Pilgrim collar – just add it to your summer 2020 look

Some fashion trends have noticeably shrunk in size, such as micro-bags, light lace bralettes, and small kitten heels at the peak of their popularity. However, with regard to collars, they, on the contrary, tend to become larger. So, the summer trend of 2020 was the pilgrim collar in the style of the 80s.

pilgrim collar

Historically, this type of clothing belonged to the pilgrims – English colonial settlers who arrived to establish a colony in North America. In addition to being large, collars are usually white, often scalloped or made of lace. Some of them are more rounded, while others are pointed at the end, but, in general, any collar will help the girl stand out from the crowd and make her image more attractive and interesting.

The history of the appearance of false collars in the fashion industry

False collars have their origins in ancient Egypt. From century to century, this wardrobe item has been modified, people have created new styles and decorations for them. In the 19th century, an American named Hannah Montagu started a fashion trend that remains popular to this day. A woman, tired of washing her husband’s shirts every day because of a dirty collar, decided to make it a separate part of the clothes so that it could be unfastened and washed separately. Hanna’s solution proved to be not only practical, but also attractive to the fashion industry.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the false collar was used in one of the Broadway productions, and after that its popularity began to grow again. Then everyone forgot about white collars, but after a while their popularity cyclically repeated itself in the 50s, 60s and 70s. Coco Chanel herself used this wardrobe detail in her fashion shows.

Pilgrim Collar in 2020

Fashion houses in our time cannot pass by elegant and delicate collars. Exactly 10 years ago, Italian designer Miuccia Prada presented her new collection, embellishing her sophisticated outfits with stylish collars. Louis Vuitton and Karl Lagerfeld also picked up this trend and offered the fashion world new styles from original materials.

In June 2019, white collars reappeared at the Miu Miu Resort 2020 fashion show, although they were longer and sharper, so they were impossible to miss. In the new Ganni collection, one could also notice the appearance of a pilgrim collar, extravagant and original. A more sophisticated and light version was presented in the autumn collection of Gucci.

Showing 2020 Miu Miu Resort

Miu Miu Resort

This year, the pilgrim collar managed to decorate the outfits of the stars on the red carpet. Moreover, many fashion bloggers have already purchased collars and made stylish photos with them.

pilgrim collar

What to combine with a pilgrim collar in summer

On cold and cloudy days, you can combine a simple white collar with a knitted sweater worn over a light dress.

collar with knitted sweater

You can wear it with casual jeans or even shorts. In addition, if you wear a light collar on an old jacket, jacket or crew-neck top, you can easily freshen up the item and give it a second wind.

pilgrim collar and shorts

Chanel recommends pairing a pilgrim collar with simple black pumps for a truly stylish look.

A business formal suit will look much more elegant with a pointed collar, this will give the image of femininity and softness. The original detail will emphasize the neatness and accuracy of the model.

business suit

The pilgrim collar worn on a blouse will prove interesting. The shape will need to be selected based on the model: the neckline must match the neckline.

If the outfit is off the shoulder, the collar can be selected from the same fabric as the clothes. Thus, it will be possible to elegantly protect your shoulders and chest from the sun’s rays.

False collars of various styles have been at the peak of their popularity for several seasons in a row. However, only this year the fashion item was able to prove itself so multifaceted, and appeared in almost all collections of famous fashion houses. This unusual accessory will allow you to instantly change the mood of the image. Even the most ordinary-looking things, the pilgrim collar is able to give brightness and expressiveness. Regardless of what and how to combine this extraordinary element of the wardrobe, it should be purchased now, because this summer the trend will show itself and be remembered for a long time.

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