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Pink manicure – stylish ideas and the best combinations

Pink manicure remains very popular due to its versatility. It is quite neutral and calm, but at the same time – romantic and spectacular. Different shades will suit brides, office workers and lovers of extravagant images.

1. Pink neutral manicure

Among pink shades, there are many that are as close as possible to nude. They are just warmer than milky and cold beige.

2. Pink with gray

One of the two main colors of 2021 is grey. And he is an impeccable companion for pink, and in any manifestation. So feel free to experiment!

3. Pink with black

Black is best combined with neutral, pastel or ash pink. Manicure is very stylish and spectacular. And it will be beautiful if you dilute it with silver sparkles.

4. Bright pink manicure

Now there are so many different bright shades of pink that you can use them all year long and never repeat. So boring stereotypes about Barbie dolls in 2021 are already in the distant past.

5. Pink gradient manicure

Gradients, ombres, and airbrushed designs are all the rage in 2021. A stretch from pink to white, gray or pastel shades looks very nice.

6. Pink with splashes and gossamer

Chaotic splashes, strokes and cobwebs completely replace complex patterns on the nails. Try some of these designs and judge for yourself!

7. Pink with bright colors

Pink is difficult to combine with bright colors, but this is not a reason to abandon the idea. It is especially good with yellow, light green or blue. It is only necessary to correctly combine temperature and saturation.

8. Pink French manicure

Pink jacket – a kind of compromise. It is still quite neutral even for a strict dress code, but still more original and creative than the traditional classic.

9. Pink glitter manicure

Pink goes great with silver in all its manifestations. And the pink sequins themselves are also good, especially complex shades, like rose gold.

10. Pink “quail eggs”

Quail eggs have recently made a comeback at the top of the trends, and will stay with us throughout 2021. In pink, it turns out very soft and cute!

11. Pink manicure with flakes and foil

Flakes and foil are such a kind of express design. A minimum of effort, and the result is simply fantastic. And no problem with wearing!

12. Matte manicure

A matte top has a unique ability to tone down bright colors and make understated tones stand out more. Try it and you will definitely like it!

Pink manicure – photos and ideas

In real life, there are much more ideas for pink manicure. There are so many beautiful shades, from ashy or pastel to rich neon. Don’t deny yourself anything!

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