Pink and blue manicure with design 2020

From the article you will learn about the features of the fashionable pink-blue manicure in 2020, and also see photos of stylish trendy design ideas. After all, such nail art is the ideal solution for creating a feminine, delicate and harmonious manicure, which will be the perfect complement to the image for various occasions.

Features of Pink Blue Nail Art 2020

The tandem of pink and blue is suitable for complementing images of various moods on any length and shape of nails. This combination always looks stylish and original.

In 2020, special attention should be paid to the trendy pink and blue nail art created on shortened square or rounded nails. Also, do not be afraid to experiment with shades of basic colors, the manicure promises to be very stylish and attractive.

On long nails, the combination of blue and pink also looks gentle and feminine. Especially if they have a pointed shape.

Such a manicure looks most harmonious in the warm season. In winter, it is better to avoid cold shades, they make the skin more pale, and the image is inconspicuous.

There are many design options that can complement and diversify a manicure. These can be stylish prints, rhinestones, stickers, geometric motifs and transitions from one shade to another.

Also, nail art masters identify several rules that should be followed in order for a manicure in pink and blue tones to turn out perfect:

  • Combine shades that are close in brightness, otherwise the manicure will look strange. The tandem of bright blue with pale pink looks especially bad; such a neighborhood should be abandoned.
  • Also pay attention to the tone temperature. So, combine cold blue shades (heavenly, turquoise, aquamarine) with warm pinks (coral, peach). A manicure that combines delicate blue with nude pink also looks beautiful and gentle.
  • When choosing a design, you should pay attention to the skin tone. Masters do not recommend using cold shades for pale skin, as they will only emphasize pallor and blueness. Olive skin tone does not go well with sky blue, in this case it is better to choose other tones. But for dark skin, any color and shades are suitable.

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Design options in pink and blue tones

Making stylish and eye-catching nail art in a pink and blue palette is not difficult at all, especially if you know which design is best to choose. Below are some of the most trendy options, made in the colors presented.


It’s not the first season that moon manicure has been at the peak of popularity among fashionistas and designers. There are many options for its implementation, the main thing is to make the right emphasis on the hole. This part of the nail can be painted over with colored varnish or left completely transparent. It all depends on the individual preferences of the fashionista. The photo shows a trendy moon manicure in 2020, made in a pink and blue palette, which goes well with rhinestones, sparkles and other decor options.

This nail art is perfect for every day, and for a special occasion. It looks stylish and neat. Lunar manicure looks especially elegant on medium and short nails.

Fashionistas can safely experiment not only with the size and color, but also with the shape of the hole. For example, for an original manicure, you can make a triangular hole by laying it out of rhinestones.


If you hear from someone that the jacket has become boring and too simple, you should know that this person is hopelessly behind modern trends. After all, today nail art masters offer many different options for French design, even in a pink and blue palette. To make your nails spectacular, you can add decor, for example, decorate a manicure with a shiny ribbon, rhinestones or a pattern.

Depending on your mood, you can paint your nails with a delicate peach color, and make the edge azure. A simple pattern in the form of polka dots or a jacket using the gradient technique also looks interesting.


A manicure with a smooth transition from one color to another looks luxurious in itself. And if you make it in a pink and blue palette, you will generally get a very stylish, spectacular and catchy nail art. The sequence of colors can be any, the brightness and saturation of shades is also selected depending on personal preferences. However, it should be noted that on long nails, a design with a smooth transition to a pink edge looks best. And to create the most original and spectacular design, it is better to make not the usual horizontal, but a vertical gradient, or arrange the stretch not within one nail, but from finger to finger.

Additional decor in the form of rubbing, acrylic powder, geometric design, minimalist style pattern will add an image of luxury. For example, for summer, you can diversify the ombre with a fun pattern or a themed print in the form of a palm tree.

At the same time, the gradient looks equally good in both glossy and matte versions. Also, stylists recommend doing a manicure with a smooth transition of colors, both on all nails, and complementing only one or two fingers on the hand with a stylish design.

original prints

A variety of pictures made in various techniques have long won the love and attention of not only fashionistas, but also manicure masters around the world. You can choose an original print depending on your mood, occasion and style. A pink and blue manicure with exquisite patterns will suit mature women, and a design with fun prints will be a real find for young people. So, on the nails you can depict flowers, patterns, thematic pictures depending on the season or holiday, cartoon characters, animals, insects, and more.

To create a picture on a pink-blue base, it is best to use a contrasting black varnish.

geometric motifs

This season’s fashionable striped manicure looks extremely stylish in combination with a pink and blue palette. Such nail art is great for complementing both a casual look and as a solemn design, especially if it is done using shiny stripes, sparkles, golden or silver varnish. Nail art looks interesting with geometric shapes, lines, cages and peas.

Making a manicure in pink and blue shades with geometry is quite simple, especially if you use special tape, thin brushes and dots.

with sequins

A pink-blue manicure with sparkles looks luxurious and expensive, not only in the photo, but also in life. After all, such a decor is able to revive even the most boring and ordinary nail art. Delicate sparkles give femininity and sophistication, especially if you complement them with a manicure in a nude palette. Light lace and floral print also emphasize the fragility of the image.

You can’t do without sparkles when creating an evening and…

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