Pixie haircut with long bangs

In recent seasons, a pixie haircut with long bangs, which looks stylish, bold and mysterious at the same time, has gained particular popularity among fashionistas.


Haircut Benefits

A short pixie hairstyle containing an elongated bang has a lot of advantages. Among which are the following:

  • versatility. The haircut is very original, it will act as the main highlight of the image and will become a harmonious addition to any bow, both everyday and evening;

  • the hairstyle has a somewhat daring and boyish look, thanks to which you can easily throw off a couple of years of age;

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  • the presence of such an element as an elongated bang will help hide certain facial imperfections, for example, a very high forehead. In addition, she will give femininity to this originally masculine variety of haircuts;

  • ease of installation. Hairstyle does not require spending a lot of time in front of the mirror to get a stylish look. It is enough just to run the comb through the hair and lightly beat the strands with your hands.

Who should wear a pixie haircut with long bangs?

Many stylists rightly consider this hairstyle to be universal. It is perfect for almost all the fair sex, thanks to the following characteristics:

  • squeaks help to make an additional emphasis on the face and give expressiveness to its features. For example, if a girl has big beautiful eyes, the hairstyle will once again emphasize this, and if the facial features are naturally small, then they can be visually made brighter;

  • age when choosing this women’s hairstyle does not play any role. If a young girl chooses her, the squeaks will additionally emphasize her youth and fragility. If the older ladies chose the hairstyle, then they will be able to look visually younger for several years;

Pixie haircut will make you look younger

  • the structure of the hair can also be absolutely any. A haircut can be done both on naturally rare strands, and on thick hair. The only taboo is strongly curly hair, it will not be possible to do the right styling on them, in this case the pixie will bring disharmony to the image.

Varieties of haircuts

In our review, we present photos from the front and back, where you can see how different pixie haircuts with long bangs look like. The most common varieties include the following.

  • Short pixie haircut with long bangs. This variation can be called a classic. The strands over the entire head are washed as short as possible, only the bangs remain elongated. Some haircuts may even contain shortened whiskey; young fashionistas will appreciate this design. Shaved can be either one temple or two. They may contain patterned elements.

  • Medium pixie haircut with long bangs. This is a more feminine version of the hairstyle, in which case the side parts can reach the earlobe. The most organic in combination with such a haircut looks bangs containing asymmetry.

Varieties of bangs

In 2019, a trendy pixie haircut with long bangs is presented in a variety of options. The design may differ not only when creating the haircut itself and its length, but also when cutting the bangs. There are such varieties of it:

  • smooth elongated bangs that completely cover the forehead and can perfectly hide imperfections;

  • oblique bangs, which are shorter on one side and lengthen to the other;

  • milled long bangs, it looks most harmonious on thick strands that need to be thinned out periodically.

Pixie haircut styling

Despite the seeming ease of care and styling, a pixie haircut can be styled using various methods, both very easy and more complex. In 2019, stylists offer the following styling variations:

  • smooth – the strands are carefully combed and can be additionally fixed with varnish or mousse;

  • disheveled – to create such a hairstyle, you need to beat the strands well;

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  • combined – the hairstyle can be styled differently in certain parts, for example, tousled from the back and smooth in front;

  • side styling – in this case, the strands are combed and dried in one direction. The bangs in this case are also designed as a side bangs and look extremely stylish. At the same time, certain strands can be highlighted in the form of feathers, fixed with a special hair wax.

Coloring haircut squeak with long bangs

The hairstyle will become even more stylish if you apply a well-chosen coloring. You can apply the following options:

  • monochromatic coloring, emphasizing the natural beauty of the hair as much as possible;

  • bright and saturated coloring, which draws attention to the hairstyle as much as possible;

  • highlighting individual strands in a different color, using similar in tone or contrasting colors for this;
  • the use of certain techniques, such as shatush, balayage, ombre. These techniques can only be carried out on a bang, given its considerable length compared to the rest of the strands.

Original coloring will emphasize your image

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In our photo review, we presented a variety of pixie haircuts with long bangs on the side, made in an even or oblique version. We hope that you will be able to choose the most suitable option that will emphasize the dignity of your appearance as much as possible.


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