ponytail hairstyle 2023

Ponytail 2023 brings a fresh twist to classic styling. Catch the most trendy ideas to put them into practice and create a mega-stylish look!

With accessories

To look stylish in the 2023 season, it is enough to decorate the classic ponytail with fashion accessories.

A graceful touch to the usual image will be added by pearl hairpins located at the base of the tail.

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In the world of hair trends 2023, the title of the most spectacular is obtained by decorating rhinestones and crystals in styling. Sparkling accents can be arranged in the form of individual beads, decorate the base of the tail or twist the hair with threads.

Evening hairstyle 2023 looks amazing with glitter decor. Most often, glitter is placed above the elastic.

In the spring-summer 2023 season, a classic ponytail with a silk scarf or bandana becomes a fashionable and favorite hairstyle. Such a detail will add variety to the everyday look and add visual volume to the hair.

With a scythe

Fashion tail 2023 looks beautiful with all kinds of weaves. A photo selection of current styling will introduce you to the most trendy hairstyles of the season.

The trendy hairstyle 2023 for long hair will turn out if you replace the weaving with bundles. Just fly two strands around each other and secure the tip with an elastic band.


A ponytail hairstyle for long hair looks stylish with a base at the very top. According to the canons of showiness, such styling is performed on impeccably smooth strands.

The high ponytail hairstyle in the 2023 season is complemented by the current Hollywood wave. Gorgeous hair shine is the best completion of such styling.

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Fish tail

A fishtail hairstyle will take about 10 minutes to complete, but it will help create a stylish and feminine look. First you need to fix the beginning of the ponytail with an elastic band and then start weaving using the fishtail technique with the strands overlapping each other.


The 2023 low ponytail is the perfect complement to a sophisticated and elegant look. Smooth or wavy, casual or understated elegant – this season, all options are in trend.

Hair trends 2023 offer a few ideas on how to spruce up a low ponytail. Everything ingenious, as all ingenious is supposed to be, is simple – you need to complement the hairstyle with crossed strands around the elastic band, plaits or braids.


To create an elegant and stylish look in 2023, a smooth styling with a ponytail will help. To achieve the desired effect, stylists use cosmetics that give hair smoothness and shine. The hairstyle will look especially relevant if you mask the elastic with a strand of hair.

A hair knot that hides the base of the ponytail with an elastic band will also be a fashionable idea.

With rubber bands

Among the fashionable hairstyles of the 2023 season, the ponytail with elastic bands has gained particular popularity. Such an idea will be a stylish completion of the image for different occasions – for example, for meeting with friends or a date.

It is easy to repeat fashionable styling – for this you need to fix several elastic bands on the tail at the same distance to the ends of the hair.

If you start a ponytail with elastic bands at the back of your head, the image will turn out to be more elegant and graceful. Such styling can even fit into an evening bow.


To add extra charm to a business or casual look, a ponytail with a shell will allow. To repeat the technique, you should fix the classic shell over the loose strands, and then collect the hair with an elastic band at the back of the head.

With curls

A ponytail hairstyle with curls is a feminine and elegant touch to your look. Pre-styling with curls will add volume to the hair, and texture to the hairstyle.

Wedding hairstyle ponytail is also often complemented by delicate curls. To give the styling elegance, stylists use accessories – for example, in the 2023 season, hairpins and hairpins with pearls are in trend.

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Now you know how to make a ponytail to match the trends of the 2023 season. It’s time to put your favorite ideas into practice!

Author: Victoria Drozdova

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