Photos of stars in swimsuits without photoshop

The stars always appear before us in the photo in beautiful swimsuits with perfect body proportions. However, the image in the picture is not always true, since many modern celebrities are ardent fans of Photoshop. Therefore, let’s figure out together which of the famous personalities can boast of their beautiful curves, and who would like to visit the gym.


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Celebrities on the beach in swimsuits

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Hollywood stars

With the onset of the holiday period, many of the world’s celebrities go to the beach and show off their fashionable and expensive haute couture swimwear. On some they sit like a glove, while on others they emphasize the “bulging” figure flaws. Below, we’ve provided the latest photos without additional Photoshopping of the Hollywood style icons that the paparazzi managed to acquire this summer.

Celebrities on vacation

  • Dakota Johnson. Today, this is one of the most sought-after Hollywood stars, which gained worldwide popularity thanks to the role of Anastasia Steele from the trilogy “50 Shades of Grey”, where she showed off her beautiful and slender body.

Dakota Johnson

As can be seen in the photo fragment from the filming of the third part of the same film, a yellow bikini fits perfectly on Dakota. The only drawback of her figure is slightly sagging buttocks, which would not hurt to pump up.

Dakota Johnson on vacation in Miami

  • Katy Perry. The bright and charismatic singer in life has the correct proportions of the figure, which was emphasized by an elegant swimsuit in a trendy blue color. Keti should only maintain the achieved result and select models of swimsuits with higher swimming trunks.

Katy Perry

  • Jessica Alba. Sexy and graceful in the photo in life, she is a vivid example of a rectangular sports type of figure, which further emphasizes the not very well-chosen swimsuit. Jessica should slow down a bit in her sports activities and pay attention to the types of fitness that will help create the smooth curves of the hourglass figure.

Jessica Alba

  • Scarlett Johansson. Spectacular and flexible Natasha Romanova from the movie “The Avengers” in life is not so plastic. As you can see in the photo, Scarlett Johansson gained a few extra pounds, which would not hurt to lose, especially in the press area.

Scarlett Johansson

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  • Fergie. At 43, Fergie has excellent body proportions that younger girls would envy. And the rich chocolate-colored swimsuit only emphasizes the performer’s already spectacular advantages.


  • Lady Gaga. This photo of Lady Gaga can be called one of the most unfortunate. Thanks to extra pounds, sagging skin, and cellulite, this very eccentric singer often resorts to Photoshop, and on her pages on the Internet she exposes already retouched “ideal” proportions.

Lady Gaga

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Important! Psychologists in the UK have proven that photoshopped photos of stars raise a depressive state in young people., thereby increasing the suicide rate. Therefore, the government is considering a decision to ban the use of Photoshop in various periodicals.


Lady Gaga

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  • Drew Barrymore. Unfortunately, the photo shows that the figure of Drew pretty much passed. Instead of smooth curves and sexy outlines, Drew Barrymore pretty much gained extra pounds, which, in relation to small breasts, further enhances the volume of proportions.

Drew Barrymore

  • Jennifer Aniston. The beauty from the series “Friends” has been pleasing us for more than a year not only with her achievements, but also with a sense of will, since everyone knows that she used to be plump. Today, Jennifer has a beautiful figure that her peers can envy. However, a slightly bulging tummy and small breasts spoil the overall picture a little, so the actress should especially work on these places.

Jennifer Aniston

  • Britney Spears. Britney’s figure can be called just perfect. Beautiful proportions, well-groomed skin and the absence of excess fat testify to the singer’s attachment to proper nutrition and love for sports. But Britney’s swimsuit could have chosen another one, since the breasts falling out of the bust look not entirely ethical and somewhat sloppy.

Britney Spears

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Domestic beach style gurus

Domestic stars do not lag behind Hollywood ones and also like to show off their swimsuits not only from the covers of magazines, but also from simple photos that, without photoshop processing, are posted on the Internet themselves.

Stars in bathing suits

  • Victoria Bonya. The former participant of the Dom-2 television set has long been famous for her beautiful and sexy figure outlines. However, in the last photos taken on her vacation in Cannes, Victoria appeared with a fair amount of cellulite on her legs. To these accusations in her direction, the TV diva responded by saying that the paparazzi specifically added an “orange peel” to her in order to get sensational pictures.

Victoria Bonya

  • Alena Vodonaeva. Another “graduate” of the TV set, which, unlike Boni, managed not only to maintain her natural charm and sexuality of the figure over time, but also to achieve perfection in this.

Alena Vodonaeva

  • Olga Kabo. This is one of the Russian stars who, despite her 50-year-old age, is not afraid to pose for cameras without makeup and in a swimsuit.

Olga Kabo

  • Anfisa Chekhov. After the divorce, she lost a lot of weight and now does not hesitate to post her various photos on Instagram, including in rather revealing outfits, and of course swimsuits. Indeed, in addition to the smooth outlines of the figure and toned legs, Anfisa also has a magnificent chest, which is a sin not to brag about.

Anfisa Chekhova

  • Polina Gagarina. A wonderful singer who, thanks to her willpower and work with a personal trainer, was able to lose a few tens of kilograms and acquire a fragile feminine figure, which the elegant red swimsuit only emphasized.

Polina Gagarina

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  • Regina Todorenko. This is one of those photos in which the famous TV presenter is still trying to hide her pregnancy. However, overly curious individuals nevertheless noticed an already rounded tummy.

Regina Todorenko

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In the article, we have presented the most colorful photos of stars in swimsuits, which were taken by journalists in the summer of 2019. They show that very few representatives of the stellar elite have exactly those “bodies” that they brag about from glossy covers. And their beautiful figures and perfect skin are…

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