Pink manicure – photo of fashion ideas

In 2019, nail designers in their photo collections offer to pay special attention to pink manicure, as well as choose shades that define the fashion trends of this season.

Fashionable manicure with a pea pattern

pink palette

Pink is the color most commonly used in manicure. And not only because he has a “feminine (girlish)” beginning. The palette of pink is huge – it has 168 shades. Let’s take a closer look at the main halftones and at the same time find out what shades of pink in manicure will be fashionable in the 2019-2019 season.

Ombre and stripes on a hot pink background

  1. Pale pinks (Cream, Puff Pink, Delicatessen, Cloud, Smoky Rose, Pearl, Paradise, Bride, Crystal Pink).
  2. Purple (pink primrose, lullaby, purple evening, creole, pale dogwood, cloudy pink)
  3. Lilac (pink chalk, orchid, almond flowers, strawberry cream, pink parfait, pink mist)
  4. Powdery (whipped peach, evening sand, cloud of roses, pale blush, dusty pink)
  5. Coral (salmon, rose coral, peach bud, apricot blush)
  6. Purple (pink fuchsia, aurora, wild rose, fuchsia, azalea, violet, ash rose)
  7. Hot pink (flamingo, shocking pink, phlox, beetroot, raspberry, berry, Beyton Rouge).

French and hot pink manicure

[stextbox id=’info’]It is important! As for the combination of pink with other colors in manicure, the most stylish will be variations with mint, gold, white, silver, blue and gray.[/stextbox]

Combination of pink and gray + drawings

Gentle pink manicure

Without a doubt, the most popular coating option in any nail design technique is pink in light shades. To create a gentle look, it is recommended to choose a manicure in light pink and purple tones. From warm colors, it is preferable to stay on a nude palette, but lilac is preferable for a more sophisticated manicure with decor.

Pale pink marble stains

In a delicate pink color, a manicure in various techniques will look great, including: ombre, French, rubbing, moon.

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Combination of pink and gray


Bright pink manicure

Shades of fuchsia, coral, cyclamen, flamingo, raspberry are usually chosen in the summer season. This is the time when the bright colors of nature fill you with freshness and happiness, and you want to transfer these feelings to your everyday look.

Intense pink manicure with a pattern

A hot pink manicure looks best on long nails, especially since there are much more options for decoration in this case. But even for short nails, stylists offer a lot of photos with various art ideas and fashion trends for pink manicure, using gel polish and decoration.

Bright fuchsia manicure

Drawings on pink

In 2019, nail designs should not be too bulky. It is recommended to use thin lines, small details, a minimum of compositions.

Pink manicure with drawings

A very successful combination of black or white pattern on a pink background. In summer, flowers are most often used as an idea, and for autumn manicure, patterns or geometry are chosen.

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Pink manicure and stained glass painting with glitter

Stained glass painting on a pink background


Vertical, horizontal, oblique – stripes will be appropriate in any design. Here the combination of shades is important. The manicure looks gorgeous in pale pink shades, alternating with silver stripes. And for a bright pink color, it is better to choose gold for contrast.

Stripes on a pale pink background

[stextbox id=’info’]Vertical stripes visually lengthen the nail. Pay attention to the photo, which combines pink and gray lines. This design will be one of the best fashion trends of 2019-2019.[/stextbox]

Pink manicure with vertical stripes

French and Lunar

Separating the “smile” or “hole”, we try to focus on these details. As for the main color, it usually comes in one of the many shades of pink.

Original moon manicure

You can highlight the details with the help of color or decorative elements. Bright contrasts are not recommended this season. The most beautiful nail design is obtained by combining close shades of the same color.

Lunar manicure and french with openwork patterns on a pink background


It is pink that is the base color in the space negative technique. With the help of it, the effect of a “naked” space is created, in a conceived composition. For these purposes, use the lightest, almost transparent shades of pink. This fall, designers have proposed many new products in this particular technique.

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pink negative space

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Gloss and more

The classic glossy finish is gradually giving way to a matte structure. Manicure without gloss became popular a few years ago. The matte finish on the nails makes the look more stylish and fashionable.

The combination of matte finish and gloss on a pink background

No less interesting is the alternation of matte and glossy coatings, which is very clearly shown in the photo.

Matte pink manicure with drawings

Brilliant pink

Rubbing, shiny sand, “golden powder”, foil will help in decorating a pink manicure. They will not only create a brilliant base, but also correct the main shade.

Pink manicure with rubbing

With at least one of these components on hand, you can take advantage of the fashion trends of 2019 and make a brilliant pink manicure at home. Ideas with the most interesting options are presented in the photo below.

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Volumetric decor

When creating a manicure for special occasions, volumetric decoration is usually used. For these purposes, use rhinestones, pearls, crystals, velvet patterns, modeling.

French + moon manicure with decorative volumetric modeling

[stextbox id=’info’]On a pink background, jewelry in white or in various shades of the main color looks best.[/stextbox]

Delicate ombre + stamping

When choosing the most beautiful pink manicure design, listen to the advice of professionals and get acquainted with their ideas and fashion trends embodied in the presented photo collections.

Pink and mint, pink and blue

Shades of pink are very versatile and self-sufficient. Please note that almost the entire light palette is universal, but dark shades are tied to a certain style. Keep this in mind when creating a stylish look.


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