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There are special days when a girl should look unsurpassed, and a black manicure with gold helps her out a lot in this case. Our photo selection of current designs will show you how chic or, conversely, discreet, this combination can be. You just have to choose the best idea and embody it on your nails.


When is such a manicure appropriate?

The luxury of gold in combination with mysterious black is not an option for every day. Choosing it for the role of everyday design, you will surely encounter difficulties in combining with the rest of the image.

But you definitely won’t go wrong if you prefer a beautiful black and gold manicure as an accompaniment to an evening dress. It is perfectly combined with a solemn atmosphere and chic outfits. Fashionistas love it for how expensive and noble such a contrasting design looks.

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Tips for the perfect manicure

  • Black varnish can play a faithful role in the visual lengthening of the nail plates. This effect is guaranteed if you step back a little from the side edges of the nail when applying.
  • A priori, the black base should lie perfectly and there is no room for compromise! The fact is that this insidious color is able to emphasize any irregularities and neglect. Also, the slightest movement to the side when applying dark varnish will doom the manicure to failure.
  • Dark polish has a rich pigment that can leave a mark. To prevent this from happening, first cover your nails with a transparent base.
  • The ideal bow for such a manicure will be in dark colors.

Variants of fashionable manicure for different nail shapes

Nuances of choice

  • Black manicure is not the best idea for girls with pale skin. But if you really want to embody the idea of ​​such a chic design, you should focus on the golden decor.

  • If you decide to take a chance and choose such nail art as an addition to your everyday look, bet on black. Noble gold in this case should be guessed only as accents.

  • The most discreet and elegant version of such a manicure will turn out if you take a matte finish as a basis.

  • For short nails, there is nothing better than a luxurious glossy varnish.

Such a different design

The black base in such a manicure can be made in one of these variations:

  • glossy varnish;
  • matte texture;
  • rubbing;
  • sand;
  • velvet;
  • technique “cat’s eye”.

Variants of techniques for performing black manicure with gold

When choosing a gold decor, difficulties sometimes arise. What design do you prefer? We have selected for you the rating of the most relevant options!

  • clear lacquer with gold shimmer;
  • gold lacquer;
  • tape strips;
  • glitter;
  • rhinestones;
  • foil;
  • beads;
  • kamifubuki;
  • sequins;
  • stickers;
  • sand;
  • yuki flakes;
  • broths.

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Design features for short nails

Black and gold manicure will look great on short nails in a variety of techniques:

  • geometry;
  • french;
  • spraying;
  • stencil;
  • small rhinestones.

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Choose a concise and calm design – only in this case, a manicure on short nails will be successful.


Idea #1

Favorite by many girls, the jacket in a black and gold palette looks flawless and stylish. Such a manicure will be appropriate even in an everyday look, because it does not look catchy and elegant. Catch the latest novelties for French manicure!

  • The classic version of this design involves a dark matte or glossy base combined with a brilliant smile. You can use shimmery nail polish to decorate the tips of your nails, or gently apply glitter with a sponge.

  • A manicure with a gold base and a dark smile looks completely different. For such nail art, we recommend choosing a sparkling varnish with small sparkles to avoid excess relief.

  • If you liked both versions of the French manicure, why not use them at the same time? This move looks interesting and stylish. French with a gold base is better to choose for the design of 2 nails, and for the rest use a black design.

  • When performing such nail art, you can not do without a thin brush and a little patience. The main part of the nail is covered with a transparent base, then a traditional smile is made in black. The final touch is a thin gold edging along the lower contour of the smile.

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  • Fashion jacket this season welcomes various experiments with the shape of a smile and its size. This is definitely worth using for a gorgeous black and gold manicure!

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Idea #2

Dior-type manicure or moon technique in such a palette looks no less elegant.

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Note! Lunar manicure tends to shorten nails, so it is not suitable for short lengths. But such a design is perfect on oval or almond-shaped long or medium nails.


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Idea #3

The design of a black manicure with gold goes great with foil decor, and our photo selection is an excellent proof of this.

The trends of the 2018-2019 season can offer you many variations of such a stylish nail art with different foils.

  • Transfer foil will help you create scuffs and beautiful patterns. The technique for using it is very simple. The first step is to create a black base, and then cover the selected areas with glue, acrylic or gel. Then you should attach the foil and tear off the base.

  • Crinkled foil involves gluing individual gold pieces in a chaotic manner.

  • Sheet foil is an indispensable assistant in creating geometric shapes and stripes. Also, you can’t do without it when creating a trendy “broken glass” design or a manicure with a mosaic. Nail art with fragments and foil cracks is another highlight of the season.

  • Even at home, you can easily design with Minx foil, because this material is ready-made stickers.

Idea #4

The matte texture makes the gold decor even more luxurious and rich. This is an amazing base for sparkling drawings and paintings.

Lace motifs on a matte background will also look great. This is perfect for Christmas or any other holiday look.

Idea #5

If you expect a visual lengthening of the nails from the manicure, the best option for you would be a gradient design. Its essence lies in the black base and the application of gold sparkles on the tips of the nails. You need to create an ombre effect with a sparkling decor in such a way that it disappears to the cuticle or vice versa.

This black manicure with gold is ideal for short or medium nails.

Idea #6

A stunning design is obtained using a special rub. This is a versatile option for any evening…

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