Pixie haircuts 2019

The pixie haircut has gained immense popularity among fashionistas around the world – in this material with a selection of photos, we will tell you about the varieties of such a hairstyle and the latest in 2019. Classic or extravagant pixie techniques? For short or medium hair? Let’s find out what the fashion industry dictates to us.


Why are they so popular?

“Pixie” is a hairstyle with shortened strands at the back and slightly elongated at the top and front. The ears remain open. A paradox – such a slightly boyish hairstyle is confidently ranked as femininity and sexuality.

Let’s list the benefits of this hairstyle:

  • Significantly rejuvenates the image and refreshes the face. At the same time, it has no age restrictions – both young girls and ladies over 50 choose pixies.

A spectacular hairstyle is also obtained in women 50+

  • Makes the main focus on facial features, emphasizing female beauty.

  • Creates a fashionable casual effect and adds volume to the hair.

  • Gives an image of dynamism and originality.

  • Practical in everyday life, as well as elementary in styling – literally 5 minutes, a minimum of styling products and your image is ready!

Who is the pixie haircut for?

The most ideal option for such a haircut is an oval face shape and large features. It looks no less stylish on other forms, but chubby girls need to be more careful. They should choose “pixies” in fashionable asymmetry. Also, forget that the neck stands out in such a hairstyle – it should not be short, otherwise the proportions of the body will be violated.

You should not resort to such a haircut if you have curly fluffy hair – styling will become very problematic and the strands will not keep their shape. But for owners of straight hair (both thick and thin), this option is ideal.

As for color, the most trendy option is “pixie” for short dark hair. Also, stylists called this hairstyle successful for blondes with darkened strands. And the “pixie” in a strawberry blond looks incredibly impressive! In general, there are no strict restrictions, some fashionistas even create such a hairstyle in bright colors – red, pink, purple, blue.

Types of newfangled pixie haircuts and novelties

The fashionable pixie haircut continues to change in every season – we will present you with an overview of the most relevant options with new products and photos. Among the main trends in 2019 are asymmetry, careless styling and torn strands.

  • For short hair. It was the short pixie haircut that became the classic version in 2019. Moreover, the most fashionable pixies this season are made in ultra-short lengths. You will be surprised how much time you can save on styling, while remaining elegant and stylish.

  • For medium hair. Although pixies are most often performed on short hair, stylists have found a stylish way not to sacrifice length. Hair to the earlobe will be the most versatile option. Sometimes even shoulder length is left.

On medium length hair, these haircuts, nicknamed “elongated pixies”, look very feminine. They also give you more options for interesting styling and even easy curling. Especially this option is suitable for those who do not dare to ultra-short haircut.

  • Tiered pixie haircut. Among the novelties of such a haircut, a “cascade” performance appeared. In this interpretation, the entire volume is concentrated on the top of the head and descends down the ladder – this haircut will especially transform thin and sparse hair. The rest of the strands are made a little more elongated than in the classic version. By the way, this version of “pixie” one of the easiest to install. The hair just keeps its shape.

  • pixie bob haircut appeared as a result of a combination of these two hairstyles. In the trendy version of such a haircut, the entire volume is thrown to one side with the help of a side parting. Due to this, layering and volume of strands are also created.

Bangs are welcome, which are sometimes even longer than the rest of the strands. One but this interpretation of the haircut just needs styling. But with what pleasure you will then feel like an elegant lady all day long!

  • Pixie with bangs – one of the most fashionable interpretation of this season. Bangs do an excellent job of smoothing facial imperfections and highlighting virtues. It will also help hide wrinkles on the forehead.

Short bangs with a slight “torn” effect will refresh the face and highlight its features. And it will add a touch of mischief and coquetry to the image! This option is especially recommended for a round face shape with regular features.

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Oblique elongated bangs are a very trendy option for 2019. It can reach the eyebrows or earlobe. By the way, such a hairstyle will perfectly smooth out the angularity of a square-shaped face.


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Asymmetric bangs are a very effective stylistic decision, it will add even more dynamism to your image. Just cut your bangs longer on one side. It can be both short and long. With such bangs, you can play around with the shape of your face, as well as experiment with parting.

  • asymmetrical pixie haircut. Particularly popular is the option of elongated strands in a torn design. Also, the hair can simply be longer on one side and shorter on the other – and the hairstyle will already play in a new way. Asymmetry most often involves an elongated bang on the side.

  • With a shaved temple. Trends definitely welcome boldness and originality! In such a hairstyle, the temple can be not just shaved, but decorated with various patterns and geometry. The most courageous women of fashion shave both sides at once.

Another trendy option is to shave the back of your head. The length itself can be shortened to an extravagant hedgehog. This pixie option is suitable for young girls who like to stand out.

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The subtleties of styling

Although a stylish pixie haircut in 2019 does not really need styling, it is worth knowing some of the nuances. In our review with photos, you will find many styling options for a variety of looks – casual, elegant, romantic, business. Fashion trends recommend experimenting and resorting to original styling. So you can radically transform your outfits at least every day.

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In the classic styling, it is enough to apply a styling agent to the strands, slightly lift and ruffle the strands with your fingers, and smooth the bangs. For more solemn occasions, you can lay the bangs up and fix it. Owners of an oval face shape and regular features will suit a hairstyle that is completely combed back – it will immediately add elegance to the image.

For medium hair, styling with not too voluminous curls is also suitable, let it be a light wave. Highly…

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