Pink hair coloring 2023

The pink hair trend continues to be at the very top of popularity. Having burst onto the fashionable Olympus a few years ago, he immediately won the hearts of fashionistas, thanks to which he remains relevant to this day. And not only among young girls, but also among well-established, self-confident ladies. Pink hair coloring in 2023 has a lot of interesting variations. In today’s review, we list the shades and techniques that deserve the most attention.


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Actual colors for pink staining

According to professional stylists, pure color is not relevant this season. Therefore, do not rush to dye your hair with a plain fuchsia. The mixture of shades and the presence of mother-of-pearl, golden, peach, metallic tones in the coloring look much more interesting. They give the curls a bewitching overflow, from which it is impossible to take your eyes off.

Next, we list the most fashionable shades for pink coloring this season.

  • Pale pink. In this case, the color is barely visible. It is not the main focus, but rather simply complements the blond. This coloring looks very gentle, airy. Suitable for the youngest fashionistas and girls who do not regret making major changes to their image. Pale pink is relevant both in summer and in the cold season.


  • “Pink Champagne” The absolute novelty of 2023 in the color segment. This color was invented by a stylist from the UK. The girl wanted to create something new, trendy, pastel. Inspired by a velvet sofa, she brought out a new color scheme. If desired, pink can be added a little, or vice versa, even less to emphasize the natural shade of the hair.


  • peach pink. A suitable choice for creating a sensual look. Pink and peach complement each other favorably, emphasizing the whiteness of the skin. Such a gentle coloring will beautifully fall on long hair to the waist, and on a shoulder-length bob. It is also suitable for girls who cannot boast of thick hair.


  • Ash pink. Coloring in pink will look very elegant if you make a combination with an ashy shade. Ash as if muffles the pink color scheme, makes it less saturated, but more mysterious and interesting. As in the case of “champagne”, the intensity of pink can be changed.


  • Crimson. If you prefer to paint in bright colors, then raspberry is perfect for these purposes. A juicy, exciting shade will help make the image expressive and even a little extravagant. Crimson is especially effective on short and medium curls. It can also be mixed a little with ashy or pearl.


  • Strawberry. Strawberry coloring has long become a classic in its segment. At first, only young girls turned to him, but with the growing popularity of this shade, he had fans among older women. Beautiful and delicate strawberry color perfectly refreshes the image. To follow fashion trends, combine it with beige.


  • pearl quartz. Another novelty of the season. Fashion 2023 gravitates towards deliberate tenderness and femininity. Therefore, the shade of pearl quartz has gained such popularity. On the hair, it looks rather unusual, but very aesthetically pleasing. The resulting pearly overflows are worthy of special attention. Only an experienced craftsman should perform coloring of pearl quartz.



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Any of the listed fashionable shades will fit well on long, short, and medium hair.

Popular types and techniques of pink staining

As we have already said, just dyeing your hair in a solid pink is rather boring, and not fashionable. It is better to resort to popular techniques that will help make your image much more interesting.

  • Hidden staining. A new, but quickly becoming popular technique, which involves hiding a bright shade behind curls that have a natural color. Hidden coloring, in the first place, is suitable for girls who cannot afford to wear bright hair all the time.


  • ombre. Fashionable pink hair coloring using the ombre technique implies a smooth transition of color from darker to lighter, in our case to pink. This technique is not new, but is still quite popular. Coloring with a transition is stylish and beautiful.


  • Strands. If you do not have the opportunity or desire to include a lot of pink in your image, but you want novelty, do not color all the whole curls, but only a few strands. For example, on the face, on the sides, on the back of the head, or only in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe tips. This will allow you to understand whether you want to drastically change your hair color.

  • Bicolor. Coloring in two colors is a solution for the most daring fashionistas. Moreover, the shades can be chosen for him the most contrasting. The following combinations are considered trendy: pink-green, pink with blond or ash, pink-blue or blue, pink-purple. The separation of shades can be carried out along the parting, horizontally (crown and roots), obliquely.


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Also, when staining, you can use dark pink and light pink shades at the same time.

Pink coloring is a trend that will remain relevant for a long time to come. Study the photos presented in the review to choose the right shade for your look.

Author: Mizyukalina Olga

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