Polo shirts – a fashionable element of the summer wardrobe 2020

The versatility and practicality of polo shirts have been proven for decades. They are in demand at all times, and the cyclical fashion has made them popular again in 2020. Polos have been supplemented with some new elements, color schemes have changed, but they are back in trend.

Polo shirt

What material are T-shirts made of?

Pique and polyester are used as the main fabrics for creating polo.

Pique is created by weaving natural cotton fibers and synthetic threads. Such a fabric is characterized by small scars or a geometric pattern. Waffle fabric is a type of pique. Its advantages include a high level of strength, wrinkle-resistant structure and wear resistance.

Natural polo shirt

100% polyester polo shirts are popular not only among sports fans. The features of this material include the ability to regulate the level of humidity, high breathability. Such products dry quickly and retain an attractive appearance for a long time.

In the new season, models are relevant both from natural fabric – pique, and from polyester.

Polyester polo shirt

Actual colors and polo models

Polo shirts are indispensable for those who lead an active lifestyle. They make you feel comfortable in any situation. Models of discreet shades will be appropriate as additions to images for every day. T-shirts of bright colors will be indispensable for walks, informal meetings with friends.

One of the most popular models is the snow-white polo. They will be appropriate for everyday and office looks. T-shirts in pastel colors look spectacular, equipped with an additional laconic decor of buttons, small embroidery and discreet prints. With their help, you can create interesting romantic images.

white polo shirt

Polos in contrasting shades will be a great accent for everyday looks. Bright red tones are popular, complemented by white cuffs and collars.

polo shirt with white cuffs

Polos in gray, blue and beige colors will be an excellent base. They will be indispensable when drawing up images for every day and for special occasions.

blue polo shirt

beige polo shirt

For those who strive to be in trend, you can recommend coral shades t-shirts. This color is especially relevant in the 2020 season. T-shirts with stripes remain in demand, they will be appropriate both on vacation and for city walks.

striped polo shirt

In the summer season 2020, oversized items are especially popular. This trend has not bypassed polo. These oversized t-shirts will complement sports bows and work looks.

White T-shirt

What to combine

Polos combined with denim skirts, cargo pants and boyfriends make for a stylish look for every day. You can complement it with bright stylish sneakers or choose classic white sneakers. To create a more romantic look, you can replace sports shoes with platform sandals or light sandals.

red polo shirt

colorful polo shirt

Polos with stripes will be indispensable for a beach holiday. These T-shirts are in harmony with light white palazzo trousers and airy maxi skirts.

black polo shirt


Oversized t-shirts are relevant with shorts, jeans and sports trousers. They can be complemented with massive sneakers and wedge sandals.

Oversized t-shirt

A white T-shirt, complemented by a pencil skirt or office trousers, will become an essential base for every day. If you add such clothes with bright accessories, you get a non-trivial set for evening walks and going out with friends.

White T-shirt

To create multi-layer sets, you should use plain t-shirts, complementing them with light jackets and loose trousers. As shoes, you can choose shoes with heels or light sneakers.

plain t-shirt

The polo shirt is one of the most versatile items in your wardrobe. It is combined with clothes of different styles, suitable for many occasions and events.

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