Pockets on jeans: how a small detail affects the figure

The secret of perfect jeans is the ability to choose them correctly for the type of figure. When buying, you need to pay attention not only to quality, cost, color, style, but also to elements that are insignificant at first glance. For example, back pockets. They will help visually adjust the figure.

Large pockets make the hips flat, small pockets make them voluminous

Even if the pants are comfortable and fit, you need to look at the back pockets. If they are too large, go beyond the borders of the buttocks, the fifth point, most likely, from the side will look unnaturally elongated, and the hips will be flat.

But jeans with too small pockets can spoil the figure of even the most slender girl: her forms will look heavier and larger than in reality. When choosing the size of jeans pockets, it is better to focus on the golden mean.

Image Puma Summer Luxe All-Over Printed Women's Tee #3

Wide-spaced pockets visually increase the size of the hips

If the size of the pockets is good, you need to make sure that they are correctly positioned. The size of the thighs visually increases when the pads are sewn too wide and actually cover the side of the buttocks. Close-fitting pockets can also unsuccessfully “correct” the hips.

Image Puma Summer Luxe All-Over Printed Women's Tee #2

Close to the center seam – push-up effect

You can achieve a visual effect, like Kim or J. Lo, if you wear jeans models in which the pockets are sewn too close to each other. Where is the fine line between beauty and frank bad taste – you will have to decide based on your own parameters of the figure.

Image Puma Essentials+ Heather Tee #2

Hidden – increase the size of the hips

The reason for this result is the presence of an inner lining, which is not decorated in any way. It gives volume and fullness to the hips. The beginning of the pocket is usually processed with rough seams that clearly protrude on the buttocks.

Picture of Puma T-shirt Active Heather Tee #1

Image Puma T-shirt Active Heather Tee #2

Perfect jeans always go well with quality T-shirts. If the usual models are bored, you can pay attention to the PUMA women’s polo shirts. They look good in the image of sport-chic and are comfortable in everyday wear. Let shopping be a pleasure, and the purchased things give a good mood.

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