Popular heel shapes in 2020

In 2020, fashionable heels are not only an intricate shape, but also maximum comfort. What is impossible to wear in everyday life is no longer relevant. After all, modern ladies increasingly prefer practicality. This means that shoe designers have had to adapt and create heels that not only look beautiful, but are also comfortable to wear. We will talk about them today.


Popular heel shapes in 2020

Recently, among fashion stylists, there is an opinion that heels have noticeably lost their positions, giving way to flat soles. Even on the catwalks, you can increasingly see low-speed shoes. Of course, this trend is a reflection of the needs of modern women, who have begun to value comfort much more. But, this does not mean that shoes or boots with heels should completely leave our wardrobes. On the contrary, you can wear them, and even need to, because they still make the image very feminine. And what forms you should pay attention to this season, we will now tell you in detail.

  • straight post. A simple and very comfortable heel, which is also called a square heel, although in its shape it is rather rectangular. Today, the column is incredibly popular, and largely because for women’s legs it is as comfortable and stable as possible. Moreover, the height of this heel can be absolutely any, which means that even older ladies can wear it. This option is ideal for any time of the year, whether it is winter, autumn or spring, and any type of footwear. It is also easy to choose clothes for him. Dresses, skirts, coats – everything will look very harmonious. But with tight-fitting things, a straight column should be worn more carefully.

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  • cowboy style. The original cowboy heel is one of the hottest trends of 2020 that simply cannot be ignored. It is found absolutely everywhere from boots and boots to pumps. And it should be noted that women treat the cowboy heel favorably, because it is really comfortable to wear it in any weather, the legs do not get tired. The main distinguishing feature of such a heel is a smooth bevel on the back. Height from 5 to 9 cm. It is best combined with denim, skirts made of flying fabrics and A-line dresses. Indispensable when creating ethnic images.

[stextbox id=’warning’]But in evening and business looks, stylists do not allow the presence of a cowboy heel. It is believed that such shoes are suitable only for everyday wear, where a dress code is not required.[/stextbox]

  • “Glass”. If you prefer shoes with low heels, then the sleek, cute and compact glass heel is just right for you. Its maximum height reaches democratic 5-7 cm, which indicates the stability of this form. Above, shoe designers simply do not make a “glass”, otherwise it will be inconvenient to walk on it. As a rule, such a heel is preferred by tall and advanced fashionistas who cannot or do not want to wear a hairpin. But, even with a minimum height, the glass heel visually stretches the image, making it slimmer. In addition, this shape is very easy to fit into any bow.

  • conical. Retro is in fashion today, that’s a fact. And if you gravitate towards looks that were worn 30-40 years ago, then definitely pay attention to the tapered heel. Especially in combination with a pointed toe and a low instep. This form looks very feminine and sophisticated. However, advanced fashionistas know that it is not suitable for long walks. But for going to the theater, a restaurant, or even to work in an office, it will do just fine. Combine the tapered heel best with sheath dresses, pencil skirts, slim fit trousers, classic business suits.

  • classic hairpin. It is also far from the most stable form, and yet it is almost impossible to imagine a women’s wardrobe without shoes or stiletto sandals. By right, this heel is considered today the most popular. For many seasons in a row, he has not gone out of fashion, and helps ladies look feminine and sophisticated. And since the height of the hairpin can also be completely different (from 6 to 15 cm), many girls have adapted to wear it in everyday life. And without any difficulty. If the heel is high, this also has its advantages – it means that your walk will be seductive and unhurried.

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  • Round. Round heels are one of the top fashion trends for 2020. It is chosen by fans of the Baroque style and women who prefer maximum comfort. After all, despite its rather unusual shape, the round heel is famous for the fact that it is very comfortable to wear even when it is high. Most often it can be found on the shoes of the autumn-winter season, which means that it goes well with any outerwear and trousers. And yet, giving preference to such a heel, be prepared for the fact that you are provided with the closest attention, because this trend is still gaining momentum in popularity, and has not yet blurred its eyes.

[stextbox id=’info’]In general, this season there are many different fantasy forms in fashion. There are double heels, and in the form of some intricate figures, and even resembling hooves. But it is simply impossible to imagine them in everyday life, because they are absolutely impractical to wear.[/stextbox]

  • Brick. Perhaps this is the most comfortable heel option in our selection today. It is ideal for everyday wear, thanks to its low height. Most often, a brick can be found on shoes in men’s style. For example, on oxford boots or loafers. They also willingly use it on winter or demi-season boots, because wearing a brick heel in bad weather is a pleasure. The leg won’t turn on it. The maximum height of the brick is 4 cm, which makes it affordable for women of all ages.

  • Trapeze. The trapezoidal shape of the heel is very much in demand today, and all thanks to good stability. Women’s legs feel comfortable and practically do not get tired even when walking for a long time. And despite the fact that from the outside such a heel seems very massive and non-standard, ladies still like it. And if you choose the right accompanying clothes, the image will turn out to be quite feminine. A trapezoidal shape is suitable for both the cold season and summer. For example, it goes well with an open heel or toe. And you can peep the most successful examples of bows at the Chloé brand – they have been producing shoes with trapeze heels for a long time.

  • Flared. A very specific form that not all ladies like. Its main feature is the expansion at the top and the end of the heel, and the narrowed middle. Looking at such an unusual design, many ladies come to the conclusion that such a heel will be unstable and unreliable. But in fact, everything turns out very well. So shoes with flared heels will definitely find their…

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