration of lactic acid, which increases the effectiveness of the procedure. This stage is skipped by some cosmetologists, but in this case, the procedure begins with a small concentration of acid.

Stage 4. Peeling directly.

In salons, the cosmetologist independently determines the concentration of lactic acid, which will have the best effect without damaging the skin. This usually varies from 30 to 90 percent. But on your own, of course, you should use a lower concentration. The maximum procedure time is twenty minutes, but on your own at home it is worth starting from two minutes (especially if the skin has never experienced lactic acid before).

In the salon, the beautician uses special brushes for application, which can be easily replaced with cotton pads. The disk with the product should be moist, but not wet at all – a drop of acid is enough to cause serious damage to the eyes or mucous membranes. You should start from the forehead, cheeks, ending with the area around the eyes. If you feel a strong burning sensation, you can use a fan or hair dryer with cold air.

Stage 5. Completion of the procedure.

After the time that you allotted for peeling is over, you should wash off …

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