Polka dot manicure

Polka dot manicure is the version of nail art that will always be relevant, regardless of the time of year and the age of the fashionista. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that he received such wide popularity.


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Did you know that this design is called polka dot? And the first time it was made by the British.


Types of polka dot manicure

Do you think that you know everything about this design? That it is very simple and even boring? But what if we say that polka dot manicure has many variations and varieties? And to make it easier for you to navigate them, we will tell you about the six most popular and sought-after options. These include:

  • Symmetrical print – its feature is that the dots are at the same distance from each other. In this case, the principle of a chessboard is used. Such a drawing turns out to be very cute and at the same time simple.

  • Chaotic print is the exact opposite of the first option. The main advantage is that you do not need to think long about its creation, since the dots are placed as the soul desires.

  • Solid color is perfect for everyday life. It will be appropriate even for girls who work in the office, as it is perfect for a business look. Most often, fashionistas use neutral colors to create such a print, namely white, black, beige.

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  • A small print has a great advantage, which is to divert attention from minor flaws in manicure.

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By the way, the same rule applies to clothes, only in this case an almost imperceptible print distracts attention from the imperfections of the female figure.


  • Large polka dots are a very complex pattern, because it requires not only a perfect manicure, but also thinking through the whole image to the smallest detail. This is necessary in order not to get a comical and ridiculous look.

  • Multicolored polka dot is a good option for girls who are not afraid to be the center of attention. After all, such a manicure attracts the views of others. For a bright and rich design, stylists recommend choosing the appropriate colors: blue, yellow, turquoise, red, green, purple.

Agree that with such a variety it is difficult to choose one thing.

Design Features

Polka dot manicure (see photo), despite its simplicity, has many advantages that can definitely persuade you to create such an incredibly cute and interesting design.

The advantages of “peas” include:

  • No seasonality. Using nude or black and white shades, you can get an excellent winter manicure with polka dots, and adding a little bright colors – a gentle spring one.

  • The polka dot design can be repeated at home. After all, to create it, you need only a few flowers and dots, if it is not there, then you can use a simple toothpick.
  • A universal print that will suit both a strict office dress code and a youth informal style.
  • Polka dot manicure on short nails looks just as impressive as on long ones. Isn’t this a reason to do it in the very near future?

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Manicurists do not recommend combining this fun design with other equally striking manicure techniques. This applies to “broken glass”, flock, a large number of rhinestones.


How to make a manicure with peas at home?

Fashion is a capricious and fickle phenomenon. New trends appear with enviable regularity and it is not always possible to keep up with them. However, there is an eternal classic that will always be relevant and popular. Polka dot can also be attributed to it.

In addition, you can make a polka dot manicure at home, with a minimum of materials.

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Before you start creating a beautiful design, you need to be patient. After all, perfect peas are not always obtained the first time.


We will need:

  • A nail file (for natural ones with abrasiveness from 180 to 240 grit, for extended ones – 80-150 grit).
  • Polishing buff.
  • Dots or a toothpick.
  • Acid free primer.
  • Orange stick, as well as tweezers for trimming manicure.
  • Self leveling base.
  • A couple of colored varnishes (choose colors of your choice).
  • Matte or glossy top.

Step-by-step creation of a chic design with polka dots:

  • The first step is to put the nails in order: remove the excess length, shape the nail, remove the cuticle.
  • Apply primer and give it time to absorb well.
  • Cover all nails with base.

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In order to get a thin layer, after applying the base, turn your hands over with your palms up.


  • We dry our nails in a lamp.
  • We apply a layer of colored varnish, which will be the main one, dry it.
  • We drip varnish onto the foil, which will draw dots.
  • We dip the dots in the varnish and make “polka dots”.

  • Apply a layer of top and dry in a lamp.

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Don’t forget to remove the sticky layer.


Now you can enjoy a luxurious polka dot manicure, which, with regular training, takes no more than 20 minutes.

Fast and beautiful, and what else does a modern girl need, who is always in a hurry somewhere.

What if there is no dotter at hand?

Not all girls at home have a complete arsenal for creating a stylish manicure, but this is not a reason to abandon the idea. After all, enterprising fashionistas have offered a lot of ideas on how to replace dots and we are in a hurry to share the best ideas with you:

  • The bobby pins we use for the hair do an excellent job as a dotter as they also have balls on them.
  • Ordinary matches or toothpicks.
  • The rod from a ballpoint pen, since it was she who became the prototype of dots.
  • Thin brushes.
  • Stationery pins.

Polka Dot Manicure Ideas

Perhaps, the design with polka dots may seem boring to someone. But we are ready to change this opinion and offer some interesting and non-trivial ideas for such a manicure.

Idea #1

Spring manicure with peas, what could be more feminine and gentle than this option? It is worth adding a few leaves and flowers and romantic nail art is ready. Really, it’s cute, isn’t it?

cute manicure

Idea #2

French manicure classic. We are sure that many people love such a manicure, but sometimes you want something new. And this is where French with peas comes to the rescue. Fresh, unusual, fashionable, what else do we need?

Improved french

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Idea #3

The opposite of French design is lunar. Here you can draw a line of the moon with dots, and with a bow, the wow effect is definitely guaranteed for such a manicure.

Which version of the manicure with peas did you like more?

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Idea #4

Ombre and polka dots look incredibly beautiful. And a smooth transition can be not only a background, but also used in polka dots. For example, a drawing can be made in several colors that create a beautiful transition between them.

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Idea #5

A good option is obtained if you combine both peas and stripes in one design. This minimalist design will win everyone over…

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