Plastic surgery as a way to turn back time

Modern plastic surgery balances on the border between science and art. This kind of medicine involves surgical intervention in the human body, the result of which is the elimination of aesthetic problems.

The question of eternal youth has been relevant since ancient times. Many scientists have worked and are working on this topic. To prevent the aging process of the human body, experts have developed more and more recipes for the “elixir of youth”. The surgical method of correction and rejuvenation of the human physical body was not left without attention. Today, plastic surgery in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other major Russian cities has gained immense popularity.

The path of development of plastic surgery

The opinion that surgeons who began to experiment with surgical intervention aimed at correcting flaws or improving appearance are our contemporaries is a mistake. Even the ancient Egyptian doctors in the 3rd millennium BC. introduced the practice of “cosmetic suture” and operations to restore the nose.

History knows for sure the name of the Chinese doctor Bian Que, who in the fifth century BC performed operations on the ears and eyes with great skill. In the sixth century BC. when correcting defects in the nose, the healer Sushata Samgita was the first to use skin grafting.

However, this area received a surge in development in the era of enlightenment. This is due to new discoveries such as anesthesia (1946) and the invention of antiseptics (1867). The first invention saved a person from unbearable pain during surgery, and the second excluded the introduction of various kinds of infections. In 1893, the term “plastic surgery”, used by the French surgeon Desolte, was introduced into the medical lexicon. Since then, this area of ​​medicine has come a long way from the correction of aesthetic problems to beauty surgery.

How to choose a clinic for the operation?

Nowadays, the list of clinics offering services for nose correction, chin correction, facial plastic surgery, blepharoplasty and other types of surgeries is constantly expanding. And the number of those wishing to make any changes in their appearance is also growing dynamically. But not everyone is aware of the level of responsibility with which it is necessary to approach this issue.

Despite the fact that this medical field teeters on the border between science and art, it involves surgical intervention. As you know, surgery is a significant burden on the body, plastic surgery is no exception. That is why, if it was decided to eliminate aesthetic problems in this way, it is necessary to approach the issue very seriously, and not blindly trust advertising. For a positive solution to the problem, experts recommend conducting a small marketing study – to get acquainted with the activities of the clinic and reviews of former patients.

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