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Every year the list of the most popular clothing brands is updated. To stay in trend, you should periodically check the ratings, pay attention to new companies and brands.


Popular brands for youth

Teenagers and young people are a separate part of the consumers of the fashion industry, whose style is significantly different from the style of the older generation. It is important for them that clothes express their inner state, freedom, character. Accordingly, companies that express a similar idea are popular among teenagers. These youth brands are:

  • The brand was created by tennis player René Lacoste, so the main part of its products is sportswear. By the way, it fits perfectly into the everyday street style of teenagers. In addition, the company produces shoes, sports equipment, jewelry for women, watches, glasses and other accessories.

  • Burberry- one of the oldest brands. It makes clothes for men, women and children. The company presents new collections at fashion weeks in London, New York, Paris. There is a separate line of the brand called Burberry London, which presents classic clothing for teenagers from 16 to 25 years old. There are also clothing lines that work in other styles: casual, street-style, sport-casual. In addition, the company produces accessories, perfumes, watches, sunglasses and cosmetics.

Classic English cloak is the business card of this brand

  • Tommy Hilfiger– the most popular clothing brand for young people from America, created relatively recently – in 1985. The brand has 2 lines: the first is closer to casual style, the second is closer to urban modern. Casual direction creates men’s, women’s, children’s clothing in a more seasoned elegant style. Street style is aimed at young people from 16 to 25 years old, most of the clothes are made of denim.

  • FILA is a brand that has become especially popular among young people in recent years. Teenagers love the company for simple shapes, colors, similarity with the style of the 90s, which is especially relevant now. Most attention is paid to shoes, and especially to white sneakers with a massive sole, which have become the dream of almost every teenager.

Famous sneakers from FILA

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Brands known all over the world

The most popular clothing brands in the world in 2019 form trends for every season. Fashionistas and fashionistas carefully follow the latest. What brands belong to the global fashion market? Here is a list of the top brands.

Louis Vuitton is a clothing brand created in the middle of the 19th century that needs no introduction. Few people know that initially the company produced suitcases and bags, even made a revolution in this environment. In his years, Louis Vuitton presented a suitcase with a flat lid. All the rest were with a round lid, which was very inconvenient during transportation. Today, the French brand specializes in the production of accessories, bags, watches, actively participates in fashion shows and forms the main trends of this world. Louis Vuitton shows are more like theatrical performances. They are carefully thought out, often there is a main theme to which all images and costumes are subject.

Prada is an Italian company that has been dictating the rules of fashion since the beginning of the 20th century. In 2019, Prada presented a new collection of clothes. It turned out to be less strange and unusual than the previous ones. Silhouettes have become more familiar to the common man – long satin floor-length skirts, babydoll dresses, nylon raincoats. Also in the show there was an active decoration with sequins, appliqué, rims. The president of the company is sure that fashion should not be simple, so we should expect even more interesting inventions and ideas from Prada.

Christian Dior – a well-known brand of clothing and accessories, which occupies the 4th place in terms of sales. The spring-summer collection from this brand is maximally aimed at the comfort and convenience of women. Designers abandoned corsets and puffs, and paid attention to the softness, smoothness of forms. Materials prefer gentle: macrame, tulle, silk. The colors are also muted, calm: beige, khaki, shades of gray, black, ecru.

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Note! A flying dress, a skirt with a raw edge, translucent blouses or loose trousers become a classic bow.


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Gucci presented a very extravagant line of clothing for the spring-summer of this 2019. The show was dominated by tinsel, bright colors, sparkle of sequins, multi-tiered chains, fringes, silk threads, and gilding. Massive accessories are also considered popular – large glasses, wide-brimmed hats with embroidery, necklaces made of large beads. Layering is also in vogue. This trend is especially relevant in Russia – with changeable weather, it is better to wear several layers of clothing to adjust to the temperature.

Giorgio Armani – Another well-known company that never ceases to amaze fans with unusual ideas. Their spring-summer collection was called “Form of Color”, but all the images were presented in a marine theme. All colors were associated with water in one way or another: there were gentle turquoise, azure, shades of blue, coral colors, silver, white. The collection was complemented by textures and shapes – they were as smooth and fluid as possible. Mermaid costumes were at the center of the program – dresses and skirts made of shimmering fabric, decorated with sparkling sequins. In general, the image resembled fish scales and the inhabitants of the seabed.

Versace is an Italian brand founded in the 70s of the last century. The company produces perfumes, trendy clothes for men and women, watches and accessories. The 2019 collection surprised many fashionistas by combining modern trends and the fashion of past decades. With this, the brand wanted to show that fashion is for everyone, regardless of age. Young girls can wear both crop tops and bandeau dresses, while older women should not deny themselves bright colors and unusual cuts. The show was obviously dominated by rich mustard, red, cobalt, black colors. Floral prints, light cut and transparency of the material are also relevant.

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These are the most popular clothing brands in 2019. Follow the news, photos from shows, flip through fashion magazines, and then you will definitely stay in trend in the next seasons!


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