Pixie haircut for women after 50: photo

Stylish and modern pixie haircut is ideal for women over 50 years old. Photos of wonderful and light images will confirm this.


Pixie for 50 year olds

The fact that the Pixie haircut is popular for ladies of all ages is noticeable by the abundance of women with such a hairstyle around, by the stars of show business and famous ladies. And for fifty-year-old fashionistas, Pixie is also very suitable, because this haircut:

  • light and simple;
  • fit with minimal time and effort;
  • refreshes the face and takes at least five years of age;
  • goes well with both classic office style and comfortable walking and casual.

Perhaps, ladies with medium or long hair may be afraid to get rid of the mass of their hair for the sake of lightness and style, but, nevertheless, it is worth considering this haircut seriously. You can look at photos of amazing images to be inspired to change your image.

Who Pixie suits:

  • thin, slender with even posture;
  • active and energetic;
  • cheerful and optimistic.

If the lady is most often serious and strict, Pixie can give a certain sullenness to the image.

Pixie cons:

  • to do such a haircut is worth a good master. No need to buy into the cheap cost of the service, after all, then it will be much more expensive to redo the unsuccessful result;
  • this haircut requires frequent updating and correction. At least once a month and a half it is necessary to correct it, cutting off brittle and dry tips.

Yes, and there is always a chance to wake up in the morning with “chaos” and have to deal with the aftermath.

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Pixie and face type

It used to be that this haircut was ideal only for women with an oval face type, but now there are so many variations of Pixie that it is quite possible to choose an option for any type. Just enough:

  • change the length of the strands – longer ones to mask imperfections in appearance or wrinkles, and short ones – to focus on the beneficial nuances of the face;

  • add asymmetry – to mask a wide, rectangular, square and too round face. Yes, and asymmetry is now in the trends of the season;
  • make bangs – oblique, long or short;

  • focus on volume at the crown.

And you can always change yourself on your own – you just need to style your hair in a classically neat way or create “chaos” with protruding tips.

creative chaos

Hairstyle for women over 50

We create different images every day:

  • stretch the strands with an iron, laying straight strands evenly and elegantly verified;
  • wind strands on curlers or a curling iron – make elegant large curls or playful small curls;
  • play with a parting: you can stop at a straight, asymmetrical, zigzag or no parting at all;
  • create a mischievous mohawk or creative mess.

The main thing is to choose the right option for the upcoming business or event. And add tastefully selected clothes to the image.

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Stylish Pixie Options

It used to be that Pixie is a haircut for short hair. But now there are a variety of fashionable modifications:

  • classic pixie – for short or ultra-short hair – suitable for owners of neat facial features and a slender figure;

  • for medium hair or an elongated Pixie creates a feminine and soft look, and also masks wrinkles and flabbiness of the skin of the neck. You can choose women with large facial features, with a wide forehead or cheekbones, and also suitable for curvy ladies;

  • curly pixie – by making a haircut on wavy or curling straight hair, you can give the image a touch of mischief and energy;

  • With a bang – an experienced master will tell you which bangs should be chosen by the client in order to emphasize the beneficial accents of the appearance and mask the flaws;

  • without bangs a haircut allows you to open your face, show the “world” beautiful eyes, lips and cheekbones;

  • pixie with highlighting and coloring;

  • pixie bob – a haircut that combines the Pixie technique and Bob thinning. The strands stay long enough that ladies who don’t want to cut their hair too short can opt for this option. Especially suitable for thin hair, creating the desired volume.

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Advice. It is better not to choose a pixie bob for full and large ladies, because this haircut option visually makes the image heavier.


Pixie with bangs

The bangs help to mask a wide forehead, massive brow ridges, accentuate the eyes, brighten up a rectangular or too elongated face, and slightly narrow the round one.

Luxury options:

  • ultra-short bangs, which are almost non-existent, will focus on the eyes and disguise a high forehead. Laying such a haircut will be easy and simple. And it’s even easier to transform it into a playful and interesting one: just a little money and a minute of time before going out;

Ultra short bangs

  • classic to the eyebrows. With such a bang, a Pixie haircut can be worn with little or no styling – see photos of modern looks for women over 50;

  • elongated bangs are laid on one side, divided on two sides or laid with the main hair in a voluminous hairstyle.

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Hint: Braiding, hairpins and hoops are no longer age-appropriate. If there is a need to pin up strands, choose elegant and concise accessories without sparkles and rhinestones.


Adding colors and masking gray hair

With age, ladies choose lighter shades of hair, because it rejuvenates better and helps to hide gray hair. But you should be careful about this – too blond hair may not match the skin tone and look dull and unnatural. Often it is enough to add a little caramel or golden strands to the main tone, which will advantageously change the situation and image.

Back and side view

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In fashion 2019, these shades are now:

  • chocolate;
  • chestnut;
  • copper;
  • cognac.

You can dye your hair completely, make rare or frequent highlighting. Or pick up a few shades and create a real masterpiece on your head. This will help to hide the gray hair or amazingly use gray hair in the overall look. The result will look stylish, feminine and luxurious.

Also, many women of fashion 50+ choose ash, gray, silver highlights – this option looks stylish and well-groomed, and now you can not be upset because of every new gray hair you notice.

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Evelina Khromchenko, host of the Fashion Sentence program and fashion guru, recommends Pixie for ladies over 50, with a round face and short hair. This haircut allows women to look younger and more interesting, create a memorable and easy look in a few minutes.

So, an elegant and delightful short pixie haircut is perfect for women over 50. We hope the selected photos will inspire you to radical changes. After all, at fifty you can just afford any bold experiments!

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