Permanent lip makeup

No need to be upset if your reflection in the mirror seems to you far from ideal. Today, our cosmetology has gone so far that nothing is impossible for it. Just think: after spending a little of your time, and thanks to the services of professionals, your lips will be like new!

The procedure, due to which the size of the lips will become larger, the color brighter and more saturated, and the contour more expressive and clear, is called permanent lip makeup. This is one of the most common facial procedures. Permanent lip makeup, in addition, allows you to create a new shape of the lips. But you need to be prepared for it. Before the procedure, you need to slightly strengthen your immune system with vitamin C and homeopathic medicines. And 2-3 days before it is recommended to take drugs against herpes.

What is the essence of the procedure itself?

With a thin needle, the pigment is injected into the epidermis of the lips. Micropigmentation gives a pretty good, high-quality result. During the procedure, you may feel some pain. Healing does not take long. If the lips are corrected by this method, the procedure can be repeated in the future. The procedure takes 1.5 – 2 hours. If you think that in a few minutes the master will make you beautiful, then this is not so! Before the start of the main robot, you will draw the contour of the lips, the so-called “sketch”. After listening to your wishes, a good professional will definitely suggest an option that will suit your face type and hair color. No need to choose too bright, unnatural color.

You can draw only the outline of the lips, or you can do shading. Without shading, your lips look like outlined with a contour pencil. The master, after drawing the outline, paints over the space between the new and old borders.

During the tattoo procedure, periodically, the master wipes his lips with a cotton swab soaked in green soap.

After finishing work, the master will apply an antiseptic agent to your lips, then a special ointment. After 15 minutes, it is removed with a napkin and. to protect the lips, apply oil or balm. A slight puffiness forms on the lips, which makes the lips look too large. To reduce it, it is recommended to apply a cold compress.

Anesthesia for permanent lip makeup

Since the lips are a very sensitive area, local anesthesia is used during this procedure. For each type of anesthesia is selected individually – injection or anesthetic cream. With its incorrect selection, some side effects in the form of allergic reactions may occur.

If you still decide, what is the main thing?

Before deciding to take this step, weigh the pros and cons. You should know that the result of this makeup is not for one year. Impossible to somehow wash off the lips. Therefore, be very careful in choosing a master. You need to think about the color first. The shape of the lips, whether it will fit your face.

You should be aware that there are also contraindications to this procedure. Permanent make-up is contraindicated for people with blood diseases, diabetics, malignant tumors, HIV-infected, pregnant women. People with herpes disease are allowed to do this procedure after full recovery. With herpes, seizures and periodic peeling of the lips, it is best to consult a specialist.

A good highly qualified specialist is the key to the success of the final result of the procedure. Therefore, take seriously the choice of the master. For starters, look at his work, consult with your girlfriends. If the price of the procedure is several times less than usual, it is better not to go for it. As a result, you can pay much more – with your health.

How long does permanent lip tattoo last?

Permanent lip makeup is not forever. Tattoo on the lips lasts about two years. True, some cosmetologists say that up to 5-7 years. How long it will last for you depends on the quality of the pigment, metabolic rate, skin type and, of course, on the experience of your master.

Lip care after the procedure

Do not be afraid that at first the lips will look very bright, over time the color will change. The crust formed on the lips will peel off in 2-3 days, but there will also be a secondary crust, resembling an almost imperceptible film. She will be gone in two weeks. Try not to lick or wipe your lips frequently. Do not forget to apply the ointment prescribed by the master for speedy healing, as well as anti-herpes drugs. You can not visit swimming pools, solariums, saunas and baths. Until the lips heal, it is forbidden to drink hot and alcoholic drinks. And in general it is better to drink any drinks through a straw. You can not eat spicy, hot, fatty and salty foods. Within a week after the procedure of permanent lip makeup, it is not advisable to use decorative cosmetics. Even brush your teeth carefully so that the toothpaste does not pull the pigment out of the lips. After this period, you need to see the master who did your makeup – perhaps you need to correct your lips.

All these precautions contribute to the speedy healing, and you will soon see their positive result. Your reflection in the mirror will change for the better. And finally, you do not need to paint your lips every day, hurrying to work.

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